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DNCE Officially Kicks Off Its Tour In San Diego

DNCE Officially Kicks Off Its Tour In San DiegoDNCE finally kicked off its “DNCE In Concert Tour” Tuesday night in San Diego. The band was able to get one more night of practice in at Monday’s Redken Symposium where the setlist was pretty much the same for the tour. Joe Jonas, Cole Whittle, JinJoo Lee and Jack Lawless started the night off with light saber fights and a “Star Wars” trap remix before jumping right into the music. Cole pleased the crowd by performing the rap verse in “Blown” as well as keeping up with his typical energy level. DNCE also covered The Chainsmokers and Halsey’s “Closer,” but the band added a kazoo to ensure optimal weirdness.

Joe also had Sophie Turner cheering him on from backstage, which probably motivated him to bring his A game. She was shown off in Joe’s Instagram story as a DNCE merch promoter. Killing two birds with one stone, perhaps.

Check out photos and video from DNCE’s first official night on tour below.

(Photo credita: power982fm, DNCEpromos, JJoeUpdates, tomlintrippin, sailorexxo, thatchickhanna, laurenwithay and DNCEnewsFR Twitter accounts)

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DNCE Gears Up To Kick Off Its Tour By Shutting Down Las Vegas

DNCE at Mandalay Bay-7DNCE will kick off its “DNCE In Concert Tour” Tuesday night, but the group got a little practice in with a performance at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The group performed at the Redken Symposium on Monday night, closing out the three-day event where stylists learned different techniques from Redken professionals.

DNCE will officially begin its tour in San Diego on Tuesday and will be on the road until February 9.

See the photos and video from DNCE’s Vegas show below.

(Photo credits: paulstengel, sarah_kristin, salonblondetn, antonranchin and ladyg0929 Instagram accounts)

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