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Taylor Swift Allegedly Eyes An Expert Witness For Her Sexual Assault Case

Taylor Swift Is Trying To Bring In An Expert Witness On Threatened Masculinity For Her Sexual Assault Case featureRemember that radio DJ accused of grabbing Taylor Swift’s butt at a 2013 concert in Colorado? The DJ, David “Jackson” Mueller, was fired from 98.5 KYGO-FM in Denver after Taylor’s allegations. David sued her for the losses he incurred as a result, and she countersued him. He eventually admitted to touching–but not groping–her and hoped a leaked photo of the encounter would help his case.

Taylor and David are sparring in another round of legal back-and-forth as they prepare for their early August court date. According to a new report from The Wrap, each side is trying to bar an expert witness from testifying against the other.

Taylor’s legal team is trying to prevent economist Jeffrey B. Opp from testifying on the financial details of David’s firing. In a May 11 filing, Team Taylor noted Jeffrey “lacks qualifications as an expert witness, his opinions are not based on facts, and his analysis contains multiple fundamental errors. He is simply not qualified to offer opinions about Mueller’s prospects for future employment as an on-air personality or his ‘value’ as an on-air radio personality.”

If anyone knows how money works in the music business, it might be Taylor’s lawyers. In response to the motion to bar Jeffrey’s testimony, David’s legal team filed their own motion to bar an expert witness on the same day last week. David doesn’t want Dr. Lorraine Bayard de Volo, a professor of women and gender studies at the University of Colorado, to testify.

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DJ Admits To Touching Taylor Swift, But Claims He Didn’t Grab Anything

DJ Admits To Touching Taylor Swift, But Claims He Didn't Grab Anything bThe DJ accused of grabbing Taylor Swift during a meet and greet on “The Red Tour” has spoken publicly about the incident for the first time. David Mueller called into “Mojo In The Morning,” a Detroit radio show, to share his side of the story. He tried to clarify the incriminating photo at the center of the case and explained how hard the scandal has been on him. He gave the radio show a detailed version of the events at the photo op from his perspective.

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