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Selena Gomez Raps Along To Nick Minaj’s Clapback At Remy Ma

Selena Gomez Jams To Nick Minaj's Clapback At Remy Ma featureNicki Minaj has finally hit back at Remy Ma after two diss tracks aimed at her. Nicki enlisted Drake and Lil Wayne for “No Frauds,” and Selena Gomez loves it.

Video of Selena jamming to the track has people wondering who she was thinking about as she rapped along with Nicki’s verse. “‘Cause I don’t need no frauds,” Selena mirrored Nicki singing. “I don’t need no lies,” she sang while shaking her head. Could Selena’s version of the song have been for Justin Bieber?

Nicki’s collaborator Ariana Grande also loves one of Nicki’s new tracks. “No Frauds” came out as part of a three pack of new tunes from Nicki, and Ari seems to have a soft spot for “Regret In Your Tears.”

Check out Selena rapping below, plus see Ariana’s love for Nicki.

(Photo credits: Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj Instagram accounts)

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Ariana Grande Looks Like A Shower Puff In “Beauty And The Beast” Music Video

Ariana Grande is a shower puff in Beauty and the BeastAriana Grande looked like a glamorous shower puff in the “Beauty and the Beast” music video released on Sunday. The singer appeared in the visual for the upcoming live-action Disney film along with John Legend whose outfit was a lot more appealing to look at than Ariana’s.

While Ariana and John’s version will never come close to being as great as Celine Dion’s iconic version the two did a good job revamping the Oscar-winning song.

Watch the music video below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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Ariana Grande Thinks She Looks Like A Christmas Ornament In Cosmopolitan Cover Shoot

Ariana Grande Thinks She Looks Like A Christmas Ornament During Her Cosmopolitan Cover Shoot feature cAriana Grande has been announced as the cover star of the April edition of Cosmopolitan. New behind-the-scenes footage of that shoot has emerged, and it features Ariana working her signature pony tail with a healthy helping of coy looks at the camera. Ariana’s subtle good girl act may not be that convincing after her latest music video, but she seems keen on just doing her job in the clips.

Ariana only had one criticism of the shoot in the vid. It comes when Ariana’s hair is full of shiny clips and extras and she says, “I look like an ornament!”

See behind-the-scenes of Ariana’s new photoshoot below.

(Photo credit: Cosmopolitan Instagram account)

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A Fan Crashes The Stage During Ariana Grande’s Live Performance

When A Fan Climbed On Stage During Her Show, Ariana Grande Told Security To Chill Out And Be GentleAriana Grande was on her knees pleading with security to “be gentle” with a fan who jumped on stage at the Philadelphia stop of her “Dangerous Woman Tour.” Ariana was already on her knees to serenade the crowd with the mellow ballad “Moonlight.” In the middle of the song, a fan made his move to get close to the singer.

Video shows him climbing on to the catwalk behind her and approaching her from behind. He gets close to her, but doesn’t touch her. Ariana seemed surprised by not unhappy to see him. She was waving at him when security jumped on stage grabbed him.

“Hey! Chill out,” Ariana said at that point. “Be gentle with him.” Ariana directed the security, “Please be gentle,” one more time as she clutched her chest.

Looks like Ariana isn’t so dangerous after all.

See video of Ariana’s interaction with the fan and security below.

(Photo credit: Ariana Grande VEVO YouTube account)

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Ariana Grande: “You Can Be Strong And Be Friendly”

Ariana Grande for Cosmo-4Ariana Grande is on the cover Cosmopolitan Magazine’s April issue. Unlike the featured actors in her “Everyday” music video, she has on all of her clothes. In stores March 7, the singer discusses what it means to be a strong woman in a male-dominated industry.

“A lot of times, women are labeled as a bitch or a diva for having a vision and being strong and using their voice, and it’s just not the case. You can be strong and be friendly. [We] don’t have to be just one thing,” she said. When she’s not being one music’s most outspoken feminists, the singer is usually somewhere with boyfriend Mac Miller.

“We have loved and adored and respected each other since the beginning,” she says of their relationship.” The two met when the singer was on 19, but Ariana has had a series of relationships with Big Sean and backup dancer Ricky Alvarez since then. “We weren’t ready at all, though, to be together. It’s just timing.”

Take a look at Ariana’s cover and more photos from her Cosmo cover story below.

(Photo credits: Ariana Grande and Cosmopolitan Instagram accounts)


Ariana Grande Celebrates The Success Of Her Overtly Sexual “Everyday” Music Video

Ariana Grande celebrates her everyday video-1Ariana Grande is celebrating her own success after releasing her “Everyday” music video which garnered over five million views within the first 24 hours of its premiere. The singer’s “favorite music video yet” also reached the number one spot on Apple Music, but that doesn’t mean everyone is loving it.

Scrolling through the YouTube comments, you will find people who think the visual is pornographic and just plain confusing. “You all really think that having a public sex while creeping the absolute f out of surrounding people delivered the message?” one YouTube comment reads.

Via Instagram, Ariana shared a review from Time Magazine explaining the concept of the video. “From a casual laundromat encounter to some steamy action on a public bus, Grande and Future make a statement about normalizing all kinds of pairings,” the publication writes.

Read what Time had to say about Ariana’s sex-positive music video below.

Do you think Ariana’s video was too sexual?

(Photo credit: Ariana Grande Instagram account)

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