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Cardi B Jumps On Board Remix of Blueface’s Misogynist Anthem “Thotiana”

Blueface Cardi BCardi B is featured in a new remix of controversial LA rapper Blueface’s surprise hit, “Thotiana.” Whether Cardi signed up for the song as a kind of feminist takeover of a misogynistic anthem to strip clubs, twerking and sex-for-pay, or simply to jump on some of Blueface’s sudden popularity among teens who like a lot of cocky attitude and dirty language in their Soundcloud rap tunes, it is not quite clear.

But what is clear is that the song benefits, at least musically, from Cardi B’s new parts. Even if her lyrics are nearly as silly and basic as Blueface’s.

You can see what you think in the new video with both Blueface and Cardi B below.   Continue Reading →


Cardi B Teams Up with Bruno Mars on New Single “Please Me”

Cardi B Bruno MarsCardi B may have shut down her IG account after receiving hate following her big Grammy win at the beginning of the week. But she reactivated her account to promote and then drop her latest single, “Please Me.”

The song repeats a formula that has worked well for Cardi in the past, when she has worked her NSFW bars around the more radio-friendly verses of a big, established R&B-oriented pop act. This time, instead of Maroon 5, Cardi has chosen to work with Bruno Mars.

Of course, this is not the first time that the two artists have worked together. Cardi was previously featured on a remix of Bruno’s hit “Finesse,” and both artists at the time said that they had a lot of fun with the remix.

So now the two are back together again. Only time will tell how well this new track is received, but the song debuted at peaked at No. 3 on the worldwide iTunes streaming chart earlier today.

You can check out Cardi’s latest collab below.   Continue Reading →

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After 24 Hours of Big Highs and Lows, Cardi B Deactivates Her Instagram Account

Cardi B GrammysCardi B’s life — never drama-free — was a particular rollercoaster ride over the last day since her big night at the Grammy’s on Sunday. From becoming the first solo woman to win a Grammy for Best Rap Album to meeting her childhood idol Lady Gaga, Cardi B should have had an amazing time. And confirming that she was also back together with her previously estranged husband Offset should have just been icing on the cake.

But there were a number of distracting and detracting moments that were apparently so bitter for Cardi that she finally decided that she had to pull the plug and deactivate her Instagram account after a expletive-filled Continue Reading →

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“All For a F**kin Wall:” Cardi B Calls Out Trump’s Government Shutdown and Senior Washington Figures React

Cardi B TrumpCardi B used some direct, NSFW to call out President Donald Trump for both his US Federal Government shutdown as well as news that he was summoning back workers from various agencies to work without pay. While Cardi is not known for making strong political statements, her use of social media to blast t the President’s policies was noticed by senior politicians and political advisors around the U.S.

In her video statement, Cardi B called the 27-day shutdown “f**ked up.” “Hey y’all,” Cardi said in a message to her fans. “I just wanted to remind you because it’s been a little over three weeks. Trump is now ordering … federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid … This s**t is Continue Reading →