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Hailey Baldwin Loves Her Uncle Alec Baldwin’s Latest Donald Trump Impression

Hailey Baldwin Loves Her Uncle Alec Baldwin's Latest Donald Trump Impression FEATUREHailey Baldwin has been relatively quiet about the incoming president. As president-elect Donald Trump prepared to take the oath of office, Hailey tipped her hand with a telling retweet of one of her famous family members. Hailey didn’t have much to say about policy specifics, but it looks like she has a sense of humor about the incoming president.

Hailey’s uncle, Alec Baldwin, has had quite a time as the go-to Donald impersonator for “Saturday Night Live.” His latest gig with his impression came at a protest rally outside of Trump Tower in New York. Alec focused on some of the recent speculation about Donald’s ties to Russia for a big crowd in the Big Apple. Hailey retweeted a video of her uncle’s bit and shared what she thought of his latest comedy effort.

Check out video of Alex’s impression and see what Hailey thought of it below.

(Photo credit: Hailey Baldwin Instagram account)

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