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“Weird Flex But Ok:” Bella Thorne Keeps Posting Snaps of her Mysterious, Raunchy, Candy-Themed Video Project

Bella Thorne CandyBella Thorne has posted another pic from her current mystery project – a video project that involves risque poses, skimpy lingerie, unshaved legs, lots of jewelry, bath tubs and … candy? Bella shared her latest pic with the cryptic caption “Take me to bed @thornebybell a weird flex but ok.”

The newest pic is just the latest in a series that Bella has been posting / leaking / sharing in a long tease mainly involving her social media accounts. Several of the seemingly related posts reference the @thornebybella account, which ultimately leads to a sign up page with another tease: “Coming soon, sign up to see the collection first” along with the date 11/25/2018.

It is not clear what the “collection” refers to, though it might be another Filthy Fangs-type commercial product line. Many fans on Twitter seem to believe that Bella’s Instagram stories suggest it is a new cosmetics line.

Whatever it is, it has led Bella to offer up some skimpy lingerie pics. And we have some of the more recent ones in the gallery below. Continue Reading →


Wait … Did Bella Thorne Just Pull Off her Dream of Becoming a Legit Pop Singer?

Bella Thorne Steve AokiFor a while it has been hard to know what to make of Bella Thorne’s ambitions as a pop singer. Certainly, through a combination of hard work, hustle and self-promotion, Bella has started to carve out a decent post-Disney career as an actress. Recent film projects such as Midnight Sun, The Babysitter, Ride, Assassination Nation and I Still See You seem like the building blocks of a credible, indie-oriented acting resume.

On the other hand, Bella’s resume of music projects has seemed less focused. Sure, there were the early offerings, and even a couple minor hits like “Watch Me” featuring Zendaya and “TTYLXOX,” from the Disney years.

But Bella’s recent efforts have often seemed more like performance art pieces or vanity projects aimed at stirring controversy and driving clicks than serious singles hoping for airplay. Music that falls into this category includes tracks like “B*TCH I’M BELLA THORNE,” “GOAT,” and “P**sy Mine” — not to mention cringey collaborations like “Outta My Hair” and “Clout9.”

But, below, we have a newly-released musical collaboration that might change a lot of people’s opinions of Bella’s pop potential.   Continue Reading →


Bella Thorne Is Shooting a Raunchy New Semi-Nude Video Complete with Whipped Cream and Stripper Pole

Bella Thorne VideoBella Thorne posted a clip to her Instagram grid from what looks to be a raunchy new video shoot. In the video, Bella appears semi-nude with her private bits covered strategically by whip cream as she quickly kicks her feet up and then rolls to a sitting position on a circular pole dancer’s platform; in the center of the circular platform — just behind Bella’s head in the video — a metal stripper pole is clearly visible.

In addition, on a wall in the background of the set, there is a neon sign that Continue Reading →


Bella Thorne Gets Support from Mod Sun and Dove Cameron at Opening of her Film, ‘Assassination Nation’

Bella Thorne Assasination NationBella Thorne appeared at the Hollywood’s ArcLight Cinerama Dome for the opening of her latest film, Assassination Nation. Bella plays the part of Reagan, a supporting character in Sam Levinson’ black comedy about partying, teenage angst and social media in an small American town. The movie co-stars Suki Waterhouse, Odessa Young, Joel McHale and Jennifer Morrison.

Bella Thorne’s significant other Mod Sun could be seen Continue Reading →

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Bella Thorne Stands Up for Old Friend Jimmy Bennett, Says She’s Done With #MeToo Movement

Bella Thorne MeTooBella Thorne came out blasting Asia Argento and the entire #MeToo movement after seeing news that Asia’s legal team will reportedly be trying to make a case that child actor Jimmy Bennett was not a victim, but actually the perpetrator of a sexual assault years ago on the much older actress.

Bella tweeted a link to a story on Deadline.com about Asia’s aggressive new legal strategy and called the reformulated attempts to blame Jimmy “gross:”   Continue Reading →