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Demi Lovato Celebrates Nine Years Of “Camp Rock” By Reuniting With Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas And Wilmer Valderrama

Demi Lovato Celebrates Nine Years Of Camp Rock By Reuniting With Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas And Wilmer Valderrama featureJoe Jonas, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have all grown up a lot in the last nine years. The trio of stars had a chance look back at the start of their journeys on Tuesday, when they celebrated nine years of “Camp Rock,” the Disney Channel movie that helped launch their careers.

Demi and Joe both took to Twitter, where Demi thanked Disney for helping start her rise to stardom. Joe shared a pic of Demi with all three Jonas Brothers, reflecting on his age and his past hair decisions. Both Demi and Joe met up with Nick Jonas in Cannes, where the “Jumanji” star was hanging out on a yacht.

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There’s One Jonas Who Is More Than Ready For The “Camp Rock” Reboot

There's One Jonas Who Is Very Ready For The Camp Rock Reboot featureDemi Lovato isn’t the only one interested in discussing a new “Camp Rock” movie. While Joe Jonas has said he’d be on board for an R-rated version, another Jonas seems ready for a starring role in a more traditional remake. It’s not Nick Jonas or Kevin Jonas–it’s little Alena Jonas, Kevin’s oldest daughter, who was caught on video dancing along to one of Demi’s parts from one of the original movies.

Kevin shared a video of Alena wearing pink pajamas as she grooved along to the music. She’s already made it clear she’s eager for the spotlight, so it looks like she’s studying some of the best artists ever to tour with her uncles.

See video of Alena dancing along to “Camp Rock” below.

(Photo credits: Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas Instagram accounts)

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#8YearsofCampRock: The Former Cast Revisits The Glory Days

Camp Rock Turns EightDisney Channel original movie “Camp Rock” was released eight years ago today. Reactions from the former cast have started to trickle in as they look back and remember their semi-humble Disney beginnings. While some of the former “Camp Rockers” have yet to weigh in on the anniversary, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas already responded. Even Kevin Jonas Sr., Papa Jonas, is baffled by how quickly eight years have come and gone.

See the reactions to #8YearsofCampRock below and check back with us as more stars respond.

(Photo credits: DannyWxo, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas and PapaJonas Twitter accounts)

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