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Miley Cyrus Takes Her Friendship With Alicia Keys To Face-Licking New Levels

Miley Cyrus is licking Alicia Keys nowIt’s no secret how much Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus have bonded since joining season 11 of NBC’s “The Voice.” From foundations to music, the two have been nothing but supportive of one another and Miley is now taking that support to new levels.

The singer posted a photo of herself attempting to lick Alicia. Well not really Alicia, but a picture of her. “Lickin Licia!!!! @aliciakeys,” Miley wrote on Instagram.

See Miley’s licking photo below.

(Photo credit: MySmilerSide Twitter account)

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Zac Efron Is In An Empire State Of Mind With His Alicia Keys Impression

zac efron is in a new york state of mindZac Efron is doing impressions now. The actor shared a short clip of himself sitting at a piano on social media on Thursday. But it wasn’t just any piano. It was the piano Alicia Keys used for “Empire State of Mind,” her hit song with Jay-Z. The famous set of keys prompted Zac to share his best impression of Alicia tickling the ivories.

Zac came across the piano while shooting “The Greatest Showman,” an upcoming biopic of P.T. Barnum starring Hugh Jackman.

Check out Zac’s impression of Alicia below.

(Photo credit: Zac Efron Instagram account)

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Charlie Puth Joins “The Voice” To Help With Battle Rounds, But He’s Not #TeamMiley

miley cyrus charlie puth the voice battle roundsMiley Cyrus is moving into the second phase of her first season as a coach on “The Voice.” Team Miley is officially built and now they enter the Battle Rounds of the competition, where its members will face off with teams built by Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. In a new promo video from NBC, each of the four coaches shows off the special guest they’re inviting to help their singers out. Charlie Puth is among those coming to the party, but he’s not there for Miley.

Charlie will be mentoring for Team Alicia. But don’t worry about any bad blood: Miley and Alicia have had each other’s backs through the blind auditions. Rock legend Joan Jett will join Miley as she coaches her team. Sammy Hagar will help out with Team Adam and Bette Midler will help Team Blake.

Check out the new video with the musical mentors below.

(Photo credits: Miley Cyrus Twitter account; Charlie Puth Instagram account)

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“The Voice” Coaches Keep The Competition Going Off Screen

The Voice Coaches Keep The Competition Going Off ScreenAhead of the second week of blind auditions, coaches on NBC’s “The Voice” got together for a game night of their own. Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys partnered up as “Newbies” while Adam Levine and Blake Shelton paired off as “Veterans” in a round of charades. The four competitive personalities combined for possibly the fiercest part of the season thus far.

As their team name would suggest, Adam and Blake walked away victorious. Miley brushed off the defeat and allowed it to incite a powerful promise. “Good news is this is the only time we’re going to lose on the entire show, so don’t worry,” she tells Alicia. “This isn’t the game we’re worried about winning.”

Check out the full video below.

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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Miley Cyrus Reveals The First Two Albums She Ever Purchased

Miley Cyrus talks musical firstsMiley Cyrus and Alicia Keys sat down backstage at “The Voice” to dish on their musical firsts. The two coaches asked each other about their first album and concert, as well as which song they wished they had written. Their responses came as no surprise given their respective musical directions.

Because Miley wanted to seem cool to her siblings, the first albums she ever bought included Britney Spears and blink-182. Being cool enough for her siblings even mattered when it came to her first concert as well. “He made me go see Warrant and Poison,” the singer says about her inaugural concert experience.

Hear about Miley’s first concert and the full music Q&A between Alicia and Miley below.

(Photo credit: Billboard)

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Miley Cyrus Already Won “The Voice,” According To Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus wins the voice nbc tweets featureMiley Cyrus is one night into her new gig as a coach on “The Voice,” and she’s already declaring victory. Miley convinced two contestants to join her team. She went head-to-head with Alicia Keys over Courtnie Ramirez, a 17-year-old singer from Texas, and beat out all three other judges for Ali Caldwell, whose cover of “Dangerous Woman” was a showstopper.

Miley took to social media after the show to share how successful she felt the night had been. She even got a little love from her fellow coach and “big sis,” Alicia Keys.

Check out Miley’s celebratory tweets below, plus the video of Courtnie’s audition.

Despite Miley’s winning attitude, “The Voice” continues on Tuesday night at 8pm EST on NBC.

(Photo credits: Miley Ray Cyrus, Alicia Keys, and “The Voice” Twitter accounts; “The Voice” YouTube account)

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