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Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui Reunite for an Unexpected Duet in Bali

Dinah Jane BaliFan video caught Dinah Jane and Lauren Jaurequi partying together in Indonesia. In fact, while having a good time in Bali’s Laughing Buddha Bar, Dinah Jane and Lauren stepped on stage for a little Karaoke performance … of their own Fifth Harmony hit “Work From Home.”

What the two were doing together in Bali is still unclear, though Dinah Jane has been posting pics from there for several days. Fans will take heart not only in the fact that the two seem to be genuinely having a great time together, but also in the fact that they still sound so good together.

You can check out some of the fan footage of Dina Jane and Lauren taking the stage together below.   Continue Reading →

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Jonas Brothers Party Together in Miami on a Rare Day Off

Jonas Brothers MiamiOn a rare day off from work, Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas all posted pics of themselves partying on a yacht in the waters off of Miami, Florida. Joining the brothers were Joe’s fiancee Sophie Turner and Nicks wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas, as well as some personal friends.

In addition, Joe and Nick posted clips of the close-knit group of family and friends rocking out to songs like Queen’s “I Want to Break Free,” Kacey Musgraves “Golden Hour” and their own current single, “Sucker.” To show everyone that the Jo Bros are now truly international, Priyanka also posted a video of Nick, Joe, Sophie and herself dancing to some Bollywood music.

We have several videos and a bunch of pics in the gallery below.   Continue Reading →

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Watch What Jennifer Lawrence and Adele Do When They Get Absolutely Hammered in a NYC Gay Bar

Jennifer Lawrence Adele Gay BarJennifer Lawrence and Adele apparently showed up unannounced at New York’s popular Pieces gay night club for a little late night girl fun last night. While there, Adele appeared on stage for one quiz-type game hosted by drag queen / MC Brita Filter; she later joined Jennifer to volunteered for various drinking games with the clubs other patrons.

By the end of the night, both women were rolling on the floor seeming pretty hammered.

We have some clips of JLaw and Adele raging at their girl’s night out below.   Continue Reading →


Selena Gomez Helps Throw a ‘Pretty In Pink’ Birthday Party for BFF Raquelle Stevens

Selena Gomez Raquelle Stevens Ashley CookSelena Gomez was captured in pics posted to social media helping celebrate a ‘Pretty in Pink’-themed birthday party for one of her besties, Raquelle Stevens. Some of the pics show Selena, Raquelle and a few other friends setting up balloons during the daytime. Other pics shot at night show a sun-shaped birthday cake and what looks like a bigger group of friends.

Among those at the party with Selena and Raquelle were musicians Simi Khadra and Haze Khadra, designer Zizi Donohue, iHeartRadio’s Tanya Rad, Zahra Ayub, Alicia Medici, Ashley Cook, and Caroline Franklin.

Some keen-eyed fans of singer Charlie Puth also noticed from a short clip that he posted to his Instagram Stories that he was holding the same cute puppy that can be seen cuddling in pics with Selena at the party and Continue Reading →

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Hailey Bieber Shares Her Five Best Tips for Hosting a Perfect Party

Hailey Bieber Vogue Party TipsAs Paris Fashion Week wound down this week, Hailey Bieber found some time to film a video segment for Vogue Magazine explaining her “five step guide” to hosting “the perfect party.” In the video, Hailey does her best to itemize the sure-fire things that get people into a festive mood — while walking through a real-life Paris Fashion Week party.

Luckily, when old friends Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid happen to bump into her at the party — by pure coincidence we are sure — Hailey manages to avoid getting sidetracked and continues sharing her party knowledge without skipping a beat.

Of course, for some, Hailey’s party advice might seem a bit lame. But it’s almost worth watching the whole video just to see the weird, oversized chartreuse shirt-dress that Hailey decided to wear for the shoot.

You can check out Hailey’s five step guide in the video below.   Continue Reading →

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Rita Ora Was A Big Fan of the “Passion” in Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” Performance

Rita Ora ShallowExtra TV caught up with Rita Ora at Vanity Fair‘s big Oscars afterparty. When asked about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance of “Shallow,” Rita called the moment “phenomenal.” She also said that she was a “big fan” of the “passion” in both the song and the movie.

You can check out the interview below.   Continue Reading →

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