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Joe Jonas And DNCE Seductively Enjoy Frozen Treats Because Twitter Told Them To

Joe Jonas And DNCE Seductively Lick Frozen Treats Because Twitter Told Them ToEarlier this month DNCE was spotted at a New York City Knicks game. Joe Jonas, Cole Whittle, JinJoo Lee and Jack Lawless’ journey to the game was the result of BuzzFeed’s millennial-inspired choose-your-own adventure. The band members met up with the publication’s Keith Haps to let Twitter decide the events of their day, which ultimately placed them at the basketball game.

The band handed out free coffee outside and found few people willing to accept the warm beverages. One New York man walked by the group and confirmed Joe’s former allegiance. “You’re one of the Jonas Brothers, right?” he asked.

On their way to the basketball game, Cole was instructed to sing to strangers while stuck in traffic. He belted a tune about JinJoo’s poor taste in men.

Upon arrival to Madison Square Garden, the band dropped to the ground as part of the Andy Challenge inspired by “Toy Story.” They later did a dance battle with the Knicks dance team where they worked up enough hunger to devour ice cream in slow motion.

Check out the entire video below.

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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Halsey Calls Out Buzzfeed For Offensive Story On Her Bisexuality

Halsey goes off on Buzzfeed-6Halsey has been quiet when it comes to her Twitter rants as of late, but that silence has now ended. The singer called out media outlet Buzzfeed after a story titled “Is Halsey De-Queering Her Image?” was posted.
Halsey goes off on Buzzfeed-1In Buzzfeed’s article, the writer points out certain aspects of Halsey’s public image from 2015 until now. The goal is to show that Halsey isn’t as bisexual as she was when her career was just getting started.

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Nick Jonas Can Sing About “Bacon,” But He Can’t Cook It

Nick Jonas cooks bacon for buzzfeed-4Nick Jonas recently dropped by the BuzzFeed headquarters where he treated the staff to a plate of freshly made bacon cooked by the singer himself. “It’s actually not very good. I’m sorry, I’m not going to lie,” the singer admits while passing the bacon around. “It’s kind of like rubber.”

It’s a good thing Nick is a better singer than he is a chef. Otherwise, his album probably wouldn’t have made it to the top of the Billboard charts.

Watch the video and photos from his BuzzFeed shoot below.

(Photo credit: Nick Jonas Fandom Twitter account)

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