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Ed Sheeran Finally Releases “Divide”

Ed Sheeran Releases Divide, Already Has A number one Song featureEd Sheeran’s latest full-length album has finally dropped. “Divide” seems to have united fans all over the world in their love for Ed’s music. Ed took to Twitter to celebrate the release and let fans know they could catch the entire album on BBC radio Friday morning. As the hype train left the station, Ed asked his fans for feedback on what their favorite songs from the release are.

Ed Sheeran Releases Divide, Already Has A number one Song tweet 2Before long, Ed had one solid answer to that question. Despite some competition, he announced that “Galway Girl,” the mysterious track some thought might be a cover, has already gone #1 in Ireland. He didn’t specify which chart he was talking about, but Ed was ready to celebrate his chart-topping traditional Irish song nonetheless.

Listen to “Divide” and read more of Ed’s tweets about the release below.

(Photo credit: Ed Sheeran Instagram account)

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Leave Your Swords At The Door: Ed Sheeran Announces Tour

Ed Sheeran Announces TourEd Sheeran isn’t wasting any time with his return to music following a year away from the spotlight. The singer began announcing tour dates Thursday morning in promotion of his upcoming album, “Divide.” Two weeks after his album drops, Ed will kick off his tour March 17 in Turin, Italy.  He will then make his way around Europe and the UK until the beginning of May. Ed also announced the tour dates for Mexico, Central and South America, which will take place immediately after his stint in the UK. Dates for North America have yet to come, but those shows will likely occur sometime after his final stop in Mexico on June 14.

Some media outlets are reporting that James Blunt is set to join Ed’s tour following the knighting-gone-wrong. No official confirmation of James’ involvement has been released, but it could end up being Ed’s way of helping him “get his pop career back.”

Check out Ed’s announcements below and find more information regarding ticket sales and tour dates here.

Are you eager to see Ed back on the road?

(Photo credits: officialcharts and Ed Sheeran Twitter accounts)

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