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Many Seem Convinced that Lady Gaga Has Broken Up with Her Fiance

Lady Gaga GrammysRumors have been swirling for some time about Lady Gaga’s relationship with fiance, Hollywood mega-agent Christian Carino might be experiencing some difficulties. The rumors only intensified when Lady Gaga appeared on the Grammy’s last weekend without her massive engagement ring — and when her Valentine’s Day Instagram posts on Thursday showcased some new tattoos while not mentioning her fiance at all.

Then, after Gaga shared those Valentine’s Day posts, E! News broke a story that some of its sources had indicated that the “Shallow” singer and Christian had broken up a week earlier. E! News also noted that back at the Grammy’s, not only did Lady Gaga not wear her wedding ring, but she also did not Continue Reading →

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Kelly Clarkson Covers Lady Gaga’s “Shallow”

Kelly ClarksonWhile on her A Minute and a Glass of Wine Tour stop in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Kelly Clarkson returned to her old habit of covering the best current pop songs. This time she chose to give her fans in the audience her own soulful rendition of the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper duet, “Shallow,” from the movie, A Star is Born.

Watch Kelly’s cover in the video below.   Continue Reading →

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Following their Steamy Live Duet in Vegas, ‘E! News’ Asks: What Is Up Between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper?

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper What is UpWe noticed it too when reporting on the video of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s first live performance of “Shallow” in Vegas over the weekend. But now E! News is asking the question more directly: what exactly is up between the two A Star is Born co-stars?

What do all of the longing stares, lingering embraces and words of mutual worship mean? Are they just two professional performers “selling” their product? A couple of very affectionate friends? Actors getting lost in their roles? Or something more?

Below you can watch a panel on the E! News show “Live From E!” debate the question of what is up with Gaga and Bradley. We have also added a link to the clip of the Vegas duet, for those who want to view it again.   Continue Reading →


Bradley Cooper Joins Lady Gaga Onstage at her Vegas ‘Enigma’ Show for Live Performance of “Shallow”

Bradley Cooper GagaActor-director Bradley Cooper came to watch Lady Gaga at her Enigma residency show in Las Vegas last night. So the “Paparazzi”-singer took the opportunity to basically beg Bradley to come onstage to perform their hit duet, “Shallow,” for the first time live together.

It was hard not to notice that, throughout their time together on the stage, Gaga was all over Bradley, hugging him, kissing him and affectionately touching him repeatedly. All sources say that the two are platonic friends and that Gaga is just very affectionate. However, the obvious intimacy between the two A Star Is Born co-stars made their live duet an especially powerful and emotional performance.

Platonic friends or not, one does have to wonder what Bradley’s girlfriend, supermodel Irina Shayk, thought when she saw this performance. You can check the performance out in the video below.   Continue Reading →