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Adele Takes Drastic Measures To Get Past Fans At Her Concerts

When It Comes To Getting Past Her Fans At Shows, Adele Is Willing To Take Drastic Measures featureApparently, nothing is too much when it comes to Adele ducking her fans at live shows. An anonymous source has revealed that Adele sneaks through her stadium gigs packed into a gear crate.

The source claims Adele sweats it out in the hot box with an iPad to keep her occupied until she’s wheeled under the stage. The story makes sense to anyone who’s heard of how sweaty Adele gets in the spotlight. She’s even hinted at an unusual means of getting on stage before.

“How I get from to this stage makes me so sweaty, I’m drenched,” she’s revealed in the past. “I can’t tell you til the end – you’ll laugh when you find out.”

Check out a video that’s supposed to be of Adele getting wheeled to the stage in a box.

(Photo credit: Adele Instagram account)

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Katy Perry, Adele, Lindsay Lohan And More Celebrate International Women’s Day

Katy Perry, Adele, Lindsay Lohan And More Celebrate International Women's DayStars are taking to social media to celebrate International Women’s Day. The special day is a global effort to recognize all of the work women do and marks the anniversary of a women’s march on Petrograd in 1917, leading to the Russian Revolution. Spearheaded now by the United Nations, the worldwide effort is coinciding this year with a general strike by women in America protesting President Donald Trump.

Katy Perry stepped up to the plate to offer up ways to get politically active for the day. She even offered alternatives to striking for those who can’t afford to take the day off work. Wearing the color red in solidarity or avoiding purchases can be visible, tangible ways to offer support.

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Fifth Harmony And Justin Bieber All Win The Popularity Contest That Is The iHeartRadio Music Awards

Fifth Harmony and more win big at iHeartRadio AwardsThe iHeartRadio Music Awards were on Sunday night, but like the People’s Choice Awards and any other award show that’s fan-voted who really cares. Like most of the award show popularity contests artist like Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber and Adele were awarded for their music contributions.

Even with performances by Noah Cyrus and Ed Sheeran, last night’s award show wasn’t the most talked about social media topic compared to the more credible award shows like the Grammys.

See what awards your faves took home on Sunday night and check out the full list here.

(Photo credit: iHeartRadio Instagram account)

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Boring Solo Act Niall Horan Prefers Adele Over Beyoncé

Niall Horan Stans Taylor Swift While Playing Golf Inside The House For Charity feature bNiall Horan took his middle-aged persona to the next level in a recent interview with Golf Digest. As Niall fielded questions about his favorite musician and golfer, he was trying to hit golf balls into a pool from all around and inside of a house.With every ball he hit into the pool, Niall raised money for a charity benefitting children of military families.

As part of his interview, Niall was asked to make a few choices in celebrity either/or questions. He picked Adele over Beyoncé, but said, “Both of them we’ll remember forever.” Then, the One Direction singer was asked to pick between Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

Niall laughed and said, “Taylor Swift all day long. She’s a sweetheart.” Guess there won’t be any official Niall Yeezy brand golf shoes anytime soon.

Niall also offered up shades of Joe Jonas with a Backstreet Boys impression.

Watch Niall hit a few balls while he takes some questions below.

(Photo credit: Golf Digest YouTube account)

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Adele Shows Off What Goes Into Preparing For One Of Her Stadium Shows

See What Goes Into One Of Adele's Stadium Shows featureAdele is preparing for a massive concert in Perth, Australia. Ahead of the big show Down Under, Adele shared a time-lapse video via Instagram that shows some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making the GRAMMY winner’s shows such huge hits.

Instead of showing off the magic behind her glam team or the wonders of her stylist, Adele gives her followers a chance to see what goes into building her stage. The monolithic structure appears to take several days to erect as two cranes and an ant-like army of of workers swirls through the Australian stadium.

Adele’s tours have been a success, and it looks like her performance in Perth is set to be a sight to see.

Check out the video of Adele’s stage being constructed below.

(Photo credit: Adele Instagram account)

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