Joey Page and Jordan Pruitt performed at a Radio Disney event
in Kissimmee, Florida this weekend. More pictures under. No one sent in pictures of Jordan!


Selena Gomez Hugging Taylor Lautner

Selena Gomez hugging rumored boyfriend Taylor Lautner at the Cactus Club in Coquitlam. According to Lainey Gossip, Taylor and Selena Gomez had a dinner date at the Cactus club on Saturday night: They
emerged in great spirits, both with big smiles on their faces, Selena
held on to Taylor’s arm.

At one point, after they had become separated
and she fell behind to sign autographs, she ran back up to join him,
throwing her arms around his neck, both bursting into giggles
.More pictures here.



Hannah Montana role denier JoJo Levesque attended Operation Smile’s 2009 Jr. Smile Collection event at Capitale, Thursday in New York city. PR Photos. 5+



From Mckayla: ‘I was walking in Downtown Lawrence, Kansas and who do I see? Taylor Swift! She was visiting her best friend Abigail who goes to the University here. Tons of fans came up to her and asked her for pictures
and she gladly accepted! She was so sweet.”


Nat Wolff, ‘Kristen Stewart Is Sexy’

Naked Brothers BandsNat & Alex Wolff revealed to BeRed their celebrity crush on Kristen Stewart. Nat, 14, spilled: ‘Kristen was really hot and amazingly sexy in that movie ‘Adventureland,’

Alex, 11, added: ‘Yes, she’s amazing! I saw Twilight, but Nat didn’t. I’ve seen more of her movies, so she’s mine. Kristen Stewart for me, Jessica Biel for Nat. Hear that, Kristen Stewart? I’ve got dibs on you!’


Miley, ‘My Skin Is My Biggest Insecurity’

Miley Cyrus leaving Luton airport pictures. Miley revealed to J-14 her biggest insecurity is her ‘terrible skin. I think even though people always see me with makeup I still break out, even though everyone thinks I don’t.

And I hate it! I’m the worst at dealing with zits. And I get in such a bad mood
when I break out and all I can think is that people are only looking at my skin!’

Mom Tish added, ‘Really, Miley is pretty insecure. This is just a hard age for her and everybody gets zits, but when seh gets a zit, it’s for the whole world to see.’

Miley now has a battle plan for her bad skin, ‘I now use all organic products. I think just getting all those chemicals out of your body is the best thing.’ Clip of Miley performing a duet with Billy & Brandy under.