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On-Again Couple Chloë Grace Moretz And Brooklyn Beckham Are Back Together And Still Annoying AF

CGM and Brooklyn Beckham are missing each other-1On-again, off-again couple Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham are officially back in their on-stage and are missing the hell out of each other. On Wednesday, the couple wanted to let each other know by reaching out via social media.

Brooklyn was the first to let his lady love know how he felt. Chloë soon followed up with a message of her own. The oldest Beckham child has been busy in New York with his college studies, so alone time probably hasn’t been too available to the happy couple.

See Chloë and Brooklyn’s public love fest below.

(Photo credit: Chloë Grace Moretz Instagram account)

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Bella Thorne Scores A Magazine Cover For Wonderland

Bella Thorne Scores A Magazine Cover For Wonderland featureBella Thorne shared some exciting news via Twitter on Friday. The outspoken actress shared a look at her cover for the Spring 2017 issue of Wonderland Magazine. Showing off her deep blue hair and a Tommy Hilfiger jacket, Bella looks windswept in the cover photo.

Bella shares cover duties for the publication’s latest edition with a motley crew of other young celebs. Skateboarding enthusiasts might prefer Brooklyn Beckham’s edition. Others might want to see Zendaya’s bestie Yara Shahidi grace the cover. Fans of “Game of Thrones” might try to get their hands on the cover featuring Sophie Turner’s co-star Maisie Williams. And if that isn’t enough, Kristen Stewart’s girlfriend Stella Maxwell sizzles on her cover.

Check out the covers from Bella and more of the newest crop of Wonderland cover stars below.

(Photo credits: Bella Thorne and Wonderland Instagram accounts)

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12 Celebrity Splits That Rocked 2016

The Celebrity Breakups That Rocked 2016With all events considered, it might seem like a miracle to have made it out of 2016 alive. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for some of your favorite celebrity relationships. This year resulted in a massive amount of breakups that ranged from scandalous to downright unexpected. A few splits could be seen from a mile away while others left fans feeling hopeless.

Grab some popcorn, or a box of tissues, and let the rocky trip down celebrity breakup lane begin.

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Will Chloë Grace Moretz Buy Brooklyn Beckham’s Upcoming Book?

Brooklyn Beckham Announces He's Working On A Book featureBrooklyn Beckham took to Instagram Tuesday to announce that he’s gearing up to publish a book. The project, which is due out in May of 2017, will be a combination of photos by and of Brooklyn mixed in with some original writing. The book’s title is “What I See.”

Brooklyn shared a promotional selfie on his feed with a link to more details about the book. According to a blog post from Penguin, the company publishing the new project, the book is only set up for UK distribution at present. Brooklyn is also set to do a signing tour throughout the UK when the book is released.

The announcement is the latest good news for Brooklyn. Since his breakup with Chloë Grace Moretz, Brooklyn has been landing modeling work, helping his mom with charity and literally soaring.

Check out Brookyn’s post below. Learn more about the book and pre-order it here.

(Photo credit: Brooklyn Beckham Instagram account)

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Brooklyn Beckham Is Soaring Without Chloë Grace Moretz

Brooklyn Beckham Is Soaring Without Chloe Grace MoretzBrooklyn Beckham appears to be doing just fine following his breakup with Chloë Grace Moretz. Better than fine, actually. The eldest Beckham child has been sipping whiskey with his dad and helping his mom with charitable efforts in Africa. Brooklyn even became the face of Pull&Bear. Now, he literally soars to new heights. Brooklyn caught some major air on his skateboard in a recent Instagram post, but he decided to delete it for reasons unknown.

You can still take a peak at the post below.

(Photo credits: Brooklyn Beckham and bbeckhamcrew Instagram accounts)

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