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Queen Of Instagram Selena Gomez Deletes The App At Least Once A Week

Selena Gomez interview w: NYTTo promote her upcoming Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” Selena Gomez sat down with her mom and the series’ writer Brian Yorkey for an exclusive New York Times roundtable. In a newly released New York Times interview, the Queen of Instagram revealed that she deletes the app at least once a week due to the negative comments.

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The Official Trailer For “13 Reasons Why” Is Out And It’s Confusing AF

Selena Gomez's 13 Reasons Why Trailer-2Selena Gomez may be busy following her boyfriend The Weeknd around the world, but that doesn’t mean her projects get put on pause. On Wednesday, the official trailer for the singer’s Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” was released and she took the time to promote it.

The two-minute trailer features a few intense moments that aren’t in the novel, according to select YouTube comments. “There was no prom scene, Clay didn’t confront anyone at school, it’s just ughhhh. I’m so nervous for this. Anyone else?” one commenter wrote.
Selena Gomez's 13 Reasons Why Trailer-1Despite the few added scenes, many fans are excited for the new show when it premieres via Netflix on March 31.

Watch the official trailer below.

(Photo credits: Netflix Instagram account; SarahO9922 Twitter account)

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