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Halsey Paints Her New Pink Hair To Hang With Brendon Urie At A Panic! At The Disco Show

Halsey Takes Her New Pink Hair To Hang With Brendon Urie At A Panic! At The Disco Show featureHalsey got to see her favorite band on Tuesday night and she changed her hair for the occasion. Halsey colored her short hair pink to go see Panic! At The Disco in L.A. and got to hang with her hero/bestie, lead singer Brendon Urie, back stage.

She tweeted about the experience, sharing a shot of an old tweet where she confessed her admiration for Brendon and pics of them hanging throughout the years. Halsey appeared to be live tweeting from the show, writing she was having “the happiest moment” of her “adult life.” Brendon sent her some love in return via Twitter.

Halsey wasn’t the only one who was in touch with her joyful feelings on Tuesday night, though. Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer was at the show and noticed that Halsey was having a great time.

Check out Halsey’s new hair and tweets below, plus see replies from Brendon and Ashton.

(Photo credit: Halsey Instagram account)

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Pink-Haired Hailey Baldwin Spends An Afternoon With Ashton Irwin From 5 Seconds Of Summer

Pink Haired Hailey Baldwin & A Mystery Man Out At Melrose PlaceHailey Baldwin was spotted out and about with Ashton Irwin, the drummer from 5 Seconds of Summer, on Saturday afternoon. The two got together in West Hollywood at Melrose Place, where they were seen having a friendly chat.

Hailey wore a tied off tank with black jeans, a black bag and white sneakers. She accessorized the casual outfit with mirrored sunglasses and some jewelry. And her hair has a new hue to it, as well.

Check out Hailey’s look for her afternoon with Ashton below.

What do you think brought Hailey and Ashton together?

(Photo credits: Rocstar/Dmac/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)

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Ashton Irwin Got His Dream To Play Madison Square Garden From Justin Bieber

Ashton Irwin inspired by Justin bieber-2Ashton Irwin called into the Australian morning show “Kyle and Jackie O” to promote the band’s “Ghostbusters” track “Girls Talk Boys.” Ashton revealed that due to the band playing a show at Madison Square Garden, they weren’t able to attend the movie premiere.

The drummer isn’t too heartbroken about missing out though, because playing at the New York arena has been a dream of his ever since he watched Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” documentary.

“About five years ago, I watched. It was a TV special in Australia and it was showing Justin Bieber’s DVD and he plays at Madison Square,” Ashton explains. “I actually took a photo of the TV screen and I said, ‘I want to play here one day. We’re going to get there one day.’ It’s incredible man, like it happened.”

Hear Ashton’s interview below.

(Photo credit: Ashton Irwin Instagram account)

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5 Seconds Of Summer’s Ashton Irwin Gets Rejected Live On Air

Five Seconds Of SummerThis morning, 5 Seconds of Summer appeared on the “BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show” hosted by Nick Grimshaw. The band talked about upcoming O2 Arena show set for this evening, and Ashton Irwin got rejected by broadcaster Tina Daheley.

The boys were feeding Tina compliments about the way she tells the news, and Ashton ended up asking if she wanted to attend their show tonight. The bandmates joked about his “creepy” proposal while a producer shouted about how “5SOS just asked” Tina out.

“It wasn’t 5SOS,” Ashton clarifies. “Just me.” Tina goes on to reluctantly respond with “maybe,” but she quickly turns her answer into a flat-out “no.”

The boys seemed to lift Ashton’s spirits enough to end the interview with a crazy rave dance to “Sandstorm.”

Check out the interview below.

(Photo credit: 5SOS Instagram account and Tina Daheley Twitter account)


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