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Ariana Grande And Emma Watson Clean Up At The 2017 Teen Choice Awards

Ariana Grande And Emma Watson Clean Up At The 2017 Teen Choice Awards featureSunday night’s 2017 Teen Choice Awards almost had a lot of awards to hand out. The show on Fox had tons of categories with big name nominees, and some of the winners walked away with a lot of hardware.

Ariana Grande muscled through a tight field to win Choice Female Artist. The “Dangerous Woman Tour” won Choice Summer Tour. Ariana was crown Choice Snapchatter and Choice Changemaker, as well. The mix of love for Ariana on- and off-stage makes her a clear winner with choosy teens. Emma Watson didn’t fare as well in social categories, but she won plenty of trophies for her on-screen work.

Ariana Grande And Emma Watson Clean Up At The 2017 Teen Choice Awards ariana grande tweet

Her role as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” was a TCA powerhouse, with a win for Choice Fantasy Movie and a win for Emma as Choice Fantasy Movie Actress. She split two wins with her beastly co-star Dan Stevens for Choice Movie Ship and Choice Lip Lock. Luckily, Emma didn’t make it into the Choice Summer Movie actress category, where Zendaya got the win for “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

But the night’s real showdown was anything but kissing and shipping. Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony didn’t go toe-to-toe in any categories, but both were nominated for plenty of trophies. Who pulled out the biggest win–the “Havana” singer or her former girl group?

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Dylan Sprouse Returns To Acting And Cole Sprouse DGAF

Dylan Sprouse Returns To Acting And Cole Sprouse DGAF featureDylan Sprouse has been on a long hiatus from the screen since “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” ended. Like his brother, Cole Sprouse, he’s been able to pursue some other interests. Aside from some voiceover work for a “Dungeons & Dragons” show, he’s studied video game design at New York University and bought a Williamsburg meadery. He’s finally coming back to acting, and not just in a voiceover role.

Dylan has shown up in Instagram posts from director Eva Dolezalova, a Czech filmmaker current shooting her film “Carte Blanche” with Dylan, Suki Waterhouse and others. She’s been sharing pics of a long-haired Dylan in a tux as they shoot some kind of party scene for the film. The images had Dylan’s fans freaking out, but not Cole.

Dylan Sprouse Returns To Acting And Cole Sprouse DGAF eva dolezalova instagram post 4Cole, who’s been back in the acting game on “Riverdale” for a minute, wasn’t as impressed. As news of Dylan’s return took off on Twitter, Cole had his own thoughts.

Check out pics of Dylan on the set of his new movie below, plus see Cole’s reaction.

(Photo credits: Dylan Sprouse Twitter account and Cole Sprouse Instagram account)

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Busted! Cole Sprouse’s Not-So-Secret Relationship With “Riverdale” Co-Star Revealed

Busted! Cole Sprouse And Riverdale Co-Star Lili Reinhart's No-So-Secret Relationship Revealed featureCole Sprouse may be proving he has a photographer’s vision, but it appears something else has caught his eye. People Magazine reports that Cole was spotted getting up close and personal with Lili Reinhart, who plays his character’s girlfriend in “Riverdale.” The couple was reportedly “canoodling, holding hands and kissing” on Saturday night at San Diego Comic-Con.

Sources told E! the pair “could not keep their hands off of one another.” Cole and Lili apparently “were very open with their PDA at parties during the event, and close friends did not seem surprised.” Even when she was hanging with the other “Riverdale” women, Lili “always had her eye on where Cole was.”

Eye-witness accounts seem to back up the evidence already apparent in multiple cast interviews from the weekend. The couple was spotted slyly touching hands during one Q&A, and all of their co-stars seemed to notice.

In another interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cole stood directly behind Lili and couldn’t keep his eyes off of her as he nervously played with his hair. Apparently, standing that close without touching was too much to bear as he eventually rested his elbow on her shoulder.

Watch the sparks fly between Cole and Lili in the group interview below.

(Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly YouTube account)

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Cole Sprouse May Be The Only Person Who Loves Kendall Jenner’s Awkward Model Poses

Cole Sprouse Loved When Kendall Jenner Looked Awkward In Their Sunday Times Style Photo Shoot feature“Riverdale” star Cole Sprouse got behind a camera for Kendall Jenner’s new cover of The Sunday Time Style. The editorial is out now and Cole opened up about working with Kendall for the shoot.

“She knew my work, and we had met at a couple of parties,” Cole says of getting the project off the ground. “I just thought, let’s aim for the top.” Cole thought they had a shot to make this big because he recognizes Kendall’s celebrity status.

“Seeing her work, it’s no wonder she’s become such a huge figure within the fashion industry,” he adds. “Without the right model, these photos don’t live. Kendall isn’t afraid to look awkward in a way that’s vulnerable and inherently interesting.”

Kendall has her own background in photography. While she seems eager to work both sides of the camera moving forward, Cole said he might give up acting if he could become a photographer full time.

Check out Cole’s pics of Kendall below.

Does being awkward suit Kendall?

(Photo credits: Cole Sprouse and Kendall Jenner Instagram accounts)

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Kendall Jenner Photographed By Cole Sprouse For Sunday Times Style

Kendall Jenner Photographed By Cole Sprouse For Sunday Times StyleOn Thursday, Sunday Times Style teased a “HUGE” cover star for its upcoming issue photographed by Cole Sprouse. “Tomorrow we have a HUGE announcement about who’s on our cover,” the magazine’s Twitter account penned. “Here’s a sneak peek that doesn’t give too much away.”

Kendall Jenner For Sunday Times StyleEven the least dedicated fan could recognize that mop of brown hair anywhere. Kendall Jenner will be the focus of this Sunday’s issue of the fashion magazine. The publication made the official announcement Friday morning and dubbed Kendall as its “favorite supermodel.”

Take a peak at Kendall’s Cole-photographed cover for Sunday Times Style below and keep your eyes peeled for the full issue this weekend.

(Photo credit: Sunday Times Style and knjdaily Twitter accounts, Sunday Times Style and Cole Sprouse Instagram accounts)

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Cole Sprouse Wants His Family To Put Some Respect On His New Name

Cole Sprouse wants to be known by a new name-2The actor formerly known as Cole Sprouse has one request for his family: He wants them to start calling him by his more appropriate name. The “Riverdale” star tweeted his request on Thursday night and it is a true reflection of his talents.

Before requesting his family call him by his new name, Cole should probably focus on the public learning the difference between him and his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse; perhaps, even get people to stop calling him Cody Martin who he played years ago on the Disney Channel?

See what name Cole has chosen for himself below.

(Photo credit: Cole Sprouse Instagram account)

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