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Billie Lourd: “I Love Being My Mother’s Daughter, But Now I Get To Be Just Billie”

Billie Lourd Recounts Stories And Lessons From Carrie Fisher In Touching Interview featureBillie Lourd has set her own terms when it comes to speaking publicly about the death of her mother, Carrie Fisher. Carrie’s passing, followed the next day by the death of her own mother, Debbie Reynolds, created two huge holes in Billie’s life. While Carrie and Debbie have both been laid to rest, their spirits linger on for Billie, who opened up about the legacy of her mother and grandmother in a lengthy interview with Town & Country.

The interview, conducted by actress and friend of the family Sarah Paulson, unearthed some of the wildest stories from Billie’s childhood. It had her speaking reflectively about the things she learned from her mom. And she shared her memory of the last time she saw her mom alive.

“The last time I saw her in person, this episode of ‘Scream Queens’ was on, and it was a big episode for me,” Billie recalls. “I had tons of scenes, and I was so hard on myself about it—I hated how I looked, hated my performance. I was really frustrated.” Carrie refused to let Billie be so critical of herself, though.

Billie Lourd Recounts Stories And Lessons From Carrie Fisher In Touching Interview bl instagram post 1“She told me, ‘Come over right now. I want to watch this with you.’ And she made me sit down and watch it, and she forced me to see the good parts,” Billie says. “She was incredible like that. But she was really hard on me, saying, ‘Shut up, you’re great in this. Have faith in yourself. Be more confident.'”

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Taylor Lautner Continues To Be Billie Lourd’s Supportive Shoulder

Taylor Lautner Continues To Be Billie Lourd's Shoulder To Lean OnTaylor Lautner isn’t leaving Billie Lourd’s side following the shocking death of her mother, Carrie Fisher, and her grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, the very next day. The pair was laid to rest in a dual ceremony last week, which Taylor attended in support of Billie. Taylor and his “Scream Queens” co-star are continuing to spend time together and, according to a PEOPLE source, he’s been an incredible shoulder to cry on.

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Taylor Lautner Offers Support To Billie Lourd At Carrie Fisher’s Funeral

Taylor Lautner Offers Support To Billie Lourd At Carrie Fisher's Funeral featureTaylor Lautner was there for Billie Lourd on Friday as she laid her mother and grandmother to rest. The “Scream Queens” co-stars stayed close at the ceremony as the family honored the passing of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. The duo looked mournful, but the day wasn’t without its levity as Carrie’s remains were buried in her already infamous Prozac pill urn. After the service, Billie stopped by an In-N-Out for lunch.

See photos from the funeral and Billie’s fast food stop below.

(Photo credits: Taylor Lautner Instagram account; Rocstar/VM/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)

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Emma Roberts And Lea Michele Stop To Shop After Carrie Fisher’s Funeral

Emma Roberts & Lea Michele Shop At Barneys New YorkEmma Roberts and Lea Michele hit Barney’s New York in Los Angeles after attending the joint funeral of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. The duo was spotted as they left the store on Friday. The mood seemed somber.

The actresses wore shades of mourning as they cane from supporting their “Scream Queens” co-star Billie Lourd while her family laid two loved ones to rest. Both Emma and Lea kept their all-black ensembles simple, accessorizing with simple pieces.

See photos of Emma and Lea leaving the shop below.


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Billie Lourd Breaks Silence Following The Deaths Of Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds

Billie Lourd Breaks Silence After Passing Of Both Mom Carrie Fisher And Grandma Debbie Reynolds FEATUREThe entire galaxy seemed to pause for a moment to honor the passing of Carrie Fisher, the actress who played Princess Leia in the original “Star Wars” trilogy. It had barely started to spin again when the news came down that Carrie’s mother, Debbie Reynolds, had also passed away. In the midst of it all was Billie Lourd. The “Scream Queens” star is Carrie’s daughter and Debbie’s granddaughter, and she’s finally spoken about where she’s at following the tandem of deaths in her family.

“Receiving all of your prayers and kind words over the past week has given me strength during a time I thought strength could not exist,” Billie wrote in an Instagram caption. In her post, which included a photo of herself with Carrie and Debbie, Billie went on to explain that she’s been speechless with grief but wanted to reach out and let people know how much she appreciates their condolences.

Billie appeared alongside her mom in 2015’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Reports indicate that Carrie’s parts for the next installment in the series are complete, and Billie has stated that she appears in the next installment. As such, there’s a chance Billie and Carrie could even be on screen together in “Star Wars: Episode VIII.”

Check out Billie’s touching Instagram post below.

(Photo credit: Billie Lourd Instagram account)

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Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande And More Tribute Hollywood Legend Debbie Reynolds

Miley Cyrus And More Mourn The Death Of Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher's Mother FEATUREWhen news broke that “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher passed away, celebrities took to social media to mourn the loss of an outspoken icon. Now, Carrie’s family is suffering a second tragedy in as many days as her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, passed away just a day after her daughter. Stars expressed their grief at the loss.

Ariana Grande reached out again to Billie Lourd, her “Scream Queens” co-star who is Carrie’s daughter and Debbie’s granddaughter. She sent her love along with her hope that Debbie can rest in peace. Miley Cyrus expressed that the passing of Carrie and Debbie made her to hug her own mother.

Debbie came to fame with a starring role in the classic musical “Singing in the Rain” and had a career that spanned more than six decades, including a recurring role on “Will & Grace,” the film series “Halloweentown” and a turn as the voice of Charlotte in “Charlotte’s Web.”

See what celebs had to say about Debbie’s passing below.

(Photo credit: Classical Cinema Twitter account)

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