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‘Jackson Guthy Took Me To Disneyland!’

jackson-guthy (1)From Megan: As a student at an all girls school lacking a prom date, a famous person seemed like the only way to turn. But not too famous, because when does that ever work out. I stayed up late making a sign in bright red letters and packed it for my cousin’s wedding the next day.

After compiling close to 50 pictures with guests and the bride and groom holding the sign, the video was complete. Then, when singer/songwriter/prom date of choice Jackson Guthy said yes to my proposal way back in December, I knew it was still a long shot (but the yes was pretty cool).

After he had to get his tonsils removed, Jackson had to change his RSVP to a no, but he said yes to something else. Jackson flew my mom, my friend Leah and me out to Los Angeles earlier this week for a three day stay!

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