David Henrie Club Brava Party Pictures

David partying at Club Brava in Puerto Rico P3. Add DT Mafia Twitter here! 10+



Miley Wants To GROW UP ‘Gracefully’

Miley Cyrus dished to People on her blossoming film career: ‘I think after people see the movie, they’ll see it’s really what I love. It’s my main passion. Right now I’m working on a movie with Nicholas Sparks, which is what I
want to continue to do.. to do drama.’

The Last Song is a drama about a rebellious young woman spending the summer with her estranged Dad. On Hannah Montana: The Movie: ‘It’s allowing the fans to continue to stay with me and not go too far to soon, but also be able to do something that I really love, and that’s film.

Growing up is important, and I’ve got to do that gracefully, but also keep myself at a good pace.’ She’ll perform on Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards.