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Demi Lovato Bubble Zone In Glasgow

demetria-bubble-glasgow (13)demetria-bubble-glasgow (4)atDemi Lovato @ Bubble Zone in Glasgow, Scotland: ‘I think it’s extremely important to take care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle, because it affects your mental well-being as well.

It’s all about being confident and letting that radiate. It’s fun to experiment with edgy looks or play a character that is completely different from myself , which is why I love acting because it allows you to step outside yourself for a moment.

If I had to choose one, singing is definitely my true passion. There is no better feeling than performing for a live audience and feeling the energy I feel when I’m able to connect with my fans.’

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Miley Cyrus And Demi Lovato’s Friendship Is Over? Demi, ‘I Have Nothing In Common With Her Anymore’

demi-miley-loversmiley-pighollyDemi Lovato on her relationship with Miley Cyrus on The TJ Show: ‘Um yeah that, um we’re, we’re like.. We’re acquaintances. It’s life, and people change. I don’t have anything in common with her anymore. I wish her the best.

In Oct. 2013, Demi said: ‘Miley has been one of my best friends growing up and so I’m happy for her. She’s doing what she wants to do and this is her time to break out and figure out, you know,

What she wants to do in her career and her image and everything.. I’m happy seeing her happy because I love her so much. And, you know, she doesn’t care what people think, nor should she.’ Do YOU miss MEMI?

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