Miley Cyrus Still TEXTING Nick Jonas?

During Miley CyrusJohnJay & Rich radio show this morning, she
is texting somebody, who is believed to be Nick Jonas. The host accidentally mentions the person she’s
texting’s movie ‘came second in the box office‘ AKA..

Jonas Brothers 3D
Movie. Miley
confessed, again, to having a
boyfriend [Justin Gaston] and that he’d get mad if he knew who she
was texting. Thanks Annette!


Jonas Brothers FOURTH Album Details

Jonas Brothers ROUGH CUT interview in 5 interesting parts. The boys are currently recording their fourth album and hope to release the first single in June, debuting new material from an in-the-round-style stage.. ‘There’s a lot more horns, it’s really fun, it’s going to be a good summer album.’

Manager Johnny Wright: ‘It’s a whole new vibe that the Jonas Brothers are about to bring to the fans. The guys have gotten older. They’ve had many experiences along the line from the last album, including love experiences. [The album] is about what’s happening with them on the road and what’s happening in life.’

+4 clips under. Nick is the most ‘hip-hop’ brother, they are getting their own VIDEO GAME, possibly collaborating with Common, Mos Def & Lupe Fiasco
and ‘Jonas eyebrow’ talk. Thx loveinlondon, Julie!


Emily Osment Myspace NEW Pictures

Emily Osment uploaded new super cute pictures to her Myspace. +7! Thanks for stopping by my very first, official MySpace page. It’s the only place on the internet you can get REAL info about me!

This whole ‘myspace thing’ is new to me, but I am going to do my best to keep everyone updated and post some more photos and videos soon! Right now I’ve been hard at work writing my debut album, which has been such an incredibly fun and eye opening experience. I am proud to report that I have some killer songs that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

I plan to have some of my original music up on the page soon so keep checking back and make sure to add me as a friend so I can keep in
touch, because in the end YOU are most important!