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Look Who Is Suddenly Feeling More ‘Confident:’ Demi Lovato Shares Sexy Snaps from Bora Bora

Demi Lovato Sexy Confident FeatureWell, it sure looks like someone has a little bit of her old swag back. Demi Lovato posted a series of sexy pics to her Instagram account, apparently from a vacation that she is taking with some friends including rapper and onetime collaborator Sirah on Bora Bora.

So why is Demi suddenly feeling so much more confident about posting racy pics? The pics certainly are different in tone than any that Demi has posted since her life-threatening overdose and stint in rehab last year.

Could it be that the sun, the blue skies and the clear waters of a place that Demi calls a “literal heaven on Earth” were enough to give the pop singer a little of her old mojo back? Or might it be because she Continue Reading →


Demi Lovato Invades a Wilmer Valderrama Fan Live Stream … Then the Mutual Flirting Begins

Demi Lovato Wilmer Valderrama Live StreamDemi Lovato couldn’t help herself from sliding into a live stream that her ex Wilmer Valderrama was having for fans. Wilmer immediately had her join the live stream and the two began tossing compliments around and looking a whole lot like they were openly flirting with each other.

During the live stream / love-fest, Wilmer at one point says to Demi, “You look awesome, girl” while making an astonished looking facial expression. In response, Demi smiled, laughed and said “Thank You!”

They then spoke about Continue Reading →

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Demi Lovato Roasts Website for Saying She has a “Fuller Figure” … But Accepts Apology from Writer of Article

Demi Lovato Instagram accountWell at least we now know Demi Lovato still reads celeb gossip sites. That’s because Demi went off after seeing a headline on a recent Inquistr article describing her as having a “fuller figure,” posting an epic rant about body shaming on her Instagram Stories account.

“I AM MORE THAN MY WEIGHT,” Demi wrote in bold red letters over a screenshot of an Inquisitr article that was entitled “Demi Lovato Appears to Have a Fuller Figure After Working Up A Sweat in LA.” Demi then commented, “Unlike the past … I’m not upset that someone wrote a headline about my “fuller figure.” I’m angry that Continue Reading →


Demi Lovato Shares a Personal Achievement … that She Really Fought For

Demi Lovato BJJDemi Lovato has really poured herself into one physical activity since she returned from her stint in rehab following her nearly-fatal overdose last summer. First, she left her long term personal coach, then she chose one of Los Angeles most exclusive — and serious — specialty gyms, Unbreakable Performance.

Well, now she is enjoying the fruits of all of her hard work as she gets closer to mastery of Continue Reading →


Maren Morris Talks About Recording “The Middle” … After Demi Lovato and Camila Cabello Turned the Song Down

Maren Morris WWHLMaren Morris made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen yesterday. And she confirmed rumors on two topics of interest to many fans.

First, Andy asked Maren if it the rumors were true that both Demi Lovato and Camila Cabello had recorded “The Middle” but then both decided against releasing the track. The single, of course, went on to become a smash hit with Maren providing the vocals, and was just awarded “Song of the Year” honors at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

In her answer, Maren confirmed that Demi and Camila recorded the song but then got cold feet about it. “Yes [both decided against releasing it] … I came in very late in the game so I don’t know all the singers that auditioned to be on it,” Maren told Andy, “But I do know that Demi Continue Reading →

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