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Alli Simpson Collaborates with Brother Cody Simpson, Releases Video for Latest Single “Roll Em’ Up”

Alli Simpson Music Video 9It looks like Radio Disney host Alli Simpson is continuing to follow in older brother Cody Simpson’s footsteps. The 17-year-old’s new music video for the song “Roll Em’ Up” premiered yesterday. The video features Alli on a “Grease” inspired set, wearing denim short-shorts and jacket.

Alli is accompanied by a squad of “Pink Ladies” and Vine stars Jack & Jack. The Daily Mail reports that the song was co-written by brother Cody and Selena Gomez.

View the video and behind-the-scenes photos below.

What do you think of Alli’s new song?

(Photo Credit: Alli Simpson’s Twitter and Instagram accounts)

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Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson in A ‘Maria Sandwich’ at Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Justin Bieber Cody Simpson Special OlympicsJustin Bieber and Cody Simpson were hanging out again last night, although this time there were no pesky Shapchat videos to stir up any controversy. Justin and Cody spent the night pumping up attendees at the opening ceremonies for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games held at the Los Angeles Coliseum. First Lady Michelle Obama officially opened the event, which will see more than 6,500 athletes and 2,000 coaches from 165 countries participate in front of an estimated 500,000 spectators over the course of the World Games’ 7 days of competition, according to the LA2015.org website.

Justin spent quality time with members of the Canadian national delegation and met with event participants and their families throughout the night. Cody Simpson performed a song live with members of the band O.A.R., having collaborated on a track sponsored by Coca Cola before the event to raise funds for participating athletes.

Justin and Cody also spent time with other celebrities at the event doing live spots for television stations around the world, among them event coordinator Maria Shriver and presenter Maria Menounos, who was acting as one of the event’s television hosts.

We have a short clip of Justin firing up Team Canada below.

(Photo credits: Maria Menounos and Justin Bieber Instagram accounts)

Justin Bieber Cody Simpson Special Olympics 2

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Cody Simpson Snapchats Jam Session with Justin Bieber and Niall Horan – But What’s on The Table in Front of Them?

Cody Simpson Justin Bieber Niall Horan and a Unidentified ObjectImages leaked from a Cody Simpson Snapchat session that picture him goofing around with singers Justin Bieber and Niall Horan. But Cody has had problems with Snapchat posts potentially showing too much in the past, and it looks like that may have happened again in his most recent post.

In the snaps, there appears to be a yellow pipe sitting on the table in front of the three popstars that looks like it might be of the type sold in certain drug paraphernalia shops. Also around the pipe can be seen a lighter and a bottle of water, as well as some other items.

Some British tabloids earlier today wondered if the pipe might be the kind used to smoke crystal meth, but most of these media outlets have subsequently changed their description to more generally say that the pipe appears “suspicious looking”.

We’re not sure, but to our untrained eyes, the officially unidentified yellow item looks more like the sort of wide-bowled glass pipe used to smoke marijuana, rather than the pipes used for crystal meth or crack. But admittedly, we’re not experts on this …

That said, none of the Snapchat images directly show any of the participants in the jam session partaking of the pipe-like item, so until some other evidence pops up, we’ll leave it to others to speculate exactly what was going on here.

Cody Simpson Justin Bieber Niall Horan and a Unidentified Object 2

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Cody Simpson Breaks Silence On Ex Gigi Hadid Dating Joe Jonas, Gets Comforted by Friend Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Cody SimpsonAt least Cody Simpson has friend Miley Cyrus to comfort him. Cody continues doing interviews with almost anyone who will listen about how cool he is with his ex, Gigi Hadid, pursuing her own life without him.

Miley posted a picture on Instagram today of her resting her head on friend Cody’s shoulder. The post comes at a time when Cody finally spoke to E! Online about Gigi’s now official relationship with Joe Jonas. In the interview, Cody insists he has no ill-feelings towards the couple. “It’s all cool, like we have all mutual friends and stuff in New York,” Cody shared. “I’m cool about it.”

We’re not sure if we believe him, considering how the Australian singer recently told Dujour Magazine that he’ll always be in love with Gigi. “I love my ex-girlfriend, I always will.”

But no doubt Miley’s friendship helps. And it may also help comfort Cody about another potentially painful topic, namely, the less than stellar performance that the Australian singer’s latest, self-produced album , “Free,” has so far had on the charts. Miley earlier posted an Instagram of Cody giving her a personal serenade on the day of “Free’s” release, so she has clearly tried to lend a little promotional hand to the record among her fans.

Unfortunately, while friendship may help mend a broken heart, it’s apparently less useful at increasing album sales.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson

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Cody Simpson’s First Independently Produced Album, “Free,” Set for July 10th Release

Cody Simpson FreeCody Simpson seems pretty bitter and is already turning his back on both Hollywood and pop. “Free” is distinctly more rock-influenced than the young Australian singer’s previous two albums and has an indie, singer-songwriter feel. Cody’s own independent label, Coast House Records, produced the album, so it also marks a departure from the singer’s previous mass-market label, Atlantic.

While the album officially ships on July 10th, people can listen to a preview of all the tracks on MTVFirst/VH-1First at this link.

Will fans of Cody’s previous music like his new, more serious sound? We’re really not sure.

What do you think about the new direction of Cody’s music?