Hilary Duff looked like she was about to cry while heading to Pilates
class in Toluca Lake on Friday afternoon. Photos: Fame. +7 under!


Selena ‘I’d Love To Star In A Horror Film’

Selena Gomez spilled to Spanish magazine called Mariposa how much she loves scary movies.

Sel is not afraid to get bruised and chased down by a serial killer for a role in an R rated horror film:

‘I love horror movies; I’ve been a huge fan of them since I was younger. So it would definitely be fun if I were to be in a horror movie one day. But I would like to play a character that dies, just to make the haters happy. [Laughs] I bet they would love to see me get killed.’ Thx Maribel!


George Sampson ‘Miley Is Only 16, But Acts Like She’s 22. I Reckon It’s Wrong.’

George Sampson, last year’s winner of Britain’s Got Talent, talked to Bliss Magazine about his former crush Miley Cyrus. Bliss: We hear you’ve got a huge crush on Miley: I used to fancy her, but when I met her face to face and heard her speak, that changed.

Have you listened to Miley? Her voice is very low and very American.
Then, there’s being more mature and there’s overdoing it. She’s only 16 but she acts like she’s 22. I reckon it’s wrong. I liked her for years, but now I just think no! She’s still fit, I just don’t like the way she acts.’

Did you tell her what you thought? ‘No, I wouldn’t dare!’ Thx Georgi.



Secret Life of an American Teenager star Shailene Woodley was diagnosed with scoliosis [A severe curvation of the spine] at age 15. She told Us Weekly:

‘It was like wearing a tacky, disgusting, plastic corset for 18 hours a day. In the beginning, it was hard to eat or breathe. And I had to give up cross country running. But I needed to have it on to realign my spine.

Why didn’t viewers ever see it on screen? ‘I took it off for filming. My character, Amy, is pregnant, and I couldn’t fit a prosthetic belly over the brace. But usually it wasn’t for more than five or sex hours at a stretch, more than doable.’


Joe Jonas Jealous Of Robert Pattinson

Joe Jonas was overcome with jealousy after his girlfriend Camilla Belle was photographed on a date with  Twilight stud Robert Pattinson, reports Us Weekly.

Except: ‘One person who’s likely not a Twilight fan? Joe Jonas. His current squeeze, actress Camilla Belle, 22, showed up at the vampire Flick’s November 17 LA premiere to support her former flame Robert Pattinson, 22, and partied with her ex at the Armand Hammer Museum.’

Robert and Camilla met up at her LA home for lunch the next day. A source close to Camilla revealed that Joe called her the next day: ‘He gave Camilla a guilt trip about it and even tried to make her jealous by telling her about all these girls that wanted to date him.’