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Justin Bieber Spits Bars On Diplo’s Song That Should’ve Arrived Last Year

Justin Bieber Spits Bars On Diplo's Song That Should've Arrived Last YearLast May, news of an impending collaboration with Justin Bieber, Rich The Kid and Young Thug made its way to the universe. The song, “Bank Roll,” was created at the helm of Diplo and it seemed like it was supposed to arrive in time for the summer.

“We got the biggest song of the summer on the way,” Rich The Kid tweeted out in May of 2016.

A year late and a dollar short, “Bank Roll” has now been released and Justin has dipped his toes in the rap waters. Despite Justin’s exposure on other rap songs, what he brings to the table on “Bank Roll” is throwing Beliebers for a loop.

Diplo caught on to the discomfort and, for reasons unknown, he decided to retweet some savage reactions:

Fans React To Bank Roll 1 Fans React To Bank Roll 2 Fans React To Bank Roll 3 Fans React To Bank Roll 4The song dropped quietly and, outside of Diplo’s odd retweets, it has received little promotion. Perhaps the negative reactions will keep Justin from taking credit for his verses, but the damage is already done.

Listen to “Bank Roll” below and tell us your thoughts.

(Photo credit: jelieber.bizzle Instagram account)

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Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Are Leading Men At The 2017 Met Gala

Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Are Leading Men On The Met Gala Red Carpet featureNick Jonas and Joe Jonas brought their style game to the 2017 Met Gala on Monday night. Both of the Jo Bros were styling in bold patterned looks alongside dates in equally impressive numbers.

Nick showed up in Ralph Lauren alongside Priyanka Chopra. While her trench coat dress outshone his look, the creative art deco jacket he sported really popped. Joe’s jacket popped, too, but as part of a matching striped H&M tuxedo. He showed up with Lena Dunham in a matching dress. Nick captured Joe getting some quality time with Sophie Turner later in the night.

Other notable men on the red carpet included The Weeknd in a custom Maison Valentino tux. He wore the look in his red carpet debut with Selena Gomez. Anwar Hadid was just one member of the Hadid family that had to watch Bella Hadid’s ex cozy up to his new girlfriend. Gigi Hadid hooked him up with a Tommy Hilfiger suit to match his mom’s gown.

Jaden Smith showed up in Louis Vuitton. A$AP Rocky spent a lot of time with Kendall Jenner looking like a rockstar. And Diplo saved himself from looking like part of the catering staff with a well-trimmed jacket.

See some of the best menswear from the 2017 Met Gala below.

(Photo credits: Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas Instagram accounts)

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Camila Cabello Has Completed Close To 20 Unreleased Tracks With Major Lazer

Camila Cabello Has A Ton Of Unreleased Tracks Produced By Major Lazer featureCamila Cabello’s been working with Diplo from Major Lazer for a long time now. In a recent interview with Billboard, Diplo revealed that there’s a lot of fruit from those labors. Diplo and his musical partners are basically in love with Camila and said there’s a stack of tracks featuring the former Fifth Harmony singer waiting for release.

“There’s a vibe with her. We love her. Her voice is amazing,” Diplo says. “We made like 20 songs with Camila Cabello. I don’t know what’s going to happen with them, but we love her.” Diplo said that it’s uncertain when any of the tracks might be released: “Until we have the video and the song’s on iTunes, we never know.”

Walshy Fire shared a story about the time Camila showed up to a regular party he hosts, saying that when Camila stopped by, “She turned way up.” Diplo explained that he loves giving stars like Camila a chance to cut loose like that.

“When you’re young and that amazing and you’re famous like that, it’s hard to live and be normal,” Diplo explains. “We take her places where like she gets to enjoy herself.”

Diplo revealed Major Lazer has been working with Ariana Grande and The Weeknd, as well.

See everything Major Lazer had to say about Camila below, plus see what Camila had to say about the group’s kind words.

(Photo credit: Camila Cabello Instagram account)

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Frankie Jonas Is Not Here For Diplo Trying To Take His Place

Frankie Jonas battles Diplo for Bonus Jonas-2Frankie Jonas’ rightful title as the “Bonus Jonas” is being questioned by music producer Diplo. The producer attended Vanity Fair’s Oscar party on Sunday night were he snapped a picture of him plus Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas writing “I’m the bonus brother.”

The youngest Jonas brother didn’t take too kindly to his position being challenged by Diplo and quickly responded to the producer.
Frankie Jonas battles Diplo for Bonus Jonas-1Diplo hasn’t responded just yet, but we’re sure Frankie’s message has been received.

See the photo that sparked Frankie’s response below.

(Photo credit: sweeransoul Twitter account)

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Celebrities Remember The Late Great Martin Luther King Jr.

Celebrites Remember The Late Great Martin Luther King JrIn a time of social and political unrest and uncertainty, honoring the truly remarkable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on what would have been his 86th birthday brought everyone together. Celebrities paid tribute to one of the most famous leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, using some of his most famous quotes to keep in mind as we move forward.

Zendaya shared a special video created during her educational trip to Washington D.C. as well as a photo honoring the historical March on Washington. Other celebrities, like the members of Fifth Harmony, offered photos that included some of MLK’s most inspirational quotes.

See the tributes below.

(Photo credits: Zendaya, Lauren Jauregui, Ariana Grande,  Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke, Vanessa Hudgens, Diplo, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna Instagram accounts; wkamaubell and Lady Gaga Twitter accounts)

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Diplo Ignites False Rumor About Joining Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance

Diplo Ignites False Rumor Of Joining Lady Gaga's Super Bowl PerformanceLady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime performance might be memorable and include horses, but Diplo will not be involved. The DJ stirred up rumors that he would be joining Lady Gaga’s set after sharing a photo that suggested just that. “#tbt w @ladygaga at the Super Bowl.. we back again next month,” he wrote on Instagram. Sources tell Entertainment Weekly that Diplo is “not involved” with the show.

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