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DNCE Decides It’s A “Good Day” To Drop Half A Music Video With Zero Promo

DNCE Decides It's A Good Day To Drop Half A Music Video With Zero Promo featureDNCE usually gives fans plenty of notice when there’s something new coming. Even the band’s new collection for K-Swiss came with a teaser. The same can’t be said for the band’s latest video, though. Following up on the ambitious “Kissing Strangers” visual featuring Nicki Minaj, DNCE dropped a video for the track “Good Day” off of its self-titled album. Well, half a video anyway.

The song is listed at over three and half minutes on Spotify, but only a minute and 21 seconds made into the stop-motion animated video. The project follows a doll version of Joe Jonas as he wakes up and grabs a six-pack to meet up with JinJoo Lee, Jack Lawless and his bestie Cole Whittle. The quartet of dolls, complete with accurate if out-of-date haircuts, ends up having a cookout after suffering through some bad weather.

DNCE Decides It's A Good Day To Drop Half A Music Video With Zero Promo tweetThe abbreviated music video hasn’t been getting much hype from the group, though. Ahead of the video’s Monday drop, the only hint that it was coming was a cryptic tweet from JinJoo. “Today is gonna be a…” she tweeted, practically begging fans to complete the lyric. Other than that, any promotion for the video has been conspicuously absent.

Check out the minute and a half of video for “Good Day” below and see JinJoo’s tweet.

(Photo credit: DNCE VEVO YouTube account)

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DNCE’s Cole Whittle Cheats His Way To Permanent Six-Pack Abs

DNCE's Cole Whittle Cheats His Way To Permanent Six-Pack Abs featureCole Whittle doesn’t mind a shortcut when it comes to achieving his fitness goals. At least that’s what it looks like after the DNCE wild card has added some permanent definition to his abs with a new tattoo. Cole shared a pic of himself with artist Dave Parker at The Original True Tattoo in Hollywood, showing off his fresh ink.

The new tat will give the often shirtless Cole a little room to breathe when it comes to staying in shape. The art, which extends from his chest to his bellybutton, serves as an outline of Cole’s sick-pack. While he’s never quite been Joe Jonas ripped, Cole’s new tat should keep his abs looking crisp.

Cole loves a silly tattoo. Maybe his next one will help him accentuate the butt he’s so fond of showing off on Instagram.

Check out Cole’s abs below.

(Photo credit: Cole Whittle Instagram account)

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Joe Jonas And The Rest Of DNCE Party On A Boat In Miami With Hailey Baldwin And Wilmer Valderrama

Joe Jonas And The Rest Of DNCE Party On A Boat In Miami With Hailey Baldwin And Wilmer Valderrama featureJoe Jonas spent Friday partying on the high seas. The DNCE frontman brought his whole band along for an aquatic excursion in Miami. JinJoo Lee, Cole Whittle and Jack Lawless all joined Joe on the “SS Groot” for some fun in the sun that involved plenty of red solo cups and at least one giant cigar for Joe.

But the band wasn’t partying as a foursome. The group was joined by a boatload of friends, including some famous faces. Demi Lovato’s benevolent ex, Wilmer Valderrama, was on board puffing on his own cigar. He recently partied with Demi, too, so it looks like their breakup continues to be smooth sailing.

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More Than A Feeling? DNCE’s Jack Lawless Expresses A Human Emotion

More Than A Feeling DNCE's Jack Lawless Expresses A Human Emotion featureDNCE’s drummer Jack Lawless usually plays the strong, silent type. His latest Instagram posts, however, feels like an explosion of emotion from the stoic musician. He shared a pic of himself taking a long look at JinJoo Lee, Joe Jonas and Cole Whittle, the rest of DNCE. His caption captured the emotion in the squad shot.

“I like my friends,” Jack wrote. It’s a sweet sentiment from one of the group’s quieter members. Jack may be the most reserved person in DNCE, but his new post is proof that the group is more than just a band. The members of the group seem to be genuine friends.

Check out Jack’s post below.

(Photo credit: Jack Lawless Instagram account)

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Cole Whittle And Joe Jonas’ Undying Bromance Gets Benched For Nick Jonas

Cole Whittle Takes A Backseat To Joe Jonas' Bro NightCole Whittle and Joe Jonas are so much more than DNCE bandmates. The two have a borderline unhealthy bromance that often disproves the belief that blood is thicker than water. Usually you could just seek confirmation from Nick Jonas, but this weekend finally worked in his favor.

Joe took a night off from Cole to finally fulfill familial obligations. He and Nick took a boat ride around Venice, Italy, where the whole lot of them have been bumming around after leaving Cannes. Joe proved his ability to separate from Cole by sharing a photo with Nick from the outing.

Cole Whittle And Joe Jonas' Bromance Benched For Nick Jonas 1What was Cole doing to mend his broken heart, you might ask? The DNCE wild child went on a date…with himself. He shared a solo pic within minutes of Joe’s post going live, demonstrating that he, too, is capable of entertaining himself without the DNCE frontman.

Check out Cole’s solo date below.

(Photo credits: Joe Jonas and Cole Whittle Instagram accounts)

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DNCE Tries To Revive “Kissing Strangers” With Its Long-Promised Music Video

DNCE Releases Kissing Strangers Music VideoDNCE had been promising the arrival of a “Kissing Strangers” music video for what felt like an eternity. Despite the song’s lack of radio success, Joe Jonas, Cole Whittle, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee and collaborator Nicki Minaj have now followed through with the release of a fitting visual counterpart. A house party, creepy encounters with strangers and odd sexual tension between Joe and Nicki all appear in the clip.

The video starts with Cole finding love in a convenience store photo booth while Joe stocks up on condoms, booze and general party supplies a few aisles away. The two take off to attend a vintage rager with 7 Minutes in Heaven—played by JinJoo—and strip poker—enjoyed by Jack. As to be expected, dogs make up a solid majority of the party guests.

Check out “Kissing Strangers” below and let us know if you think it was worth the wait.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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