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Camila Cabello Delivers On Her Double Feature: “OMG” And “Havana” Now Showing

Camila Cabello Delivers On Her Double Feature: OMG And Havana Now Showing featureFifth How-many? Camila Cabello’s stock as a solo artist seems to be skyrocketing after she dropped a double feature of new singles. As promised, “OMG” featuring Quavo of Migos and “Havana” featuring Young Thug are out now. Just like the last time she simultaneously dropped two singles, the double barrel blast of songs captures some of the contrasts in Camila’s sound.

“OMG” is the kind of generic club banger that Quavo is the perfect feature for. The track is propelled by a tick-tock cymbal pattern and sounds like it was recorded in a futuristic sewer full of leaky pipes. “Havana” is a very different story.

With moody, fast-moving piano chords layered on top of a Latin dance beat, Camila appears to have written the perfect song for cruising through the Cuban capital city in a vintage convertible. Well-timed flourishes from a brass section sound like friends saying hello with the honk of a horn.

While the two songs feel different, they do have one strange thing in common. Camila seems to be using some kind of map or atlas to write some of her lyrics because both songs featurie city names prominently in rhymes.

Hear Camila’s new songs below.

(Photo credit: Camila Cabello Instagram account)

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