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Alessia Cara Talks About Growing Up in the Public Eye and Her New Single “Trust My Lonely”

Alessia Cara Trust My Lonely Zach SangAlessia Cara joined Zach Sang for an appearance on his radio show, The Zach Sang Show. Zach asked Alessia questions about how she has handled success at her young age, and how she has tried to maintain some perspective about the pressures of touring and social media.

Alessia said she had tried to survive by keeping a sense of humor and picking off problems one by one. But she also talked about how exploring the general pressures and insecurities of growing up in today’s world was inspiring her current single “Trust My Lonely” and much of the other work that she put together for her album. That was particularly true, she said, because she was in a “weird, weird place that wasn’t healthy” when working on the music for her album Continue Reading →


Ex Cover-Singer and Music Trivia Buff Alessia Cara Plays ‘Throwback Throwdown’

Alessia Cara MojoAlessia Cara was doing the radio circuit promoting her new single “Trust My Lonely” earlier today, when her pop music knowledge was tested by the crew of iHeartRadio’s Mojo in the Morning show. Alessia was challenged by the show’s host to a game of “Throwback Throwdown,” which basically involves the show’s producers playing a few bars of throwback pop songs until someone in the studio guesses the song.

As Alessia’s fans know, she originally started her career as a 13-year old posting personal versions of cover songs from pop artists to Youtube, and she has a reputation for having a very high pop music IQ. So it looks like she took the usually friendly competition pretty seriously …

You can check out how Alessia did in the video below.   Continue Reading →


Alessia Cara Shares the Playlist of her Life

Alessia Cara Teen VogueIn a feature for TeenVogue, Alessia Cara created a playlist of the songs that have had the biggest impact on her life.  Among the artists on her list were Coldplay, Amy Winehouse, Hilary Duff and John Mayer.

But you can find out the whole list — and the specific tracks that had the most meaning for Alessia — in the video below.

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