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Zac Efron Offers An Unsolicited Lesson In Sex Ed

zac efron adam devine brothers day where do brothers come from mike and dave need wedding dates videoMay 24 is Brother’s Day. To celebrate, Zac Efron sat down with his “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” co-star Adam Devine to read an educational children’s book about where brothers come from. It can best be described as the latest installment in Zac’s burgeoning comedy career.

“Where Do Brothers Come From?” is a new iBook by Mike and Dave Stangle, the co-authors of the book that Zac’s upcoming matrimonial comedy is based on. Zac and Adam take turns reading the rhyming book, which is childish but not really for children. The short read includes a raucous mix of dirty jokes and four letter words that the movie promises to feature as well.

Looks like this Brother’s Day is for the bros.

Check out the video below.

(Photo credit: ZacEfronFanOff Twitter account and 20th Century Fox YouTube channel)

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Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick And Adam DeVine Try To Be Funny About Teen Pregnancy

mtv movies teen pregnancyStars Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick and Adam DeVine attended the MTV Movie Awards where they made a joke about teen pregnancy that didn’t go over too well.

To help promote their upcoming film “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates,” Anna set her co-stars up with potential dates for the show by finding women on “every dating site available.” Anna then brought out four women for the audience to choose from, and they all happened to be pregnant.
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It Seems Like Zac Efron Has Completely Forgotten His “High School Musical” Days

Does Zac Efron Actually Want To Remember High School Musical?Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine appeared on last night’s episode of “The Late Late Show” to promote their upcoming film called “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.” The three actors also joined host James Corden to remake scenes from classic sports movies, and Zac Efron seemed to forget his “High School Musical” roots. Continue Reading →

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