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Justin Bieber Impersonators Haven’t Yet Figured Out His On-Stage Secret: Lip Syncing

Justin Bieber Impersonators Haven't Yet Figured Out His On-Stage Secret: Lip Syncing featureIf his frantic tour cancellation was any indication, it isn’t easy being Justin Bieber. Two “X Factor” hopefuls found that out the hard way on a new episode, when they were shut down with four hard passes by the judges. Achilles and Phillip, a set of Greek twins performing under the name Pretty Boy Karma, learned that it takes more than abs to be the Biebs.

While they were hoping for stadium shows, girls and underwear modeling gigs, Pretty Boy Karma was shut down quickly. Despite their self-proclaimed resemblance to Justin, the duo’s performance of “Boyfriend” was too hard for some of the judges to watch. Sharon Osbourne had to cover her face when the guys started flashing their abs.

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