Graceful and elegant Selena Gomez spent time signing autographs for her young fans upon leaving the Hotel for Dogs premiere at the Grove last night. Photos: Fame. +3! It will take the entire day to finish posting about this :]


Miley ‘It’s Hard Being Bashed Online’

Provocative poser Miley Cyrus revealed to M why she thinks people bash her online: ‘I guess it’s because I’m more open than lots of other celebs. I’m glad I’m that way, because I think it allows many of my fans to relate to what I’m..

..going through, but it can lead to bad things, too. When I read all the cyber bashing stuff about me on the internet, I try to remember that I’m not alone.

All the cyber hating is just an easy way for mean people to try and get to you, because they don’t actually say stuff to your face. But I can’t really do much, like say nasty things back, because that makes me as bad as them. So I try to just ignore it, since I know what’s being said isn’t what’s real.’

Miley added that most of fans never really get to see her inner beauty: ‘I was always getting in trouble for slouching and being hunched over at events.
I’m just a normal Southern girl.’


Selena Gomez ‘I Cried Over A Test’


Selena Gomez takes school so seriously that when she failed her recent math test she broke down into tears. Sel confided to M: ‘It was a math test. I cried because I got a really bad grade.

Luckily, my mom was there to support me and make me feel better. She was little bit upset I’d done poorly, but said, ‘It’s OK, you can try again next time.”

Sel also admitted that she often puts too much pressure on herself and hates when people get the wrong idea about her: ‘I don’t like when adults talk down to me as if I’m dumb, just because I’m a teen. It’s so irritating.’



Shanna beat the photo agencies tonight with these picture of Matt Prokop at the premiere of Hotel for Dogs at The Grove in Los Angeles. More under cut!