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Demi Lovato Disses “#10YearChallenge” … But Tries to Make a Deeper Point

Demi Lovato 10yearchallenge FeatureWhile lots of other celebs are having fun sharing “then” and “now” pics as part of the viral #10yearchallenge that has swept social media, in-recovery pop singer Demi Lovato is letting everyone know that she is just not interested. Demi took to social media to post some text over a black background informing all of her fans that she was not going to participate.

“Sorry, I’d love to post a #10yearchallenge pic,’ Demi wrote. “But Continue Reading →


Demi Lovato’s New Boyfriend Is Reportedly Facing Additional Legal Claims

Henri Levi Demi Lovato IG StoryThe potential legal issues mount for Demi Lovato’s “sober buddy” and new boyfriend, a new report alleges. RadarOnline has continued to dig into reported legal issues facing Henri Levy, after earlier discovering an active $5 million lawsuit against the fashion designer from a ex-employee named Brendan Thompson who has made a whole list of very serious allegations against Henri.

That list includes theft of funds from family and friends, failure to pay back wages, and fraud. Brendan has also accused Henri of exposing him, when he was still an employee of Henri’s company, Enfants Riches Déprimés, to racist, homophobic and antisemitic comments … and Henri’s own alleged illicit drug use. For his part, Henri is reportedly fighting aggressively to defend himself in the case.

But, now, RadarOnline reports that it has found another suit Continue Reading →


Recently Reported Allegations Raise Concerns about Demi Lovato’s New Boyfriend Henri Levy

Henri LevyDemi Lovato’s one-time “sober buddy” and current significant other Henri Levy has allegedly been accused of some serious offenses by a past employee of his fashion company. Media outlet RadarOnline reports that it has obtained legal documents in an ongoing lawsuit from a former finance employee who has named Henri in a whole series of accusations that range from stealing money from his own family and friends to fraud.

In addition, RadarOnline reports that Henri has also leveled accusations at the former employee in what appears to be a pretty ugly situation.   Continue Reading →


Demi Lovato Blasts Instagram Over Insensitive Ad: “Why Is This Fat Shaming Bulls**t On My Feed?”

Demi Lovato Fat Shaming FeatureWell, at least everyone now knows Demi Lovato pays a lot of attention to her Instagram app. The now sober pop singer absolutely blasted Instagram for what she called a “disgusting” ad for a fantasy game that appeared at some point in her Instagram feed.

On her Instagram Stories, Demi shared a screen-capture of a sponsored ad for an app called “Game of Sultans” which showed images of two princesses, labeling a more heavy-set one as “obese” and the other slimmer one as “pretty.” Over the screen grabs, she called out Instagram in a rant against its allowing “fat shaming” ads on her feed and anyone’s feed who might be sensitive about their bodies.

We have snaps of the offending ad and Demi’s rant in the gallery below.   Continue Reading →


James Charles and Cimorelli Sing Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato’s ‘Camp Rock’ Anthem “This Is Me”

James Charles CimorelliNeed a little something to bring you into your weekend? How about video of James Charles and the ladies from Cimorelli reprising Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato’s iconic Camp Rock anthem, “This is Me” ?

The Instagram Stories clip was actually from a live rehearsal of the cover for a project that James and Cimorelli seem to be cooking up. From various clips over the last day or so, James and the Cimorelli sisters actually seemed to be working at least a full day on music together.

James also live-streamed himself with four of the Cimorelli sisters doing their version of Carpool Karaoke, in which they covered Ariana, Adele and several other artists during a little road trip that seems like it included a visit to a recording studio. Possibly confirming the studio visit, James separately uploaded a more production-quality audio clip of himself and Cimorelli performing “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman.

Below we have BTS footage of James and Cimorelli rehearsing “This Is Me,” James’ “Carpool Karoake” and “Never Enough” clips, and the official music video for Demi and Joe’s original “This Is Me.”   Continue Reading →

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Demi Lovato Enjoyed a Snowy and Sober New Year’s Getaway with New Boyfriend Henri Levy

Demi Lovato AspenJust before New Year’s Eve, Henri Levi shared video of himself on his Instagram Stories kissing his one time “sober buddy” — and now love interest — Demi Lovato in the passenger cabin of a private jet. Well, now we have learned the location to which the newly “Insta-official” couple were traveling.

Demi and Henri were spotted enjoying themselves far from the rowdy New Year’s Eve parties of Los Angeles enjoying some quiet time together in the wealthy winter enclave of Aspen, Colorado. In pics and videos of the couple, Demi could be seen smiling and quietly chatting with Henri as they strolled around the Aspen town center. Eventually, the two got out of the cold when they ducked into trendy Aspen restaurant Matsuhisa for a meal.

Below we have some photos from Henri and Demi’s night out below, as well some video of the two strolling to dinner in Aspen.   Continue Reading →