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The Nominations Are In: Bella Thorne Gets The Teen Choice Nod She Begged For

The Nominations Are In: Bella Thorne Gets The Teen Choice Nod She Begged For featureThe nominations are out for the 2017 Teen Choice Awards on Fox, and it looks like one star’s Hollywood dreams are coming true. Bella Thorne campaigned hard for a 2017 nod, and she got one.

Bella is the only actress not from the show “Pretty Little Liars” who is nominated for “Choice Drama TV Actress” for her work on “Famous In Love.” Hopefully, it goes better than last year for her.

But Bella can’t hold a candle to Hailee Steinfeld, who’s up in the categories for “Choice Female Artist,” “Choice Song Female Artist” for “Most Girls,” and “Choice Drama Movie Actress” for “Edge of Seventeen.”

The Nominations Are In: Bella Thorne Gets The Teen Choice Nod She Begged For hailee steinfeld tweetOther notable nominees include Harry Styles for “Choice Rock Artist,” Emma Watson in two actress categories and Rihanna for “Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist.” But the real fun will be the showdowns that come when it’s time to hand out the surfboards.

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Joe Jonas Pulls Double Duties As Host And Performer At 2017 MMVAs

Joe Jonas Pulls Double Duties As Host And Performer At 2017 MMVAs featureSunday night, stars lit up Canada’s Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs). The stage was packed with big name performers, including: Lorde, Camila Cabello and Niall Horan among others. The evening’s festivities were hosted by Joe Jonas and Alessia Cara.

Aside from his hosting duties, Joe and DNCE brought “Kissing Strangers” to the main stage. The band also managed to get in some backstage shenanigans before the nights was over.

Check out photos and video of Joe and DNCE at the show below.

(Photo credits: Joe Jonas Instagram and DNCEPromos Twitter accounts)

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Camila Cabello Is Joining Joe Jonas And Alessia Cara On Stage At The MMVAs

Camila Cabello Is Joining Joe Jonas And Alessia Cara On Stage At The MMVAs feature bCamila Cabello has been announced as a performer for the Much Music Video Awards. The former Fifth Harmony member will bring her song “Crying in the Club” to the stage as Joe Jonas and Alessia Cara host the Canadian awards show.

Camila is also nominated for “Best New International Artist” at the show. Since her split from 5H, she’s had a run of high-profile collaborations leading up to her solo single debut. She’ll get a chance to show off her stuff without the rest of Fifth Harmony in the house.

Hopefully, she doesn’t get accused of lip syncing again.

Check out the announcement from Camila below.

(Photo credit: Camila Cabello Instagram account)

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Joe Jonas And Alessia Cara Tapped To Host Canada’s Much Music Video Awards

Joe Jonas And Alessia Cara Tapped To Host Canada's Much Music Video Awards featureJoe Jonas and Alessia Cara will be the unlikely duo hosting the 2017 Much Music Video Awards in Canada. It’s a return to the hosting gig for Joe, who hosted the same awards show in 2009. According to a report, he’s also set to bring DNCE along for a performance of “Kissing Strangers.”

“I’m looking forward to getting back on this stage, at one of my favorite events, to celebrate and to host the show with Alessia,” Joe told iHeartRadio. The measured responses from Joe was a stark contrast to Alessia’s nerd girl quote for iHeart.

“I grew up watching the MMVAs every year in my living room with my family,” she said. “I’m really excited to be a part of it and take the stage in a different way this year. Can’t wait to mess up every line, because I absolutely will!” Sounds like the duo could already be working out who’s going to be the funny one on the night of the show.

Alessia performed at last year’s MMVAs, which were hosted by Joe’s ex, Gigi Hadid. Hopefully, he’s a less controversial host than she was.

(Photo credits: Joe Jonas and Alessia Cara Instagram accounts)

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A Time-Traveling Alessia Cara Gets Zedd Killed In “Stay” Music Video

Time-Traveling Alessia Cara Gets Zedd Killed In Stay Music Video featureAlessia Cara’s collaborations with Zedd have paid off with a new music video. A visual for the duo’s song, “Stay,” dropped on Tuesday and the results are not great for Zedd.

Zedd and Alessia play neighbors in the short vignette. After missing each other in the elevator one morning, time rewinds so that they catch each other instead. The duo spends the day together, heading to the beach and grabbing a bite to eat.

The antics are cut short when Zedd gets hit by a car. Alessia gets a chance to show off her acting chops as she reacts to Zedd’s death.

Check out the video below.

(Photo credit: Zedd Instagram account)

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Alessia Cara And DNCE Announced Among Summerfest Headliners

DNCE And Alessia Cara Headlining Summerfest In Wisconsin featureDNCE and Alessia Cara have been announced as headliners for 2017’s Summerfest. The music festival in Wisconsin is a massive, eclectic affair with acts as diverse as Willie Nelson, Migos, Hanson, The Chainsmokers and P!nk. The huge event runs for almost a week and a half in Milwaukee, and DNCE and Alessia each have a night booked on the ground stage. Alessia talked with the event’s organizers about her recent rise to headliner status.

“As an unknown, I didn’t know what to expect,” she said of her song “Here” before it blew up. “All I had to go on was A) my gut instinct and B) how I wanted to be represented. ‘Here’ showed my perspective and personality and I was comfortable with the song speaking for me.” Alessia explained that she’s not going to make any compromises when it comes to her work or her public image.

“I would rather completely fail and be myself than succeed and be someone I hate,” she said. “The album title was tongue-in-cheek. Just my stubborn self speaking on what I presume to know about the world; that doesn’t necessarily make it true. So I never thought so many different people, of all ages and backgrounds and situations, would relate to my music.”

Check out the full Summerfest lineup with DNCE and Alessia below.

(Photo credits: Alessia Cara and DNCE Instagram accounts)

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