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Miley Cyrus And Barbara Palvin Bond With Tongue + Miley Has Hired A Psychic Medium To Connect With Dead Dog Floyd

barbara-p-2bonddd>Miley Cyrus and Barbara Palvin bond with each others tongue love. Babs looks like Selena is the first pic. Selena famously said ‘no new friends’. Do YOU think Miley and Barbara are mocking Selena again?

Miley hired a psychic animal medium Melissa Bacelar to connect with Floyd. Melissa told The Mirror: ‘It was particularly hard as [Miley] wasn’t there when Floyd died, so there would have been a huge amount of guilt. I connect with the dog telepathically. Some will give me actual words but, most of the time, I will get images and feelings, which I then pass on to the owner.’


Dangerously Hot Justin Bieber Cannes Yacht Party ‘I Know I Look Fly. Shit Give Me Some Space.’

bieber-fucker67th Annual Cannes Film Festival - Roberto Cavalli Hosts Annual Party Aboard His YachtLil Justin Bieby looked swaggy sexy with his very attractive pre-adult mustache at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Roberto Cavalli annual party on his yacht. Sharon Stone was there. He also went to the De Grisogono Party at the Eden Rock Hotel.

World’s largest tool complained about eh paparazzi again. WTF, if you need space stay at home. Photos: FameFlynet. Swaggy B also attended the AMFAR benefit in Cannes! NOTE: It’s rumored that Bieber had sex with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin at the party!


One Direction ‘New Album Coming Soon’

harry-styles-los-angeles (6)+ Sophia & Liam at Brit Awards after party and current 1D girlfriends! Barbara Palvin told Digital Spy about Niall Horan: ‘He’s my friend. I’ve always been a girl [who] hangs out with boys, and I’m not going to change that, even though people write stuff about me.

I play football, I’m not going to change my personality. He’s a lovely guy, fun, Irish, sarcastic all the time. But, I’m sarcastic too.’ As for rest of 1D? ‘I like them too, they’re all very nice people. They’re all so hot.’

+ new candids of Harry Styles, he is back in LOS ANGELES!

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niall-horan-barbara-palvin-datingbarbara-boyfriendBarbara Palvin dumped Niall Horan for a new man and uploaded a picture of herself kissing him on Instagram. Her friend told The Sun: ‘There was no big fall out, things just fizzled out as Niall and Barbara are both working in different parts of the world.

They are both really busy and Niall is focused on recovering and getting ready for the band’s massive Where We Are tour. They are still in touch and friendly.’ Are YOU upset that they broke up?

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Liam Payne ‘I Was Cool W/ Older GF’

liam-payne-older-girlfriendliam-journalistsliam-oakleybabssLiam Payne got into a Twitter fight with journalist Tyler Oakley over supporting gay basher from Duck Dynasty. Liam revealed that he was proud of dating an older girl: ‘I was also really proud of the fact that I went out with a girl who was in year six when I was in year four. She was one of my sister’s friends, and I thought I was really cool having an older girlfriend.

I had a girlfriend called Chanelle in reception, who used to send me love letters. I really liked one girl called Emily and asked her out twenty-two times, but she always said no. Finally I sang to her and then she said she’d go out with me, but she dumped me the next day.

My friends used to wind me up and pretend that girls liked me when they didn’t, so I’d ask them out and they’d so no, which was mortifying.’ According to Daily Star, before Liam jumped onto his apartment ledge to be photographed, he downed six vodka and Red Bulls at a late-night part.

‘Liam had been drinking quite a lot over the two days.. One false move and he could have fallen to his death. It was madness, but at the same time he’s just a young guy having fun. He was out of control going out there after alcohol.

He was hitting the vodka and Red Bulls and there was also beer and champagne flying around. They were all letting their hair down and things got out of control. He knows he was absolutely crazy, but he got carried away.

He’s a very private person and struggles with the constant attention.. So sometimes he goes wild just to escape the pressure of fame. Last weekend was a perfect example of how he pushes things to the limit and risks things.

His bandmates don’t want him to end up doing something stupid that could cost him his life. He’s been texting the other lads about it and saying it was just a moment of madness, but he’s going to tone down the partying for a while and try to keep a low profile.’

Liam’s sister Ruth and Barbara Palvin also got into the Twitter fight.

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