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Bella Thorne Couldn’t Help Showing Off Her Pale Blue Bikini Top in Miami

Bella Thorne MiamiBella Thorne offered her fans on social media a snap and some clips stuffed into a pale blue bikini top and very tight bottoms from a quick trip to Miami. We’re not experts on Bella’s measurements, but the former Disney star has been recently looking a lot curvier on top than in past pics.

Maybe that’s because of her newfound commitment to healthier eating. Right?

We have a couple of clips of Bella bouncing around on a bed in the bikini top below.   Continue Reading →


Bella Thorne’s Pictorial and BTS Video for ‘Gay Times’ Were Beautiful

Bella Thorne Gay Times FeatureNow that all the images have come out — as well as the official BTS video of the shoot — fans can take a look at Bella Thorne’s pictorial for the current issue of Gay Times. In the cover story for the issue, Bella describes the “biphobia” that she has felt in Hollywood since she has come out and the difficult position many bisexuals have in discussions about discrimination.

She also talks about her complicated romantic relationship with Youtuber Tana Mongeau and rapper Mod Sun and the discomfort she has giving the relationship a concrete label, admitting that she is not quite prepared to call herself “poly.” But what may be most memorable about the issue are the stylized, glam-era photos of a very red-headed Bella shot by award-winning photographer Vijat Mohindra.

You can check out the photos and official BTS video for the shoot below.   Continue Reading →


Bella Thorne’s Neckline Was Plunging AF

Bella Thorne Plunging FeatureBella Thorne appeared over the weekend with her sister Dani and boyfriend Mod Sun at the opening of the On The Park nightclub at the Park MGM in Las Vegas. Bella took no prisoners with her dress, which had a seriously plunging neckline that almost literally didn’t stop …

You can check out some pics and some video of Bella’s very revealing dress below.    Continue Reading →


Bella Thorne Posts Photos From A Time She When She Was Less Happy: “This Is What I Look Like When I’m Stressed”

Bella Thorne FeatureBella Thorne posted a series of bikini photos from a time approximately 18 months ago when she was not happy. And a time when she was not happy with her body, either.

“This is what I look like when I’m stressed,” the actress wrote. “This was taken at the end of 2016-2017 … 2018 was about getting my health back.”

Bella explained that the stress of the “biz,” “movies” and life took a toll on her. And when she was so stressed she had no appetite. Now she feels that she has returned to a more natural body weight and feels much healthier.

Bella ended her IG message on a hopeful note for 2019. “I feel good but I do feel like I need to get back in the gym so I can be healthier in general,” she added. “Eating the right things (double quarter pounders not included) so my body has the energy it needs to keep moving forward.. keep moving forward.”

You can check out the bikini pics that Bella posted from her “stressed” time in the gallery below.   Continue Reading →


Bella Thorne’s Christmas Video with Tana Mongeau Was of Course NSFW

Bella Thorne Tana MongeauFor Christmas, Bella Thorne shared a little personal video full of her own personal brand of holiday cheer. She posted a video of herself and Youtuber girlfriend Tana Mongeau reciting the NSFW lyrics to Bella’s song “P**sy Mine” over a sloppy, suggestive Christmas meal of … spaghetti and meatballs.

You can check out Bella and Tana in the video below.   Continue Reading →