Following their Steamy Live Duet in Vegas, ‘E! News’ Asks: What Is Up Between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper?

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper What is UpWe noticed it too when reporting on the video of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s first live performance of “Shallow” in Vegas over the weekend. But now E! News is asking the question more directly: what exactly is up between the two A Star is Born co-stars?

What do all of the longing stares, lingering embraces and words of mutual worship mean? Are they just two professional performers “selling” their product? A couple of very affectionate friends? Actors getting lost in their roles? Or something more?

Below you can watch a panel on the E! News show “Live From E!” debate the question of what is up with Gaga and Bradley. We have also added a link to the clip of the Vegas duet, for those who want to view it again.  

What do you think is up between Gaga and Bradley?

(Image source: Youtube)