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Superfan Zac Efron And Yara Shahidi Couldn’t Get Enough Of Chance The Rapper’s Hollywood Bowl Show

Zac Efron And Yara Shahidi Can't Get Enough Of Chance The Rapper At His Hollywood Bowl Show featureChance the Rapper played a sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles Tuesday night. The gig was a celebrity magnet, and social media posts from the stars who attended make it clear Chance crushed it on stage.

Chance’s number one fan Zac Efron was there with his brother and a group of friends. They snapped a group pic with the stage in the background, a surprisingly low-key post from Zac, who’s normally a little bit obsessive about Chance and his music.

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A Shameless Demi Lovato Crashes DJ Khaled’s iHeartRadio Music Festival Performance

Demi Lovato Joins DJ Khaled at iHeartRadioDemi Lovato wasn’t scheduled to perform at this weekend’s iHeartRadio Music Festival, but that didn’t stop her from showing up anyway. The singer joined DJ Khaled as the producer closed out the festival with the help of Chance the Rapper, Quavo and alleged soon-to-be father Travis Scott.

The sole lady of the group performed “Sorry Not Sorry” to the crowd with the voice of Khaled talking throughout the song. If this was an audition, hopefully the songstress will find herself on one of the producer’s inevitable number-one singles in the future.

Watch Demi’s performance below.

(Photo credit: iHeartRadio Instagram account)

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Zac Efron’s Ongoing Obsession With Chance The Rapper Just Got Scary

Zac Efron%u2019s Ongoing Obsession With Chance The Rapper Just Got Scary featureZac Efron is no stranger to stalkers. Throngs of fans likely spam his social media accounts with love notes hourly and his cast mates can’t seem to get enough of him, either. Even Olympians are thirsty for the hunky actor. Zac has managed to flip his thirst-trap persona on its head with his incessant fangirling over Chicago rapper Chance the Rapper.

Things started off fairly simple: a congratulatory tweet or two here and there. Things escalated to random Chance lyric vomit and a penchant for wearing Chance’s iconic 3 fitted cap. Now, the actor’s behavior appears to be cause for concern.

Saturday, Zac showed off some impressive new artwork. The colorful and expressive piece features a familiar face: Chance.

Check out the first, but probably not last, addition to Zac’s shrine to Chance below.

(Photo credit: Zac Efron Twitter account)

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Is Justin Bieber’s Chart-Topping “I’m The One” Poised To Be The Song Of The Summer?

Is Justin Bieber's Chart-Topping I'm The One Poised To Be The Song Of The Summer featureJustin Bieber’s collaboration “I’m The One” with DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo from Migos has debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The track’s strong opening on the chart adds to an impressive list of stats for Justin when it comes to Billboard’s charts.

The track is the 28th song to ever debut at number one on the Hot 100. It’s the first rap song to debut in the top spot in seven years and the first song to ever reach number one with five individually credited artists. The high spot means Justin also becomes the third artist to have multiple number one debuts in the Hot 100. He’s tied with Britney Spears at two now while Mariah Carey still leads the pack with three.

The song marks Justin’s fourth number one overall. It’s also his fourth top five ranking for a song he’s featured on since he dropped “Purpose” in 2015. A strong performance in Digital Sales and Streaming is par for the course for Justin, but he added his eighth and third number ones on each chart, respectively.

Despite the song’s current success, some people are wondering what the impressive chart performance might mean for the song’s future. At this time last year, Drake’s “One Dance” hit the top spot and went on to become the best performing song from Memorial Day to Labor Day, making it a de facto song of the summer.

Could Justin’s feature on “I’m The One” be poised for similar success? Is “I’m The One” your favorite for an early song of the summer contender?

You can read more about Justin’s chart stats here.

(Photo credit: YouTube)


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Justin Bieber Hangs With DJ Khaled And The Cool Kids Once, Immediately Buys Grills

Justin Bieber Hangs With DJ Khaled And The Cool Kids Once, Immediately Buys GrillsJustin Bieber’s presence was demanded at a house party to celebrate life’s blessings with DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo. The result was a catchy new track titled “I’m the One” off of Khaled’s upcoming album, but Justin was definitely out of his element. The “Sorry” singer lends lead vocals to the party anthem while he brushes shoulders with some pretty cool dudes in the rap game. The interactions shared between Khaled’s other guests and Justin are worth sticking around for.

Possibly unrelated, but definitely not a stretch to assume otherwise, Justin recently bought himself a rather lavish gift. According to TMZ, the singer dropped somewhere around $15K on a ridiculous rose gold grill. Hang out with Lil Wayne for one afternoon and you walk away with an urge for some bling, apparently.

Check out Justin’s odd feature in DJ Khaled’s new song and video below. As an added bonus, we’ve tossed in footage of Justin’s new set of teeth.

(Photo credits: YouTube and goldteethgod Instagram account)

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Lorde Announced Among The Many 2017 Lollapalooza Headliners

Lorde headlining 2017 Lollapalooza-1Summertime is approaching and that means some of the biggest music festivals are announcing headliners for their 2017 lineups and Lollapalooza is not disappointing. Early Wednesday morning, festival promoters revealed that Lorde will be headlining the four-day event along with Chicago native Chance the Rapper and Arcade Fire.

The “Greenlight” singer will be taking the Lolla stage on Thursday, August 3, along with other festival performers Muse, Wiz Khalifa and Migos.

See the full lineup for Lorde’s headlining day below.

(Photo credits: Lollapalooza and Lorde Instagram account)

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