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Demi Lovato Sings ‘Skyscraper’ To Special Fan In Miami, Does Anyone Have Pictures Or Video Of It?

demi-meet-greet-miami (9)demi-meet-greet-miami (1r4)Demi Lovato Miami meet and greet pix. From Stefanie: I attended the Demi Lovato Concert on Sunday in Miami. While she singing ‘Skyscraper’ she walked over to where I was standing with my brother, who has Down Syndrome.

She signalled for him to come to the guardrail and proceded to grab his hands and sing to him. It was by far one of the greatest moments in my life. Unfortunately, I was in such shock I was only able to capture a photo.

I was wondering if you recieved any concert footage from that show or can post an update asking for anyone with the video/more pictures. I’ve searched all over Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vine.. EVERYWHERE with no luck.’ It means the world to me. If you have any footage please post in the comments and spread the word! :)


Demi Lovato Bangin’ Orange Bikini Body

Edemi-istanemiiiDemi Lovato relaxed by the pool in an orange bikini showing off her beautiful assets before her concert at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Photo: INF.


Demi Lovato Secret Color Hair Color Line

Demi Lovato has launched a temporary colorband line ‘Secret Color’. Secret Color, developed with and inspired by Demi herself, along with her longtime makeup artist, Jill Powell, lets Demi’s fans get the same looks as Ms. Lovato without the price or commitment.

Demi: ‘I live my life in color…the color of strength.’ Some highlights: Patent Pending Headband, that allows the extension to be applied like a headband. No clips, no glue, no pain, Allows for an active lifestyle/ Swim with them on, shower/ Can Curl or Straighten, cut to any length

Can be washed like real hair/ The first time EVER this headband technology has been made available in this format/ Demi’s vision was color without the commitment/ Product sells for $19.95 + $5.95 P+H at secretcolor.com.

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Demi Lovato Boob Concert Closeup + Black Bangs In Fault & No Makeup Closeup

demi-fault (1)2demi-fault (5)rdemi-fault (3)Demi Lovato concert pictures, meet and greets, Fault Magazine shoot and more. Demi to Fault on being a role model: ‘I use to get frustrated that just because I wanted to sing, I was automatically expected to be a role model. But I had to grow up and realize that no matter what I do I’m going to be somebody’s role model.

It’s true what they say ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and everybody’s career is different but for me, I had to grow up and embrace it rather than resent it, as that only made me resent my career.’ Cute backstage interviews under!

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Demi Lovato ‘I Am Working On A New Album Now It Might Be Country, Rock, R&B Or Pop’

demi-skechers (12)dilmdilm-2Demi Lovato Skechers campaign photos. She told MTV: ‘I am working on a new album. I think that I’ll be so extremely busy with the world tour it won’t come out for a while but I have started and have worked on some stuff that is really amazing and I can’t wait for people to hear it.

That’s one of the most exciting parts about my entire life is creating music and listening to it over and over and over again and getting excited and thinking, ‘What are people going to think when they hear this?’ I’m ready to take it to a whole other level.’

She’s not as sure of its genre: ‘I don’t like labeling myself. You know, it’s funny, sometimes I’ll say I want to make a more country album or I want to make a more rock album or I want to make an R&B album and it’s like, I will never know until all the songs are on the actual album.

Because what happens is I love all different types of music, I’m literally influenced by every single type of music there is. I’ll never know until I decide which songs are on the album and it may be a compilation of different types and it may all just be pop or it may take on a life of its own.’

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Demi Lovato And Nick Jonas ‘Afterglow’ Duet: ‘Glowing Aftereffect Of Finally Being Together.’

neminemiDemi Lovato revealed to MTV News that she and Nick Jonas recorded a second duet ‘Afterglow’: ‘Recently we found, I had an hour, one hour free and then I had made other plans [when Nick hit me up and] said, ‘What are you doing?’ and I was like, ‘Uh, I have an hour, I’m just going to get food or something.’’ And he’s like, ‘Come to the studio..’

I came to the studio, heard his new music and was obsessed and then it just evolved into this song that we recorded together on one microphone at the same time and it was very stripped down, very acoustic and it was a song called ‘Afterglow.’’

The song was written.. and recorded within two to three hours, so needless to say, I canceled my other plans and made my friend come to the studio to hang out with me but it was amazing and the way that we work together is pretty incredible.

‘Afterglow’ is a song that’s basically about not knowing what’s going to happen but knowing that there’s feelings and just going for it anyways because you can foresee the glowing aftereffect of finally being together. I mean, it’s a pretty amazing song so hopefully you’ll hear it soon but maybe we’ll perform it live, maybe we’ll release it, who knows.’
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