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Billboard Reminds Beliebers That Justin Bieber Has Always Been Shady AF

Justin Bieber fishes for answersIn light of recent events involving Justin Bieber and his fans, Billboard decided to share a throwback video of the singer answering some questions. In the video shared Tuesday morning, Justin answers questions about his favorite Disney movie, what inspires him and the biggest misconception about him, all of which get some serious side-eye.

“My favorite animated Disney movie would have to be ‘Lady and the Tramp’ or ‘Bambi,'” Justin says, using one of the most emotional animated films in history. When it comes to his inspirations, the singer didn’t hesitate to say Selena Gomez plays a big role in his music–a fact that he has previously mentioned during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” even naming the songs off of his “Purpose” album that are about her.

The true kicker came when Justin replied to a question about the biggest misconception about him. “Probably that I’m a jerk,” Justin says. “I’m not that guy. I’m a nice guy.” We’re certain some people would disagree, especially after video caught the singer telling a fan she make him sick. If Justin’s recent encounters with fans aren’t proof positive that the singer may not be as nice as he thinks, then all of his actions in 2016 definitely do.

Watch the 2015 video of Justin’s answers below.

(Photo credit: Billboard)

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Little Mix’s Fans Are Trying Book Them A Billboard Cover

Fire The Publicist: Little Mix's Fans Are Trying Book Them A Billboard Cover featureLittle Mix has a devoted fandom and it showed when the group’s fans got #LittleMixBillboardCover trending on Twitter on Monday. Mixers made their case that Little Mix was the most successful girl group of the decade and already has a slew of amazing magazine covers.

The trend was enough for one of Billboard’s execs to take notice. Everett John, a Senior Content Strategist for the industry magazine, jumped in on the trend, promising to share the idea with “the magazine gods.”

Little Mix hasn’t responded to the trend or any of the tweets, but they’ll have one more thing to thank their fans for if the cover happens.

See tweets from fans and from Everett below.

Would you want to see Little Mix on the cover of Billboard?

(Photo credit: Little Mix Instagram account)

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Perrie Edwards Rage Quits Little Mix’s Kazoo Karaoke Game

Perrie Edwards Rage Quits Little Mix's Kazoo Karaoke Game featureAll four members of Little Mix stopped by Billboard’s studios recently. As they continue the “Dangerous Woman Tour” with Ariana Grande, the girls took a quick time out to play a game with one of the publication’s hosts. Kazoo karaoke was on tap for the group, which was split up into teams of Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards on one side and Leighe-Anne Pinnock and Jesy Nelson on the other.

Pulling from a fishbowl of touch- and feeling-theme songs, the two teams went back and forth humming the songs on kazoos while the other duo guessed. Unfortunately for Jade, Perrie wasn’t exactly pulling her weight. After struggling to get any sound out of her instrument, Perrie gave up and threw it to the floor.

Despite her struggles, she and Jade still managed to beat Jesy and Leigh-Anne in the game. In the process, she created another classic Little Mix moment.

See the video below.

(Photo credit: Billboard YouTube account)

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Camila Cabello No Longer Speaks To Ladies Of Fifth Harmony But She’s “Only Got Love For Them”

Camila Cabello for Billboard-4In her first solo Billboard cover story, Camila Cabello is once again discussing what went on with Fifth Harmony that may have led to her move towards a solo career.  “You have to follow and honor that inner voice. I always encouraged the girls to do the same,” the singer says. It may have been that urge that “rocked the boat” on the group’s ongoing tension.

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Nicki Minaj Upstages Taylor Swift In The Chase For Billboard Chart Record

Nicki Minaj Passes Taylor Swift In The Chase For Aretha Franklin's Chart Record featureNicki Minaj said hi and bye to Taylor Swift as she passed her in the race towards an Aretha Franklin-level milestone. Nicki’s new song, “Run Up,” has entered the Billboard Hot 100, putting her one single ahead of Taylor in the list of most Hot 100 entries by a female artist. At 71, Nicki is now just two Hot 100 songs behind Aretha’s record.

Nicki took to Instagram for a humble brag about her new number. She had a special shoutout for Taylor in her caption, sending some love to her fellow Sagittarius. Taylor is now a song behind Nicki but still only three songs behind Aretha, who sits at number ten all time for Hot 100 appearances. Hopefully, Lena Dunham won’t feel the urge to offer her opinion on the news.

Check out Nicki’s Instagram post below.

(Photo credits: Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift Instagram accounts)

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Demi Lovato Just Won’t Shut Up About Her Grammy Nomination

Demi Lovato talks grammy morningIf you haven’t heard by now, Demi Lovato has been nominated for her first Grammy award. The singer is up against some stiff competition like Adele and Ariana Grande, so her chances of actually winning are slim. That hasn’t stopped her from talking about her nom every chance she gets.

In a new video shared by Billboard, Demi is still talking about her nomination and what happened the morning the announcements were made. “The way that I found out was getting a phone call really early in the morning and my assistant came in and said ‘Phil has to talk to you,” Demi said.  After learning of the nomination it seems as if Demi, like everyone else, couldn’t believe “Confident” was up for “Best Pop Vocal Album” either. “I literally shot up and said ‘Shut the f*ck up,'” she added.

Watch the Billboard video below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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