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DJ Khaled Snatches Up Rihanna For “Wild Thoughts”

Anotha One: DJ Khaled Snatches Up Rihanna And Her Wild ThoughtsAfter releasing the ultra-successful “I’m the One” with Justin Bieber and a crew of talent, DJ Khaled is at it again with another big collaboration. This time, the industry’s favorite motivator called up Rihanna and Bryson Tiller for “Wild Thoughts.”

The latest single arrived Friday morning with a music video and Rihanna steals the show. The singer goes through several daring wardrobe changes as the whole lot attempts to beat the heat with help from a heavy sampling of Santana’s 1999 staple “Maria Maria.”

Aside from Rihanna’s bold outfit choices, the only other notable moment happens at the end of the clip. DJ Khaled busting out a few moves to the Santana classic is enough to keep watching.

Check it out below.

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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DJ Khaled Is Collaborating With Rihanna And He Couldn’t Be Happier

Rihanna collaborating with dj khaled-1DJ Khaled has done what “they” said he couldn’t do and has gotten Rihanna’s vocals for his next album, “Grateful.” The producer celebrated the arrival of Rihanna’s track contribution by posting a series of photos of the singer before sharing a photo of himself celebrating the collaboration.

“FAN LUV!!!! @badgalriri vocals have arrived !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAN LUV PLEASE KEEP IT TOP SECRET THOE,” he boastfully wrote on Instagram.

See one of DJ Khaled’s many posts about the singer below.

(Photo credit: DJ Khaled Instagram account)

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Is Justin Bieber’s Chart-Topping “I’m The One” Poised To Be The Song Of The Summer?

Is Justin Bieber's Chart-Topping I'm The One Poised To Be The Song Of The Summer featureJustin Bieber’s collaboration “I’m The One” with DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo from Migos has debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The track’s strong opening on the chart adds to an impressive list of stats for Justin when it comes to Billboard’s charts.

The track is the 28th song to ever debut at number one on the Hot 100. It’s the first rap song to debut in the top spot in seven years and the first song to ever reach number one with five individually credited artists. The high spot means Justin also becomes the third artist to have multiple number one debuts in the Hot 100. He’s tied with Britney Spears at two now while Mariah Carey still leads the pack with three.

The song marks Justin’s fourth number one overall. It’s also his fourth top five ranking for a song he’s featured on since he dropped “Purpose” in 2015. A strong performance in Digital Sales and Streaming is par for the course for Justin, but he added his eighth and third number ones on each chart, respectively.

Despite the song’s current success, some people are wondering what the impressive chart performance might mean for the song’s future. At this time last year, Drake’s “One Dance” hit the top spot and went on to become the best performing song from Memorial Day to Labor Day, making it a de facto song of the summer.

Could Justin’s feature on “I’m The One” be poised for similar success? Is “I’m The One” your favorite for an early song of the summer contender?

You can read more about Justin’s chart stats here.

(Photo credit: YouTube)


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Justin Bieber Hangs With DJ Khaled And The Cool Kids Once, Immediately Buys Grills

Justin Bieber Hangs With DJ Khaled And The Cool Kids Once, Immediately Buys GrillsJustin Bieber’s presence was demanded at a house party to celebrate life’s blessings with DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo. The result was a catchy new track titled “I’m the One” off of Khaled’s upcoming album, but Justin was definitely out of his element. The “Sorry” singer lends lead vocals to the party anthem while he brushes shoulders with some pretty cool dudes in the rap game. The interactions shared between Khaled’s other guests and Justin are worth sticking around for.

Possibly unrelated, but definitely not a stretch to assume otherwise, Justin recently bought himself a rather lavish gift. According to TMZ, the singer dropped somewhere around $15K on a ridiculous rose gold grill. Hang out with Lil Wayne for one afternoon and you walk away with an urge for some bling, apparently.

Check out Justin’s odd feature in DJ Khaled’s new song and video below. As an added bonus, we’ve tossed in footage of Justin’s new set of teeth.

(Photo credits: YouTube and goldteethgod Instagram account)

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Justin Bieber Teases “Top Secret” Collaboration With DJ Khaled, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne And Migos

Justin Bieber Teases Top Secret Collaboration With DJ Khaled, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne And Migos featureJustin Bieber is working on a major collaboration with a group of today’s top rappers. DJ Khaled is helming a project that includes Justin, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Migos. All of the stars were on set for a music video shoot on Monday, and Khaled shared sneak peeks from the shoot while asking his fans and followers to keep the new information “top secret.”

Justin wasn’t flying solo at the shoot. He was joined by his manager, Scooter Braun, who took Justin on for some wrestling during downtime.

See pics and video from Justin’s video shoot with the hip-hop heavyweights below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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Halsey Joins Bono, Channing Tatum, DJ Khaled And More To Help Keep Us All Out Of Hell

Halsey Joins Bono, Channing Tatum, DJ Khaled And More To Keep Us Out Of HellAs part of a star-studded special episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Halsey joined Bono, Channing Tatum, DJ Khaled and more stars as they helped Jimmy with a charity event.

As part of a big crew that also included Kristin Bell, Julia Roberts, Neil Patrick Harris and Brandon Flowers–the lead singer of the Killers–Halsey was part of a huge musical number to open Jimmy’s episode. The flashy display was all for a good cause, as the song was about how not giving money to the HIV/AIDS charity (RED) means you’re going to hell.

Halsey stuck around for a second musical performance, too. She and Bono came together for a duet about all the craziness that went down in 2016. The number opened with Halsey admitting she “just can’t even” when it comes to remembering this year.

It’s not the first time Halsey’s been rubbing elbows with A-listers this week.

Check out videos of both of Halsey’s performances below.

(Photo credit: “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” YouTube account)

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