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Pete Davidson and Big Sean Managed to Make Themselves Part of the Story at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

Pete Davidson Big SeanObservers on social media couldn’t seem to get over the appearances of both Ariana’s current significant other, Pete Davidson, and her ex, Big Sean, at yesterday’s funeral services for Aretha Franklin in Detroit. Most pointed out either how odd it was that Pete Davidson was at the event at all, or poked fun at how overwhelmed / freaked-out the comedian seemed mingling among two of his heroes, the Clintons.

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Halsey Is Still Releasing Music Videos From Her Album Which Everyone Has Forgotten

Halsey Is Still Releasing Music Videos For Her Forgotten AlbumHalsey is rapidly approaching the one-year anniversary of her sophomore album, “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom,” and she’s convinced that people still give a damn. After dropping the ball with promoting the record and satisfying appetites with only handful of visuals, Halsey is releasing another.

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Katy Perry Takes Shelter In A Trippy Tropical Paradise For “Feels” Video

Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams and Big Sean Take Shelter In A Trippy Tropical ParadiseCalvin Harris released the music video for his single, “Feels,” featuring Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, and Big Sean on Tuesday. The trio is shot on what looks like a small island and they seem to be catching more than just “Feels.”

The effects of the video take a trippy turn from Big Sean singing with parrots that have feathers that change colors to Katy Perry rolling around in a bunch of weeds.

Check out the visual below.

(Photo credit: CalvinHarrisVEVO Youtube account)

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Is DNCE Collaborating With Ariana Grande’s Ex?

Dnce collab with Big Sean-2DNCE is preparing to kick off its “DNCE In Concert Tour” on January 17, but the group also seems to be working on its sophomore album too. On Friday, Joe Jonas shared a photo of the group in the middle of rehearsal and the members were joined by rapper rapper Big Sean.

“Colab or nah?,” Joe captioned the photo and the collaboration may not be just a dream for the singer because Big Sean even liked the tweet.

See Joe’s dream collaboration photo below.

Can you hear Big Sean rapping on a DNCE track?

(Photo credits: Joe Jonas Twitter account; DNCE Instagram account)

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