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Lindsay Lohan Just Got Some Bad News About Her “Little Mermaid” Plans

Lindsay Lohan lost her dream directorAfter months of begging for Disney to cast her in the title role of Ariel in a “The Little Mermaid” live-action reboot, Lindsay Lohan has finally heard an answer–just not one she wanted. “Beauty and the Beast” director Bill Condon, who Lindsay wants to direct the mermaid film, revealed how he felt to be chosen by the actress.

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Lindsay Lohan Has A Few Conditions Before Being Cast In “The Little Mermaid” Remake No One Asked For

Lindsay Lohan Has Some Conditions For The Little Mermaid Remake Only She Is Interested In featureLindsay Lohan tagged Disney in a recent Instagram post about her ongoing quest to cast herself in a reboot of “The Little Mermaid.” Lindsay already has a director, a co-star and a theme song singer in mind. If Disney wants on board, the brand better be ready to accept Lindsay’s terms.

She shared her demands with a side-by-side photo of herself and the animated mermaid. Hopefully, the pic will give everyone a chance to see how similar they truly are.

See Lindsay’s latest negotiation terms below.

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Instagram account)

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Lindsay Lohan Is Upset She Isn’t In A “Little Mermaid” Remake That Doesn’t Exist

lindsay lohan parent trap instagram post tim burton the little mermaid disney featureLindsay Lohan took to Instagram on Sunday to share a serious throwback pic. The low-quality shot of her with her co-stars from “The Parent Trap” was a little confusing on its own, but Lindsay’s caption only made things more vague.

“Waiting to play #ariel with #TimBurton,” she captioned the photo, including the hashtags #Disney and #TheLittleMermaid. It’s a perplexing comment from the actress given that Tim Burton isn’t connected to either of the upcoming “The Little Mermaid” remakes. Disney has nabbed Lin-Manuel Miranda to help with theirs and Chloë Grace Moretz is starring in Universal’s version. As such, it seems doubtful that Tim and Lindsay will get their shot at the story.

Lindsay’s remarks may not come from quite as far out there as it seems. Even though her recent public comments have been a little fantastical, there is a thread of reality in all this. Tim is working with Disney on a project: a remake of the studio’s animated film “Dumbo.” Maybe Lindsay could get a role in that remake instead?

Check out Lindsay’s full Instagram post below.

(Photo credit: Lindsay Lohan Instagram account)

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Hannah Montana Is Buried In Miley Cyrus’ Backyard

MileyToday marks the 10 year anniversary of Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana,” and Miley Cyrus paid tribute to her breakout role with a strange Instagram post.

The singer shared a screenshot from a text conversation with her former on-screen brother Jason Earles, and she is wearing a blonde wig. “How insane. 10 years later still laying around in a blonde wig,” she writes to the actor.

The post is accompanied by a long paragraph that expresses gratitude to her former coworkers and to the show. It wouldn’t be a Miley post without something strange and the singer includes her fair share: “Even though HM is chopped up into little tiny pieces and buried in my backyard she will always hold a very special place in my heart!”

See Miley’s post below.

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram account)

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Hot New Music: Demi Lovato Releasing ‘Cool For The Summer’ Tomorrow!

Demi Lovato at Good Morning America

Demi Lovato is gearing up for what she thinks is going to be a huge summer. The former Disney Channel star is releasing her single, “Cool For The Summer” tomorrow! Now we know that the song has leaked early, but we’re going to be good boys and girls and listen to the full version when Demi officially releases it.

The song will be Lovato’s first single since her 2014 hit “Really Don’t Care” with Cher Lloyd, and it’s the first track off her upcoming still-untitled fifth album.

Do you think this song will be a huge summer anthem or a summer flop?

“My new single is called #CoolForTheSummer and will be out July 1!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH

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