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Father Figure Niall Horan Spent His Birthday Worrying About Harry Styles’ Fashion Sense

One Direction's Dad Niall Horan Spent His Birthday Worrying About Harry Styles' Fashion Sense featureNiall Horan isn’t exactly a dream daddy, but he’ll do in a pinch. The acoustic guitar enthusiast and avid golfer loves leading the life of a sensible middle-aged man. While his other former One Direction bandmates do their best to stay young, Niall seems eager to lean into the “cool dad” archetype.

He played that part perfectly in a new interview with Smallzy in which Niall asks after the well-being of Harry Styles. Harry was just on Smallzy’s show, and Niall spent his birthday checking in on his friend to make sure things are going okay. Niall led off by trying to play it cool as he asked, “How is my friend, Harold?”

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Demi Lovato Rings In Her Quarter Life Crisis With Friends

Demi Lovato Rings In Her Quarter Life Crisis With Friends featureDemi Lovato turned 25 over the weekend. The singer celebrated her birthday with a big group of friends at a Dave & Buster’s. The sober star brought an entourage along with her that included her manager, Phil McIntyre, and her rehab co-owner, Mike Bayer.

Demi, Phil and Mike all shared videos from the so-called “surprise party” at the barcade. Demi got a special cake and won tons of tickets. She also posed with a birthday queen crown as part of the celebration.

Demi Lovato Rings In Her Quarter Life Crisis With Friends dl tweet 1Demi also got tons of birthday messages on social media from people like the Jonas Brothers, Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane Hansen, Ellen Degeneres and UFC fighter Cat Zingano.

Check out posts from Demi’s friends about her birthday and watch footage from her party below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Cardi B Can’t Bother To Spell Demi Lovato’s Name Right While Freaking Out About Her Rapping “Bodak Yellow”

Cardi B Can't Bother To Spell Demi Lovato's Name Right While Freaking Out About Her Rapping Bodak Yellow featureCardi B took notice of Demi Lovato’s interview with Elvis Duran earlier this week. Ahead of her rainy “Good Morning America” performance, Demi sat down with Elvis to chat about her single life and her next album. But Demi was also caught on camera rapping the opening bars of “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi’s hit song. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer nailed the rhymes and even censored herself in the process.

Cardi posted about the tribute on Instagram, but apparently isn’t quite as familiar with Demi as Demi is with her. In the caption on the video she posted, Cardi wrote, “Ooooo shit bitch !!!! DEMI MOTHER FUCKING LOVADO!!!!”

The typo seems like an honest mistake, not a shady slight. But if Cardi doesn’t know Demi’s last name that well, she might not know just how petty Demi can get. If Demi is looking for an apology, she’s probably more likely to get an answer similar to her new single.

Demi might not be paying Cardi any mind, though, as she’s prepping for her birthday on Sunday. Demi won’t be celebrating this weekend. Instead, she’s preparing to take in the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor next Saturday with friends.

Check out Cardi’s post and Demi’s interview about her birthday plans below.

(Photo credits: Demi Lovato and Cardi B Instagram accounts)

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Ally Brooke Hernandez Turns 24 As Fifth Harmony Celebrates Its “Oldest Sister”

Ally Brooke Hernandez Turns 24 As Fifth Harmony Celebrates Its Oldest Sister featureThe start of every summer is basically one big birthday part for Fifth Harmony. Normani KordeiLauren Jauregui and Dinah Jane Hansen all had birthdays last month. While Normani and Lauren are both 21 now, Dinah was the final member of the group to leave her teens behind.

But they’re all baby sisters to Ally Brooke Hernandez, who turned 24 on Friday. Dinah and Lauren both took to Instagram for massive posts about the occasion. Each was full of sweet words for the group’s de facto oldest sibling, and Dinah included a few embarrassing videos, too.

“As an older sister,Thank you for being a great example to me,” Dinah wrote in a lengthy caption on her post. “You’re the first to always look out for me, check up on me.” Dinah shared how Ally keeps her smiling and laughing before writing, “My life wouldn’t be the same without my Allyson Sunshine Brooke Hernandez.”

“Happy HAPPYYYY 24th Birthdayy to our oldest sister,” Lauren wrote in her post. She made it clear that Dinah isn’t the only member of 5H who relies on Ally as a guiding light: “We have been through some wild times and you have always been there for me when I’ve needed a shoulder to cry on.”

Check out pics and video from Dinah, Lauren and Fifth Harmony’s official account below.

(Photo credit: Ally Brooke Hernandez Instagram account)

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