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Demi Lovato Steps Out Last Night, Can’t Contain Herself

Demi Lovato Steps Out In New York

Somebody had a good day. Demi Lovato was seen all around New York City last night attending events for the release of her new single, “Cool For The Summer.” From these pics, it looks like she had a hard time containing her feelings.

As reported yesteday, “Cool For The Summer“ debuted at Number 1 on iTunes.  And for those keeping track of such things, it’s still at Number 1 today.


Demi Lovato’s Cool For The Summer Debuts No. 1 On iTunes

Ok, for those scoring the most recent Demi versus Selena competition – this time for best performing song release of the week – we have to give Demi a slight edge.  “Cool For The Summer” debuted at number 1 on iTunes today. The pop track is definitely not PG and hints at some bi-curious adventures Lovato may have participated in, or at least fantasized about.  

By comparison, Selena Gomez’s single, “Good for You,” did not debut at number 1 on iTunes, but did reach number 1 on its first full day of release.

“Cool for The Summer” was leaked on Tuesday, but was officially released today and will be included on Lovato’s fifth untitled album.

One thing that we are curious about — will this song, or Selena’s, have any staying power on the charts?

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Nick Jonas And Ariana Grande Getting Together?

Red Carpet Radio (#RedCarpetRadio) presents Grammys Radio Row Day 2 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA 02-06-15Not the way you think, but they have been joining forces to make some new music. The former Disney and Nickelodeon singers will be seen in the anticipated Ryan Murphy FOX series Scream Queen, but also took their talents to the studio to write music.

“We wrote a bunch of songs a couple years ago when she first started making her record,” he revealed. “We wrote together then and had a great time writing.”

The question now is, will we ever be able to hear these songs? The next question is will we be able to understand what Ariana is saying? 

The third Jonas is enjoying his time as a solo artist and has been expanding his resume from singer, to actor, and now to record label owner.  Last month, he announced the launch of Safehouse Records, a joint venture with friend and fellow ex-Disney star Demi Lovato and manager Phil McIntyre.

“I’m happy to be doing my own thing,” the 22-year-old singer admitted. “We’re all kind of happy to be doing our own thing.”

Would you be excited to hear a Nick and Ariana duet? 


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Hot New Music: Demi Lovato Releasing ‘Cool For The Summer’ Tomorrow!

Demi Lovato at Good Morning America

Demi Lovato is gearing up for what she thinks is going to be a huge summer. The former Disney Channel star is releasing her single, “Cool For The Summer” tomorrow! Now we know that the song has leaked early, but we’re going to be good boys and girls and listen to the full version when Demi officially releases it.

The song will be Lovato’s first single since her 2014 hit “Really Don’t Care” with Cher Lloyd, and it’s the first track off her upcoming still-untitled fifth album.

Do you think this song will be a huge summer anthem or a summer flop?

“My new single is called #CoolForTheSummer and will be out July 1!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH

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A Day After Tweeting Her New Single’s Release Date, Demi Lovato Drops Video Teaser That’s … A Little Naughty!

Demi Lovato Cool For The Summer Tweeted Cover

Demi Lovato’s been on quite a roll this week. Two days ago, the former Disney diva announced that she would be starring as a character in one of first, self-produced video games.

Then yesterday, Demi tweeted out the release date – July 1st – for her next single, Cool For The Summer. And the publicity photo that accompanied Demi’s tweet (see image above) suggested that the single, in spite of its’ title, might in fact be a bit more ‘steamy’ than ‘cool.’

Well, Demi’s still at it. Early today, she dropped a video teaser for the single and, well, it’s definitely delivering the heat.

Teaser, indeed!

Demi Lovato Cool For The Summer Teaser

We think that the clip’s well worth the watch. In fact, almost against our will, we’ve found ourselves watching it over, and over. Yes it’s steamy, but also surprisingly cool, a little hypnotic –and definitely a bit naughty.

Thanks, Demi. We think summer may officially be here.