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Zac Efron Interviews For A Job In Which He Can Finally Keep His Shirt On

Zac Efron Tries To Get A Job Where His Shirt Stays On featureZac Efron knows he gets typecast. The actor even makes jokes at his own expense about how often he’s shirtless on- and off-screen. Apparently, Zac’s reputation for shirtless antics precedes him.

In the first of a new series of ads for Columbia Sportswear, Zac is joined by his sporty brother, Dylan Efron, as the duo tries to ace a job interview to be spokesmen for the company’s Tested Tough line. Gert Boyle, the company’s chairperson, conducted the interview herself. She made it clear she appreciates Zac’s shirtlessness even as she was unimpressed with it as an employable skill.

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