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Rihanna May Not Be Called A Role Model, But She Thinks She Can Inspire Young Women

Rihanna black girls rock-3Over the weekend, Rihanna attended BET’s Black Girls Rock where she was honored with the Rock Star Award. Wearing a possibly real fur coat, the singer took the winning moment to say what the Black Girls Rock movement means to her. “Thank you so much for celebrating us in a world that doesn’t celebrate us enough,” she said in her acceptance speech.

“Role model is not the title they like to give me…but I think I can inspire a lot of young women to be themselves and that is half the battle. Hopefully one day I’ll be raising my own little black girl who rocks.”

The award show aired on BET last night, with appearances by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Lauryn Hill and Shonda Rhimes.

See photos of Rihanna’s red carpet look and video of her speech below.

(Photo credit: Rihanna Daily Twitter account)

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