Joe Jonas Wife Beater BURNIN’ UP

Joe Jonas wearing a wife beater during the ‘Burnin’ Up’ performance at the MGM Grand Las Vegas show on Saturday night. Thx singerchick93! Check out Nick‘s new A Little Bit Longer speech under!


Vanessa Hudgens DENIED At Katsu-Ya

LOL. Extremely embarrassed Vanessa Hudgens was seen hiding her face as she was denied a table at Sushi Katsu-Ya in Studio City. The stylish starlet then jumped in her car with Mommy Gina and sister Stella and sped home. Baby V forget to make reservations? She still looks cute! Photo: Flynet.


Miley Cyrus Nashville FARM TOUR

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray give the fans a tour of their farm in Nashville, Tennessee. This was from the special features on the Hannah Montana Season 1 DVD. Thx MCF.


Miley ‘Annie Leibovitz Is Amazing’

Miley Cyrus was so inspired by her semi-naked Vanity Fair picture taker Annie Leibovitz that she wants study photography. With the international scandal well behind her now, she is convinced the best way to study photography is by enrolling at university in England.

Miley revealed, ‘I do want to come to London to study photography. I hear there are some really great art schools, so I would love to do that. I got to work with an amazing photographer. Leibovitz was amazing and so talented. And that’s what I want to do with my life. I would love to be a photographer. I would love to work with her again.’

Do YOU think Miley would be a good professional photographer?