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Demi Lovato Keeps Side Of Head Hair Trimmed Short & Eyebrows Manicured Meeting Fans In Amsterdam And Istanbul

demi-instanbul-amsterdam (16)demi-instanbul-amsterdam (5)demi-instanbul-amsterdam (1)Demi meeting fans in Istanbul & Amsterdam + Anne Frank house!

VIDEOS under. Demi: ‘I tried to conform to what everyone thinks is beautiful. But my genetics gave me a curvy figure, and I’ve come to understand that in the Latina culture, that is beautiful. I no longer look at my body and think, Oh my gosh, I have such a fat butt. Or, I hate my thighs.

On some days I don’t love them. But, you know, that’s one of the things that makes me me. Growing up in America, I never really appreciated my culture. I knew what being Hispanic was, but I thought that since I didn’t look Hispanic, I was white.’

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