Cardi B Goes Nude in the Artwork for her New Hip Hop Banger “Press”

Cardi B Press FeatureEarlier today, Cardi B gave her fans — and probably the press — something that they both might like: a new single and some nude pics in the artwork for that single. Cardi’s new track is a kind of like a primal scream at the way that she is portrayed in the press, which really is not something all that new for the rapper.

The single continues not only Cardi’s apparent musical obsessions with both how she is covered by the media and how she feels generally persecuted. Of course, both of those topics were at the heart of her wildly successful debut album, Invasion of Privacy. But “Press” suggests that she still has more to say on the two topics.

You can check out the official audio for Cardi’s new track as well as some of her provocative photos below.   Continue Reading →


Reality TV Star Katy Perry Makes Her Solo Career Comeback with “Never Really Over”

Katy Perry ComebackWith her duties as a judge on the most recent season of American Idol (mercifully) over, one time pop star Katy Perry decided to drop “Never Really Over,” what most observers might call a “comeback” single that sounds a lot like, well, vintage Katy Perry.

In the quirky video, Katy can’t help thinking about getting back with the one that got away, while she tries to distract herself with all kinds of New Age therapies. The video chooses a comedic vibe, showing off Katy in various scenes that look like they are set in either a goofy upscale wellness retreat or some sort of hippy commune for wealthy millennials.

You can check out Katy’s return to making pop music in the video below.   Continue Reading →


Miley Cyrus Posts Teaser for ‘She Is Coming’ Before The E.P.’s Official Release Tomorrow

Miley Cyrus She Is ComingMiley Cyrus’ new E.P. She Is Coming is almost here. Well, technically, since the official release is tomorrow, May 31st, the album has already been released in many countries across the International Dateline … but it will be released at the stroke of midnight ET later tonight in the United States.

However, Miley still wanted to remind everyone of the big drop. So she took to social media to promote it with a new video teaser.

You can check out the sexy, moody monochrome clip below.   Continue Reading →


Amazon Airs its Artist Spotlight on Billie Eilish: “A Snippet into Billie’s Mind”

Billie Eilish SnippetBillie Eilish got the Artist Spotlight Stories treatment when Amazon’s Youtube Music division aired “A Snippet Into Billie’s Mind,” the most recent episode of its award-winning documentary series. This episode focuses on Billie’s creative process and explores, in particular, her approach to imagining the visuals in the videos for her songs.

You can watch the entire episode below.   Continue Reading →


Tana Mongeau Stans Billie Eilish by Trying to Copy her Fashion Looks for a Week

Tana Mongeau Billie EilishYoutuber Tana Mongeau posted a video which she says is a tribute to how much she “stans” pop singer Billie Eilish. In the video, Tana tries to copy some of Billie’s most recognizable looks by hunting down clothing, kicks and accessories that resemble as closely as possible the fashion items that Billie has made popular on Instagram.

You can check out Tana’s typical weird take in the video below.   Continue Reading →


Watch Jade Thirlwall Show off her Cooking Skills in the the Second Episode of ‘Eat in With Little Mix’

Jade Thirlwall Eat in with Little MixIn the first episode of the weirdly compelling trainwreck of a cooking show, Eat In With Little Mix, Jesy Nelson — who apparently cannot cook or bake to save her life — chose to cheat and tried to pass off a store-bought cheesecake as her own in a sit-down meal with her bandmates.

So, this week in the second episode, Little Mix member Jade Thirlwall — who supposedly can cook — has to decide whether she will follow Jesy down her dark path and do a little cheating at the market. Or else, be honest and make all of her meal’s items from scratch.

You can check out all the kitchen drama in the video below.   Continue Reading →

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