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Demi Lovato Continues Her Charity Work On A New Ashley Tisdale Song

Demi Lovato continues her charity workDemi Lovato’s mission to do more charity work this year continues as Ashley Tisdale teased her new song with both Demi and Avril Lavigne. Ashley announced the new collaboration, called “Trophy Boy,” on Wednesday night via Snapchat. The song will be featured on the “Charming” soundtrack which is the animated film to which all three ladies are lending their voices.

Watch Ashley’s Snapchat video below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Demi Lovato Has Some Competition For Her Prince Charming

10570042_834344653317838_2072279518_nDemi Lovato’s boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, has been cast to voice the role of Prince Charming in the upcoming animated movie “Charming.” Ashley Tisdale, Avril Lavigne, G.E.M, and Demi had already signed on for the various female roles in the film earlier this year.

The movie is about Cinderella (voiced by Ashley), Snow White (voiced by Avril), and Sleeping Beauty (voiced by G.E.M), who discover they are all engaged to Prince Charming. Demi’s character, Lenore, is enlisted by Prince Charming to help him discover who his true love really is.

Do you think Demi will end up with her Prince Charming in this fairy tale just like in real life?

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So Much for that “Feud:” Taylor Swift Has No Bad Blood with Avril Lavigne

taylor swift and avril lavigneSo much for the “Twitter Feud” between Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne. Last week, several tabloids ran a story that the two singers were dissing each other when Avril responded to a fan post essentially suggesting Taylor treats her fans better than Avril does.

To us, it seemed that Avril was really responding to the fan and not to Taylor, but a number of tabloids reported that the two pop stars had started feuding. And after Calvin Harris alleged that his supposed Twitter “defense” of his girlfriend Taylor had been “photoshopped” by the Daily Mail and other media outlets to try to stoke up the appearance of a feud, even more doubts were created about the story.

Well, Taylor and Avril tried to put the whole story to rest last night as the two stepped on stage together at Taylor’s “1989” tour stop in San Diego to perform the Avril’s 2002 hit “Complicated”. And, yes, if you were wondering, Taylor had her full “mom-croon” in effect – along with most of the audience – for this one.

Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne2Later, Avril’s Twitter comments continued the love fest.

Avril Lavigne Comments Taylor Swift 1989 ComplicatedWe have a couple of fan videos of Taylor and Avril performing below.

Do you think that the feud story was made up, or that the beef got solved by Taylor offering Avril a concert appearance? More importantly, when do you think Katy Perry will get her chance to revive her career on the “1989” tour? 

(Photo credit: Taylor Swift Instagram account)

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Calvin Harris Slams UK Tabloid For Fake Tweet To Avril Lavigne

Calvin Harris Stands Up For Taylor Swift Against Avril LavigneCalvin Harris may have defended his girlfriend Taylor Swift against Zayn Malik, but he is saying that he stayed out of the little Twitter dust-up she may have had with singer Avril Lavigne.  In fact, Calvin’s saying that a prominent UK tabloid “photoshopped” his tweet.

Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported that Calvin had tweeted Avril in response to the Canadian singer’s supposed throwing of a little shade at his girlfriend. Earlier, Avril had tweeted some comments related to a Tumblr fan post that compared Taylor’s treatment of her fans favorably to the way some other celebs – including Avril – seem to treat theirs. Taylor may have favorited that Tumblr post, so some might see Avril’s remarks as being aimed at Taylor – however, they seem to be aimed more at the fan making the comparison.

Avril shades Taylor tweetNow on to the actual controversy. UK tabloid The Daily Mail apparently posted a story saying that Calvin Harris had waded into the situation by tweeting a response to Avril defending Taylor.

Calvin Harris Comes To Taylor Swift's Defense...AgainHowever, Calvin took to Twitter today and slammed the British publication for faking the tweet saying, “I’m not in favour of photoshopping fake tweets and then running them on your news outlet daily mail etc that’s really f****d up”.  Continue Reading →

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Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale and Avril Lavigne Will Voice Upcoming Animated Movie “Charming”

DemiLovatoAvrilLavigneAsheyTisdaleCharmingDemi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale, and Avril Lavigne are coming together as the voices of princesses in the upcoming animated film “Charming.” Billboard.com reports that the film is said to be a spin on the classic fairy tale with an “unfamiliar plot twist of all being engaged to Prince Charming”.

Demi will voice the female lead role of Lenore, Ashley will voice Cinderella, and Avril will be the voice of Snow White. The movie is set for release in 2016.

What do you think about the casting?  Can you think of better candidates for the roles?

(Photo Credit: Avril Lavigne’s Instagram account)

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