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Nick Jonas See Thru Mesh Helmut Shirt

nick-jonas-mesh-shirtNick Jonas looked very attractive wearing a new see thru black mesh Helmut brand shirt. It has been revealed that his brother Joe is jealous of his good luck and pretty girlfriends. Joe may soon grow envious of Nick’s budding fashion style! Via @lizkhallifa.

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Demi Lovato Blows Aways Denver Tanning Salon With Her Healthy Beauty And Pink Sport Workout Top

demi-beautydemi-tanningDemi Lovato met a fan in Denver, Colorado today at tanning salon look naturally beautiful. The fangirl Tweeted: ‘@luiser1994 she tried to reject me but I was like BITCH!! NOT AGAIN! Lol @oohshebadbad Lmao were you the only one there?

Seems like she went for a run, @luiser1994 I was with my cousin and no she went to the tanning salon. That’s where we waited for her. She rejected me at the hotel.’ Demi recently injured her arm.


Nick Jonas ‘Sexy, Beautiful’ 5 Second Cover With A Fan At The Showbox In Seattle VIDEO

From Michelle: ‘A fan did a 5 second cover with Nick Jonas yesterday at the Showbox Theatre in Seattle. It was during the meet and greet. Basically she asked if she could do a 5 second cover with him and he said yes and asked what song.

She said Jealous. He took her phone and pressed recording and literally only recorded 5 seconds haha! She was so nervous that she basically didn’t even sing a single lyrics properly hahah. Oh yeah and when I mean she, I mean me LOL.’

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Joe Jonas Walking Alone In Soho NY

joe-jonas-walks-alone (2)World renowned DJ and fashionista Joe Jonas looked hot walking and shopping alone in Soho, New York City yesterday. Fan pix viai ‏@jilllouisebee, @yagirltashhh y @xoxokeniaxoxo. Joe’s ex-girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler is reportedly furious over his hookup with fellow model and friend Gigi Hadid.

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