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Demi Lovato Is Back on Instagram

Demi Lovato VoteA fresh-faced and healthy-looking Demi Lovato returned to Instagram a few hours ago after a long absence with an important message for her fans. Standing in front of a voting booth, Demi confirmed that she is now finally done with her stint in rehab … and very grateful that she is home in time  Continue Reading →


Demi Lovato Spotted Out Again with Fashion Designer Henry Levy: Is He Her “Sober Buddy” or Something More?

Demi Lovato Henry Levy CoffeeDemi Lovato was again seen out with designer Henry Levy; this time the two were spotted together stopping for coffee in West Hollywood. Demi was last seen out with the provocative fashion entrepreneur only a day earlier, when the two were caught having dinner together — and holding hands — at trendy Beverly Hills sushi restaurant Matsuhisa.

That dinner sparked some controversy among Demi’s fans. Henry, who is best known as the founder of “punk” clothing label Enfants Riches Deprimes, is known not just for his rebellious attitude toward fashion design but also for his openness about his past struggles with substance abuse.

On their coffee outing, Demi and Henry could be seen Continue Reading →


Demi Lovato Spotted Out of Rehab Holding Hands with Provocative Fashion Designer: Photos Below

Demi Lovato Out of RehabDemi Lovato was spotted out of rehab last night — smiling, eating sushi and looking healthy in Los Angeles. But what may cause concern among some fans was her company for the evening. On the first day that she has been identified back in LA, Demi looked like she was on a date with a provocative American fashion designer known for his own troubled substance abuse history and time in rehab.

We have some photos shared by fans below.   Continue Reading →


“90 Days Sober:” Listen to Dianna De La Garza’s Update on Daughter Demi Lovato’s Current Condition

Dianna De La Garza 90 Days SoberDemi Lovato’s mom, Dianna De La Garza, sat down for an interview on Maria Menounos’ new SiriusXM Radio Show, Conversations with Maria Menounos. In the interview, Dianna remarked on how proud she was of Demi’s making it to the “90 days” sober milestone following her opioid overdose in August.

“Yes, she has 90 days,” Dianna told Maria and her co-host, “and I Continue Reading →