Demi Lovato US TOUR, Jonas Brothers WORLD TOUR Coming Summer 2009


Hollywood Records album, tour lineup:

Corbin Bleu, new album March 2009
Aly & AJ, new album April 2009
Selena Gomez, debut album Summer 2009

Demi Lovato, US Tour Summer 2009
Jonas Brothers, new album August 2009
   -3D Live Movie in February 2009
   -World Tour late Summer 2009




Too Cool’ Meaghan Jette updated her official Myspace [She's going to be on House!]: Hello you guys! I’m sitting here enjoying the new episode of the show “Jon and Kate plus 8″ (one of my favorites haha) and I thought I’d post a little blog informing you of some things. =D

Let’s see… where to start.. hahahaha. Well, I’ve been asked by some of you if it’s true that I did the voice of Namine for the Kingdom Hearts- Chain of Memories video game and I can happily confirm that!

I had the honor of playing Namine which was so much fun because she’s quite different from any character I’ve ever worked on. I hope you all enjoy the game so much, I know I will, the plot is thrilling!!!
Also, I filmed an episode of the TV show House M.D. and that was quite
an amazing experience, it’s the Christmas episode so it should be on
sometime in the month of December hahahaha. It was incredible to work
with such a talented cast and everyone was super nice, I really had a
great time.

There are a couple other exciting things that I will let you
know about as soon as possible AND I’m going to be answering your
questions from my other blog pretty soon here!!! I hope you are having
a wonderful October.

What are you all going to be for Halloween? I
think I’m gonna be a candy button.. you know that colorful candy that
comes on the white strip of paper? I found a dress that looks JUST like

Welllll I’m going to eat some ice cream and watch “Heroes” (another favorite haha) LOVE YOU GUYSSSS!!<33




Rising starlet Dakota Fanning posing with her Camphall Hall school girlfriends! Dakota‘s North Hollywood school educates much of up and coming Hollywood. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen even went there. More under!


Hayden Panettiere WHALE SAVER

Hayden Panettiere
announces that she, The Whaleman Foundation and SocialVibe have teamed up to collect 1,000,000 signatures on the exclusive Whaleman petition to put a stop to commercial whaling.