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Blind Item: Bieber Had Nude Selena Pix?

selena-gomez-nude-pictures[Blind Gossip] You may be aware that a celebrity is concerned that his cell phone was seized by police. He knows that there are photos and film clips of him on there in various states of undress and doing various drugs. However, there is a much bigger story behind the cell phone that only we know about! The bigger story is about who else is on the cell phone!

For the past two days, half of young Hollywood has been freaking the f*ck out about the seizure. Why? Because many of them were snapped and filmed while they were in various states of undress and while they were drinking and doing drugs (pot, coke, pills).

Plus there are tons of very personal text messages that flew back and forth about all kinds of fun activity (underage drinking, drugs, cheating, sex, etc) that none of them thought would ever get out. Who is on there? Actresses, actors, singers, reality stars, and professional athletes.

We’ll give specs on just a few of the celebrities who are panicking and what they are panicking about: a very drunk young actress who flashes the camera, an underage male actor from a famous family doing drugs, a successful film actor who exposes his private parts,

A singer with a clean image doing drugs, a young female reality star doing drugs, a married athlete hooking up with a someone else, a boybander kissing another guy, and a completely nude young actress. We want to emphasize that these are people who believe that there are compromising images of them on the cell phone. There may be others as well. Young people of Hollywood: Resume your freak out!
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Blind Item: Starlet Addict Getting Help

question-markBlind Gossip: Some people like to use powdered laundry detergent. Some people like to use liquid. What happens if you use too much powder and too much liquid and overload the machine? You wind up with laundry room full of suds that needs to be cleaned up.

This girl has been using too much powder and too much liquid. Fortunately, she has recognized the problem before her machine overflows. She is already getting help privately, and she is not going to make a big deal about it.

We’ve heard some really crazy rumors over the past couple of weeks about her and we are going to address ALL of them at once. Here we go: Her ex does not matter. She never showed up at his house and made a scene. Ticket sales were very good. She does not have some devastating disease.

She isn’t sleeping around. She does not have an STD. She is not pregnant. She did not OD. There was no celebrity intervention. And any outlet that reports ANY of these things is just trying to add drama to the situation.

This girl is talented, she works really hard, and she is one of the nicest people in the business. She is taking care of her health and her well-being. We are rooting for her! Girl:


Blind Item Open Post Drug Addict Lies

drug-addict[Via Blind Gossip] There is an unwritten rule in Hollywood about throwing people under the bus. It’s incredibly stupid to screw over people who are more famous and successful than you just to get yourself a few minutes of publicity.

Then again, this singer never was the brightest bulb on the Disney tree. He recently did an interview that threw some famous people under the bus. Blah blah blah. Lies, lies, LIES! And the people he talked about are furious!

Yes, they know that he is a dr*g addict, and that he lies about everything. But that excuse won’t wash with them. They know that just about everything he said about sex and drugs and music and business, and who did what to whom and when, is a blatant lie. But is completely unacceptable that his lies involve name-dropping them to make himself look like an innocent victim and to make them look evil and manipulative.

How do you they even begin to retaliate against such lies? Well, they don’t want to give him more of the public attention that he craves. So they are banding together to decide on a strategy to retaliate privately. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. He really pissed off the wrong people this time. His punishment is coming. Singer:


Bieber Threesome W/ Mom & Daughter?

justin-bieber-threesome (1u)Blind Item via Lainey Gossip: What young stud recently had a threesome with a mother and her daughter? Hopefully it was enjoyable for all three of them considering he’s been juicing his muscles. Do youthful hormones counteract the supposed dick shrinking effects of steroids? If he doesn’t stop, ironically he might have to start putting his shirt on. Bacne doesn’t look good on Instagram.

Justin Bieber ‘Hold Tight’ Lyric video under! + sexy Panama pix!

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Blind Item: Gay Boybander Winter Holiday


Via BlindGossip: We have an update for fans of a certain boyband who don’t know what it is going on behind the scenes. Two of the boys wanted to take a winter vacation together. Just the two of them, without fake girlfriends, or other friends, or other band members around. As of today, it doesn’t look like a vacation with just the two of them is going to happen.

The two guys aren’t exactly enamored with each other right now. It’s not like they hate each other. They are still close. But their personal, intimate relationship has become increasingly difficult to manage.

There are several reasons for this. We’ll tell you about the first one now, and fill you in on the rest later. The first point of contention.. is another guy! He is not a member of the band. He had a relationship with one of our boys.

Nobody likes to be cheated on, and it caused a major series of fights between our two boybanders. ‘How could you cheat on me? And of all the people in the world, why did it have to be with him?’ Boybander 1: Boybander 2: Group: Other guy:


Blind Item Open Post: Pregnant Starlet

Via Blind Gossip: ‘This young, multi-talented female star has never been fat. However, like many people, she has gained and lost weight before, so there is definitely a familiar pattern as to where her weight gains and losses show. She’s gained about 10 pounds in the past couple of months.

Not a big deal. But instead of it showing up in her face and neck or her upper abdomen, like it usually does, the weight gain is entirely in her lower abdomen. No one will question why she is only drinking water. But questions about a woman’s body are a little more personal and frequently go unanswered. We think she’ll be able to keep her pregnancy a secret for another four weeks.

After that point, she’ll have to make an announcement… or the bump will be gone altogether, with the loss chalked up to a healthy diet and exercise. We don’t know what she’s going to do, and, actually, neither does she! Who was she dating, or sleeping with, approximately three months ago? Was it a musician? Female Star: Male Musician:


Blind Item Open Post: Bi Boybanders

Via Blind Gossip: You may be sweltering in the summer sun, but these two boy banders are already dreaming about winter. That’s because they have started planning their first winter vacation together after one of the boys breaks up with his faux girlfriend! One of them wants to hit the slopes and go skiing. The other wants to go to a beach somewhere, where they can frolic in the surf and splash water at each other.

It’s actually a very cute disagreement. We’ll just be happy to see them together, enjoying each other’s company. However, if they do choose the beach, we do wonder what kind of bathing suits they will wear. One prefers Speedos, while the other is inclined to be a bit more modest. We say: Forget modest! Just have fun being yourselves and being with each other! Guy 1: Guy 2: Band:

Via Blind Gossip: His wife talks about the constant morning sickness of the first trimester, about buying cute baby clothes in a neutral color, and about her healthy food cravings. In fact, both of their families have been talking and tweeting non-stop about her pregnancy. Sweet, right?

Not really. The cheerful announcement that this young reality couple was pregnant didn’t slip past us unnoticed. We knew that the couple was fake, fake, fake and did not actually sleep together, so the origins of the baby were dubious at best. Well, we now we have the shocking truth: She is not pregnant! Never was! It’s all a publicity stunt.. and both families are in on it!

She will continue to pretend to be pregnant for the rest of the summer.. and then she will ‘misc*rry’ before her husband’s record drops. They expect the sympathy of the fans and the public to boost album sales and their reality show ratings. Clever marketing.. or sick and twisted? Husband: Wife: Reality Television Show: