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Beyoncé’s New Scholarship Fund Is Helping Four Young Women Get Into Formation

Beyonce starting scholarship foundation-2Beyoncé is getting four well-deserved ladies into formation with a scholarship program. The singer announced the Formation Scholars program earlier this week to honor the one-year anniversary of “Lemonade” and will be awarding four women financial support for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Berklee College of Music, Howard University, Parsons School of Design and Spelman College are the schools for which applicants can earn financial reprieve. Spelman’s criteria for the scholarship requires that thestudents write a 300-word essay on how the “Lemonade” album has inspired their educational goals, but the application requirements will be different for each participating school.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama applauded the singer for her efforts to help young women receive an education. “Always inspired by your powerful contributions @beyonce. You are a role model for us all. Thank you for investing in our girls,” she captioned her Instagram photo.

Read more about the scholarship here and read Michelle Obama’s post below.

(Photo credit: Beyoncé Instagram account)

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Lady Gaga Premieres New Single, “The Cure,” At Coachella

Lady Gaga Premieres The Cure At CoachellaAfter Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement and a resulting Coachella postponement, Lady Gaga was asked to take over Bey’s headlining slot at this year’s festival. She knew she had big shoes to fill and pulled out all the stops. Mother Monster took the stage Saturday night for a 20-track set with song choices spanning her entire career, including a new single titled “The Cure.”

Compared to what Lady Gaga showed fans with “Joanne,” this new song is unexpectedly relevant to the mainstream’s obsession with synth-pop club music. The singer did find a way to tie the surprisingly current track into her typical mantra. “You cure me every time with your love,” she told the Coachella crowd as she thanked her fans for getting her through difficult times.

The dynamic set continued and, likely out of respect for Beyoncé and any possible disappointed fans, Lady Gaga decided to perform “Telephone.” The rendition almost read as a moment of silence to fill the Queen Bey void as Lady Gaga steered clear of the mic during Beyoncé’s part of the song.

Check out a few videos from Lady Gaga’s Coachella set below. She returns for round two next weekend.

What do you think of her new single?

(Photo credits: braveforgaga Twitter account; Lady Gaga Instagram account)

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Did Zendaya Just Confirm Those “Lion King” Casting Rumors?

Did Zendaya Confirm Those Lion King Casting Rumors?Zendaya had her own “Lion King” moment this past weekend when she took her dog, Noon, to a Pride Rock of their own. Zendaya lifted her pup up just like Simba in a video she shared via Instagram.

The imagery is striking as casting rumors are swirling for the new live action remake of “The Lion King” in the works. Zendaya’s fans want her to star opposite Donald Glover as the Nala to his Simba in the re-imagining of the Disney classic. But the movie’s director has someone else in mind for that part. Jon Favreau, who also helmed the recent “Jungle Book” remake, is rumored to be eyeing Beyoncé for the role of Nala.

Watch Zendaya’s video below and see if you think she’s got “Lion King” on the brain.

(Photo credit: Zendaya Instagram account)

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Cash Her Outside The GRAMMYs? Danielle Bregoli Scores A Meeting With Beyoncé’s Old Producer

Cash Her Outside The GRAMMYs? Danielle Bregoli Gets A Meeting With Beyonce's Old ProducerDanielle Bregoli is still riding her viral fame. Now, instead of using a radio interview to trash talk Kylie Jenner, Danielle actually appears to be making career moves as she’s meeting with big-time music producers at age 14. Over the weekend, Danielle met with Mark Batson and Che Pope.

Mark is a GRAMMY winner for his work on Beyoncé’s “Dangerously In Love” album and has credits with Jay Z, Dr. Dre and Eminem, as well. Che has worked with Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and used to be the head of Kanye West’s label. Mark was giving Danielle a piano lesson in a video from their meet-up.

“This shit’s fucking hard,” Danielle says at the end of the video, getting a laugh from both of the music industry insiders.

Unfortunately, her burgeoning music career isn’t at the forefront of Danielle’s mind right now as a three-year-old video of a fight with her mom is reportedly making authorities question whether or not there’s child abuse going on.

See videos of Danielle learning to play the piano, fighting with her mom and denying that she’s been abused below.

(Photo credit: Danielle Bregoli Instagram account)

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Emma Watson Goes On The Defensive After Being Called A Hypocrite…Again

Emma Watson Really Doesn't Want To Feud With Beyonce About Feminism featureEmma Watson is still struggling to defend her feminist credentials. After taking some heat for her Vanity Fair photoshoot, Emma tried to explain how confused she was by all the attention focused on her nearly-exposed breasts in the pics. But fans of Beyoncé had some insight into why there was such a dust-up over Emma’s body in the spread. They pointed to an interview with Tavi Gevinson where Emma asked Tavi what she thought of Beyoncé’s self-titled album.

“I’m quite nervous to bring it up because I still haven’t really formulated my own ideas about it but Beyoncé’s new album,” Emma began. “My friend and I sat and we watched all the videos back-to-back and I was really conflicted.” Emma said, critical of Beyoncé calling herself a feminist.

“On the one hand she is putting herself in the category of a feminist, this very strong woman,” Emma said in the three-year-old, “but then the camera, it felt very male, such a male voyeuristic experience of her.”

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Boring Solo Act Niall Horan Prefers Adele Over Beyoncé

Niall Horan Stans Taylor Swift While Playing Golf Inside The House For Charity feature bNiall Horan took his middle-aged persona to the next level in a recent interview with Golf Digest. As Niall fielded questions about his favorite musician and golfer, he was trying to hit golf balls into a pool from all around and inside of a house.With every ball he hit into the pool, Niall raised money for a charity benefitting children of military families.

As part of his interview, Niall was asked to make a few choices in celebrity either/or questions. He picked Adele over Beyoncé, but said, “Both of them we’ll remember forever.” Then, the One Direction singer was asked to pick between Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

Niall laughed and said, “Taylor Swift all day long. She’s a sweetheart.” Guess there won’t be any official Niall Yeezy brand golf shoes anytime soon.

Niall also offered up shades of Joe Jonas with a Backstreet Boys impression.

Watch Niall hit a few balls while he takes some questions below.

(Photo credit: Golf Digest YouTube account)

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