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Bella Thorne Swaps Valentine’s Day Notes With Her “Girlfriend”

Bella Thorne Swaps Valentine's Day Cuteness With Her Girlfriend featureBella Thorne’s been staying low-key about her love life since things with Charlie Puth crashed and burned. After taking some heat for jumping quickly from Gregg Sulkin to Tyler Posey to Charlie, Bella seems to have taken the start of 2017 to cool off. For Valentine’s Day, it looked like she was going to celebrate Galentine’s Day instead with a sweet tweet to some of her buds.

One of those friends, Bella Pendergast, apparently sent Bella Thorne some flowers for the big day. In the attached note and in Bella Thorne’s tweet about the gift, the Bellas call each other “girlfriend.” Is the word just a platonic nickname for two lady pals? With Bella Thorne, the answer might be more complicated than that.

Bella Pendergast was the girl who Bella Thorne kissed in the pic that led to her coming out as bisexual. So both Bellas could mean “girlfriend” in more than one sense.

See the tweets below.

Do you think Bella and Bella are a couple or just friends?

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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Better Late Than Never? Bella Thorne Reviews Hailee Steinfeld And “The Edge Of Seventeen”

Better Late Than Never? Bella Thorne Praises The Edge Of SeventeenBella Thorne is preparing for her next attempt at establishing herself as both a singer and an actress with new music and acting gigs on the horizon. Naturally, she’s now cozying up to celebrities who have successfully conquered the dual identity. Bella finally got around to watching “The Edge of Seventeen” and wanted everyone to know that Golden Globe-nominated Hailee Steinfeld knocked it out of the park. The film’s positive reception makes Bella’s two-month late review entirely unnecessary, but she’s not one to let a good opportunity go to waste.

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Bella Thorne Is A Confident Master Of Hip Hop Dancing

Bella Thorne teaches a master dance classBella Thorne went back to her “Shake It Up” roots on Wednesday when she headed to Millennium Dance Complex to teach a masterclass on “Confidence Hip Hop,” whatever that is.

The actress prepared to the sweat in a gray sports bra and black pants showing off her thin frame. Bella even took her attire to another level as she taught her dance class with glitter around her right eye. It doesn’t look like actual choreography was taught since Bella’s sole purpose was to just teach the students “how to dance at a party, or learn some rhythm with your friends.”

See a footage from Bella’s dance class below.

Would you sign up for Bella’s next calss?

(Photo credit: HQCelebrity1 Twitter account)

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Bella Thorne Promises Girl-On-Girl Action In “Famous In Love”

Bella Thorne Promises Famous In Love Will Be A Little Gay featureA trailer for Bella Thorne’s series “Famous In Love” hit the Internet on Tuesday. The 30-second clip follows up on an minute-long trailer with high drama surrounding Bella’s character, Paige. Paige is a starlet who appears to be dealing with some of the same stuff that Bella is. The teaser focuses on the struggles of dating in Hollywood and what it’s like to be bisexual in the movie industry.

Bella might be ready to take a break from her real-world drama in favor of promoting some fictional problems, but she’s also excited about one part of the series in particular.

Bella Thorne Promises Famous In Love Will Be A Little Gay tweetWhile it may or may not resemble the situation she dealt with when a picture of her kissing her pal Bella Pendergast surfaced, the winky face she included makes it seem like she’s excited about it.

Watch the latest trailer for “Famous In Love” below.

(Photo credit: Freeform YouTube account)

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Bella Thorne Hopes To Instill “Confidence” With Hip Hop Dance Class

Bella Thorne Previews Her Hip Hop Dance ClassBella Thorne will be teaching a hip hop dance class on Wednesday in Los Angeles and she decided to show her fans what they’ll be getting for their money. The actress showed off a few dance moves via Snapchat that can likely be expected from her upcoming class. At the very least, anyone who attends will get to see Bella attempt to be authentic in some street gear and possibly a backwards baseball cap.

Speaking to Just Jared, Bella describes the dance class as being more about confidence than anything else. “Come join my confidence class if you wanna learn how to dance at a party, or learn some rhythm with your friends, or perhaps get a great work out in before that slice of pizza later,” she says. “Bring your friends and let’s have a ball! Dance our feet off to some ratchet music so you have some moves to show off this weekend.”

The dance class is set to take place at the Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles on Wednesday at 8:30pm. Tickets are only $20.

Check out Bella’s Snapchat preview below.

Would you take a dance class with her?

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Twitter account)

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