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Demi Lovato Is Putting Faces To The Stigma Of Mental Health

Demi Lovato launches mental health campaign-2Demi Lovato is readying her next big campaign with the Be Vocal initiative and wants to put a face to mental health. The singer, who became the spokesperson for the Be Vocal: Speak Up campaign earlier this year, is now launching a photo collection project to show people what “mental health REALLY looks like.”

“Pictures showing people living with mental illnesses can be so negative, and really just paint a stigmatizing picture,” Demi wrote on Instagram. With the help of Getty Images and photographer Shaul Schwarz, 10 people living with a mental illness will be featured in the Be Vocal collection in the hopes that people will share them and “create a more informed, accepting society.”

Read more about the project and the participants here.

Check out a preview of the project below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Demi Lovato Is The Last Woman Standing In “Smurfs: The Lost Village”

Demi Lovato the voice of SmurfetteDemi Lovato may say she’s taking a break from being in the spotlight, but that’s going to be hard. She’ll soon be promoting her latest movie role. On Tuesday, the singer shared the full trailer of the third installment of the “Smurfs” movie franchise in which she voices Smurfette.

2017 is the year Demi plans to focusing more on charities and her humanitarian efforts. With “Smurfs” releasing on April 7 of next year, however, her much needed break may not begin until later.

Watch the movie’s official trailer below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Dear Demi Lovato: No One Gives A F*ck About The “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now” Anymore

Demi Lovato Still Isn't Over The Honda Civic: Future Now TourDemi Lovato’s “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now” tour with Nick Jonas ended over a month ago. But Demi is already getting nostalgic about the tour with some help from Honda, the tour’s major sponsor. She retweeted a tweet from the car company with video of a live performance from the tour on Monday. It’s the latest promotional effort for a finished tour that Demi’s made.

After DNCE stole the show at Nick’s last stop on the tour, Demi and Nick both posted about their fond memories of working together with ads for a private jet service. After soldiering on for another month of shows by herself, Demi tweeted out a two-week old tour diary the day after the final show.

Aside from the intervening month, the fact that Demi already received a brand new Honda Civic for her efforts makes her latest promo for the bygone tour all the more confusing.

Check out Demi’s retweet plus the original tweet with the performance video featuring Nick on piano below.

Are you sick of Demi’s seemingly never ending stroll down memory lane?

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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Demi Lovato Joins The JBL Family As Global Brand Ambassador

Demi Lovato Named New Brand Ambassador For JBLHARMAN International Industries announced Demi Lovato as the newest global brand ambassador for its audio brand JBL. Despite a planned celebrity hiatus beginning next year, Demi is slated to “participate in select events and experiential campaigns for JBL in the coming months.” JBL, a brand designed to reimagine the way music is experienced, has been adding big names before Demi to its roster of ambassadors like DNCE.

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Demi Lovato Kicks Off Mumbai’s Global Citizen Festival

Demi Lovato performs at GC Mumbai-5Demi Lovato kicked off Global Citizen Fest in Mumbai early on Saturday where the singer performed a few of her hits wearing a gold jacket and leotard combo. This wasn’t the first time the singer performed for the Global Citizen crowd. She recently served as the replacement for Selena Gomez for the music festival in New York.

The Vamps, Jay Z and Coldplay also made appearances at the fest.

See the photos and video of Demi below.

(Photo credits: Demi Lovato Instagram and Snapchat accounts; Global Citizen Twitter account)

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