Zayn’s Current Hair Style May Be Confusing … But Not As Confusing as His Latest Tweet to Gigi Hadid

Zayn Shaggy FeatureFans have been debating whether or not one-time pop singer and current recluse Zayn Malik is trolling them with pics of his latest “shaggy” hair style. But if it is confusing for fans to figure if they should take his current hairstyle seriously, they are having an even harder time to trying to process how they should take Zayn’s latest tweet to his ex, Gigi Hadid.

While Zayn and Gigi reportedly went their separate ways (again) back in January, rumors have persisted of the two staying in touch, with some fans even reporting that they have seen Gigi leaving Zayn’s Manhattan apartment building in a low key manner very late at night. But non of these observations have been confirmed, and both Zayn and Gigi have refused to talk about the split.

But now there is something concrete — though cryptic — to report. Without a clear reason for doing so, Zayn direct-tweeted Gigi a three word message: “@gigihadid love you.”

Many of Zayn’s fans were overjoyed at seeing the tweet. Some felt that Zayn sounded desperate and foolish floating his feeling out so freely on social media. But others were unsure what message Zayn was really sending and were feeling anxious to find out more.

We have an image of the tweet, as well as some more pics of Zayn’s current hair style, in the gallery below.

Do you think Zayn and Gigi are back together? What do you think about Zayn’s latest cut (or lack of cut)?

(Image sources: Zayn Instagram and Twitter accounts)