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Cody Simpson’s First Independently Produced Album, “Free,” Set for July 10th Release

Cody Simpson FreeCody Simpson seems pretty bitter and is already turning his back on both Hollywood and pop. “Free” is distinctly more rock-influenced than the young Australian singer’s previous two albums and has an indie, singer-songwriter feel. Cody’s own independent label, Coast House Records, produced the album, so it also marks a departure from the singer’s previous mass-market label, Atlantic.

While the album officially ships on July 10th, people can listen to a preview of all the tracks on MTVFirst/VH-1First at this link.

Will fans of Cody’s previous music like his new, more serious sound? We’re really not sure.

What do you think about the new direction of Cody’s music?


Cody Simpson Dashes Hopes of His Ever Starting a Supergroup wIth Joe Jonas

Cody Simpson
Hope you’re not wanting a Cody Simpson/Joe Jonas collaboration — because it won’t be happening anytime soon. The singer was stopped earlier this week by a TMZ cameraman, who asked him the important questions.

The cameraman asked if there’s any chance the two men could ever work together. Cody responded by saying, “Why would you say that to me?” before adding “No way.”

For those few not following at home, Cody broke up with model Gigi Hadid in May, and she is now linked with Joe Jonas.

There’s apparently no hope for a friendship either, since Simpson abruptly said “No way,” when asked if they could ever be friends. Guess someone is a little bitter that Gigi moved on so quickly.


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Great Time or Just Awkward? Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Other Celebs Party Like Rockstars at LA Club

Justin Bieber at The Nice Guy Nightclub

We managed to get some photos from this week’s festivities at West Hollywood hotspot, The Nice Guy Nightclub. Just check out a few of the folks who were hanging out at this soiree.

Justin Bieber was on the scene – in all of his post-Jelena, fedora-wearing swagger – but more on that later. Reports have it that the Bieb was ostensibly at the club celebrating protege Tori Kelly’s new album with manager Scooter Braun, happily engaging in polite banter with photographers and members of the press, even answering a few questions about his role in the upcoming movie, Zealander 2.  When was the last time Justin’s taken the time to do that? Maybe time on the Zoolander 2 set has had a positive impact?

Ed Sheeran appeared alert and mischievous, sporting his patented wry grin and dorm-room sense of style.  Seriously, who doesn’t love Ed’s intelligent lyrics and sensitive vocals? But someone really needs to have a heart-to-heart with the man about what’s the appropriate attire for a party at an upscale nightclub!

Ed Sheeran at The Nice Guy Club

Maybe Ed’s trying just a little too hard to seem ironic or rebellious. Unfortunately, the trainers, tee and tats come off more as sloppy and careless than edgy or cool …

Ed Sheeran at The Nice Guy Club

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Gigi Hadid Elegantly Walked After Date With Joe Jonas After Difficult Cody Simpson Breakup

FModel Gigi Hadid spotted on a night out in New York City, New York on May 14, 2015. Gigi who recently split from boyfriend Cody Simpson, was spotted out for lunch with Joe Jonas, maybe she was trying to make Cody jealous with a more famous singer. Photos: FameFlynet.

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