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Billie Eilish Performed Live at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas

Billie Eilish KROQ ChristmasBillie Eilish had a short but powerful set at Los Angeles’ KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas sponsored by Absolut. Afterwards, she spent a little time goofing around in a interview with the Kevin and Bean morning crew, where they covered everything from her latest Air Jordan kicks to her video being liked by her idol Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey Bieber Continue Reading →


“I Would Cry All the Time Just Because He Didn’t Know I Existed:” Billie Eilish Tries to Explain Her Love for Justin Bieber

Billie Eilish KROQBillie Eilish sat down with radio station KROQ in Los Angeles to talk about her close and pretty uncommon relationship with fans. Billie feels “on the same level” as and “equal” to the people who like her music, incorporates them and their fan art into her creative process, and tries to do unpaid meet and greets whenever possible.

In trying to describe why she approaches her audience in this more personal way, Billie explained how vivid her own experience was as an obsessed fan of Justin Bieber when she was younger. Billie said that her love of Justin was so intense that Continue Reading →


Billie Eilish Releases Haunting, Intimate Holiday Song “Come Out and Play”

Billie Eilish Share Your GiftsEarlier today, pop’s offbeat rebel / new emo queen / possible savior Billie Eilish shared an unusual holiday single, “Come Out and Play.” The song definitely has dark and haunting undertones, and there are moments where one wonders if it will veer off the rails into something truly strange. But, somehow, “Come Out and Play” ultimately unfolds into a warm and intimate ballad that encourages human expression.

The song will get an unexpected push during the holiday season. Apple has chosen it to be the soundtrack for its animated “Share Your Gifts” holiday advertising campaign.

You can check out Billie’s new Christmas song below. Below the cut, you can also watch one of the just-released videos for Apple’s holiday ad campaign that uses “Come Out and Play” as its soundtrack.  Continue Reading →


Billie Eilish Gets Emotional Listening to Fan Covers

Billie Eilish Fan CoversGlamour Magazine asked pop singer Billie Eilish to listen to and critique a number of fan covers of her music. So Glamour gathered together videos of some talented young Youtubers performing Billie’s music from all around the world, and the singer seemed blown away.

Watch Billie get emotional listening to others perform some of her best known songs in the video below.   Continue Reading →


Billie Eilish Performs “When the Party’s Over,” “Bellyache” and “You Should See Me in a Crown” on Lift Live Sessions

Billie Eilish LiftSinger Billie Eilish was invited to perform live on the most recent episode of Vevo’s Lift Live Sessions. In front of an energized crowd, Billie performed three singles that are already iconic among her fans – current hit “When the Party’s Over,” as well as “Bellyache” and “You Should See Me in a Crown.”

You can watch Billie’s performing each of the singles below.   Continue Reading →


‘Vanity Fair’ Interview: Billie Eilish One Year Ago Versus Billie Eilish Today

Billie EilishVanity Fair posted an interesting interview piece with Billie Eilish. In the piece, Vanity Fair shows an interview that it did with Billie one year ago – when the pop singer was 15-years old – and then asks the pop singer the same questions today. The answers, of course, are very different.

In side-by-side videos of her now and then, the development in Billie’s career and personality seems dramatic. However, when listening to her own answers from only a year ago, Billie seems regretful, especially for having lost some of the innocence and excitement she had only a year ago. In fact, at one point in her present-day interview, Billie actually says she wishes she could go back to that time when she felt less pressure.

You can check out the side-by-side interviews below.   Continue Reading →