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Demi Lovato Reveals Details about her New Album with Some Help from Friends

Demi Lovato New AlbumDemi Lovato’s been having a big week making major announcements on social media. Yesterday, Demi announced that she would be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards, sparking up some social media chatter that in addition to singing her VMA-nominated “Cool for the Summer,” she might also debut her newly announced track, “Confident,” as well.

Today, Demi officially revealed the full track list for her new album “Confident” on Twitter – with a little help from her friends. The singer got the ball rolling, herself, this afternoon with a tweet indicating that the first track would in fact be the song that gives her new album its name.Demi Lovato New Album 2Then, twelve of Demi’s friends tweeted out the titles for the remaining tracks. The friends lending a hand included boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Jonas and Kim Kardashian.  Here’s the full track list:

  1. Confident (tweeted by Demi Lovato)
  2. Cool For The Summer (tweeted By Wilmer Valderrama)
  3. Old Ways (tweeted By Perez Hilton)
  4. For You (tweeted By Hailee Steinfeld)
  5. Stone Cold (tweeted By Bea Miller)
  6. Kingdom Come Featuring Iggy Azalea (tweeted By Iggy Azalea)
  7. Waitin For You Featuring Sirah (tweeted By Ryan Seacrest)
  8. Wildfire (tweeted By Christina Perri)
  9. Lionheart (tweeted By Jennifer Lopez)
  10. Yes (tweeted By Nick Jonas)
  11. Father (tweeted By Adam Lambert)
  12. Stars (tweeted By Pete Wentz)
  13. Mr. Hughes (tweeted By Kim Kardashian)

Finally, late this evening, Demi finished things off on her own Twitter account with a picture of what appears to be the album’s cover art and a final announcement. That tweet revealed that the album’s official release will be in October of this year.

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Demi Lovato is “Obsessed” with New Superhero in Her Life

DemiBatmanPuppyWatch out Wilmer Valderrama, Demi Lovato is “obsessed” with a new male in her life. This weekend, Demi took to social media to declare her love for her new puppy, Batman.

The “Cool For The Summer” singer showed off Batman’s name tag and posted the final pic in a series of pup-related images last night on Instagram. Demi recently lost her previous dog, Buddy, in a tragic coyote attack.

See more pictures of Demi and Batman below.

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Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama Spend “Perfect Day” at Knott’s Berry Farm

Demi Lovato And Wilmer Valderrama On DateDemi Lovato kept her 23rd birthday celebrations going with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama by taking a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California over the weekend. The couple was spotted walking around the amusement park holding hands and pouring on the PDA. The two also stopped and posed with Knott’s Berry Farm’s mascot Snoopy.

Wilmer took to Twitter to share a picture of a roller coaster from Knott’s Berry Farm and tagged Demi and the amusement park. Wilmer captioned one tweet, “Perfect day… Adventurous & filled with Oh S**t Moments hahaha.. Thanks #KnottsBerryFarm!!”

See more pictures of the couple’s little amusement park adventure below.

(Photo Credit: Wilmer Valderrama’s Twitter account, teamofdem’s, dlovatoupdatees and ddlovaticdemetria’s Instagram accounts)


Can They Become BFFs Again? Demi Lovato Finally Responds to Selena Gomez’s Birthday Best Wishes

Demi Lovato Selena Gomez Birthday WishesHave olive branches been exchanged between former BFFs Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato? Earlier this week, Demi began following Selena on Twitter again, and on Thursday, Selena tweeted Demi some slightly unusual but seemingly heart-felt birthday best wishes. Last night, Demi finally responded – a full day later – with equally unusual but warm wishes in return.

Demi Lovato Selena Gomez Birthday Wishes 2The previously close friends have hit a particularly rough patch over the last year. Demi and Selena had previously weathered many ups and downs during their decade-long friendship, and as recently as eighteen months ago, Demi and Selena seemed at their closest, with Demi reportedly telling Ryan Seacrest, “We’re really, really close … I love her so much.”

But in July 2014, after Selena was rumored to have gotten back together again with Justin Bieber following Justin’s highly-publicized erratic behavior and troubles with the law, Demi unfollowed Selena on all social media. And while she generally tried to avoid speaking about Selena directly, Demi did explain her “unfollowing” of Selena on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” by saying “it’s just one of those things where people changed, and people grow apart.”

During that interview and in later conversations, Demi has let her dislike of Justin be known. And she has also given indications that she felt Selena’s on-again, off-again relationship with Justin was not good for her friend.

What do you think of Selena and Demi’s birthday tweets? With Justin apparently out of the picture, do you think Selena and Demi might be able to become close friends again?

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Demi Lovato Gets a Puppy for Her Birthday

DemiLovatoPuppyBdayIt seems that Demi Lovato has a new little one to care for following the tragic death of her dog Buddy. Demi turned 23 yesterday and took to Instagram last night to announce to the world that she has a brand new puppy. The “Cool For The Summer” singer posted the picture of the little dog with the caption “Ummm…guys….meet Batman…..”, showing off her hand compared to the pup’s tiny size.

The Instagram picture of the cute little puppy also clearly shows Demi’s left ring finger without any conspicuous new rock. So we’re guessing Wilmer Valderrama didn’t pop any big questions to Demi on her birthday in spite of all of her signals to the media recently about her willingness to marry him.

That is, unless the thin gold band on Demi’s ring finger is some sort of promise ring. But we think we’ve seen both of the rings and the watch in the picture on Demi before …

See the picture of Demi’s new puppy below.

(Photo credits: cutelikedemi_ and Demi Lovato Instagram accounts)

DemiPuppy Birthday