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Here’s Why Taylor Swift Has Streaming Service Execs Pissing Their Pants

Streaming Service Execs Are Peeing Their Pants About Taylor Swift Pulling An Adele With Her New Album featureTaylor Swift’s “Reputation” is out on Friday. The new album will likely be a sales powerhouse, as most of Taylor’s albums are. With record-setting pre-order numbers, “Reputation” promises to make Taylor obscene amounts of cash.

But there are some music industry pros who are worried about being left out of the money-making bonanza. Top executives from four major streaming services spoke anonymously with the New York Times about their fears that Taylor’s new music wouldn’t be on their platforms when the album drops.

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Selena Gomez Is Hoarding Two Album’s Worth Of New Music That May Never Be Released

Selena Gomez Feels Like She Has Two Albums Already Completed But Unreleased featureSelena Gomez recently sat down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe for a chat about her new song “Wolves” and what comes next. According to Selena, she’s sitting on two albums’ worth of unreleased music that is ready to go. While she hinted a surprise release may be coming soon, she made it clear she wasn’t planning on releasing an album at all.

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Harry Styles Proves He’s A Better Musician Than His Former One Direction Bandmates In Live Studio Session

Harry Styles Proves He's The Real Deal With Video Of Live Studio Recording featureHarry Styles has offered up an extended teaser for his upcoming Apple Music documentary. A new video showing the live studio recording of his song “Two Ghosts” is out now, and Harry proves he doesn’t have to act when it comes to his music.

Complete with a six-piece band, Harry nails the track while strumming along on an acoustic guitar. He may have to keep checking his fingers to make sure he’s hitting the right chords, but that doesn’t stop him from delivering an emotional vocal performance on the breakup ballad.

It’s enough to shut down anyone who might’ve doubted the former boy band member’s musical prowess. Unsurprisingly, the clip also offers up a look at another of Harry’s unconventional style choices.

Watch Harry’s “Two Ghosts” visual below.

(Photo credit: Harry Styles VEVO YouTube account)

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Harry Styles Reflects On His One Direction Days As He Takes Fans “Behind The Album”

Harry Styles stars in Apple Music documentary-2Harry Styles’ first solo album is here and now the singer is allowing fans to get a glimpse of the creation process. “Behind the Album” premiered on Apple Music on Monday and features the singer getting his hair chopped off for his role in “Dunkirk,” recording sessions and even the singer’s thoughts on being in One Direction.

“When you leave a band, a boy band, you feel like you have to go the complete other direction and kind of say ‘Don’t worry everyone, I hated it, it wasn’t me,'” the singer says about how artists like Zayn have transitioned themselves into solo stardom. “I loved it,” Harry proudly admits. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that band and I don’t feel like I have to apologize for that.”

While Harry’s statement about his time in One Direction is sweet, there’s something about the black-and-white filter that just makes the inclusion seem like a goodbye.

Watch the clip of Harry talking about One Direction and more from his Apple Music documentary below.

(Photo credit: Apple Music Instagram account)

Harry Styles stars in Apple Music documentary-1

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