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joe-brazil-arrivaljoe-brazjoe-brazilll (2)Joe Jonas arriving in Brazil to promote John John clothing. More pix HERE!

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Harry Styles Debuts Impeccable Swept Back Long Hair Style In Washington DC, He Doesn’t Need Shampoo Haters!

harry-hairlarrryyylarrryloveHarry Styles showed off his impeccable sweptback long hairstyle in Washington, DC amidst a mean fan sign from a 5 Seconds Of Summer fan who held up a sign saying ‘Harry Styles Needs Shampoo!’ + Larry finally got ~close again at the 1D concert. Check out a new 1D fragrance commercial under!

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Harry Styles Soaking Wet In DC Today

harry-soaking-wetharry-et-2Harry Styles soaking wet with fans in Washignton, DC today. + singing Happy Birthday to a fan and ‘Sweet Home Alabma under! Direction Twitter fan account @1DUSAUpdate Harry and Liam have been causing a bit of mischief over in America.

A security card told a Boston fan that Zayn and Louis were riding their bikes around the stadium, and [that] they are all allowed to do whatever they like basically, except take the golf carts.. which Harry and Liam did of course.

‘He told us that they were riding them all around, and that he and a few other guards had to chase them around and try to get them off. Then he told us that at around 3am, Harry, Liam and Niall stood in the stands at the very top of the stadium, and Louis went the other [side].

They were all yelling to each other from the opposite ends and one of them was singing opera really loud. He just said that they are all really funny and cool.’

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