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Alyson Stoner ‘I Was Always The Second Choice To Dakota Fanning For Acting Parts’

stonerAlyson Stoner told ZOOEY Magazine: ‘My agent knew that I would make her less money. She would offer Dakota’s name first. I remember sitting in the casting agent’s office and would hear my agent on the phone talking about her lunch meeting with Dakota that day.

I knew that I was the second fiddle.. the second choice. That immediately makes you criticize parts about yourself; it makes you keep trying to figure out what takes you out of the running before the casting agents even know you. It made me wonder why I was void of chance.

I kind of wrestled against that with myself. I think for some people, it destroys them in the industry and in life. For others, they see that there is some injustice and proceed to rise above it. Hopefully the people who do rise above it, do it to for themselves to set an example for others and then they seek ways to ripple that effect to the rest of the community.’


Alyson Stoner Missy Elliott Tribute

Alyson Stoner: ‘I literally received thousands of twitter shout outs and texts about why I wasn’t performing with Missy. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I still stay in touch with a lot of the dancers from those videos and thought this would be a fun way to show people what I have been up to for the past 13 years!’


Olivia Holt, Alyson Stoner, Laura Marano, G. Hannelius, Jennette McCurdy & Nikki Reed Attend People Stylewatch Hollywood Denim Part

People Stylewatch Hosts Hollywood Denim Party in LAOlivia Holt, Alyson Stoner, Laura Marano, G. Hannelius, Jennette McCurdy + Peyton List, Nikki Reed & Gina Rodriguez attended People Stylewatch Hosts Hollywood Denim Party In Honor Of The Magazines 4th Annual Denim Issue, held at The Line in Los Angeles, California on September 18, 2014. Photos: FameFlynet.

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‘Escaping Amish’ Starring AJ Michalka Jesse McCartney Jean-Luc Bilodeau & Alyson Stoner For Lifetime

‘Escaping Amish’ stars AJ Michalka, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Jesse McCartney, Alyson Stoner. The Lifetime TV movie will air on July 19, 2014 at 8/7c. Plot: An 18-year-old girl is ready to become an Amish adult. By becoming an Amish adult she will be baptised in the Church and she will getting married to her Amish boyfriend.

Her friends convince her to go on Rumspringa in Hollywood. When she is there she wears jeans and makeup for the first time since being in the Amish and she begins to think for herself instead, and also beings to make her own decisions.
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