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Harry Styles Fights For His Life In The Official “Dunkirk” Trailer

Harry Styles in DunkirkAll of the Harry Styles fans who were upset that the singer didn’t make a single appearance in the “Dunkirk” teaser trailer can now rejoice. The first full trailer for the upcoming war film has been released, and, although Harry isn’t speaking, he makes multiple appearances.

Harry will be playing Tommy in the movie and is shown fighting for his life while underwater in one particular scene. Harry rounds out a cast that includes Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy.

The film will hit theaters on July 21 of next year. Watch the official trailer below.

(Photo credit: myboycrushs Twitter account) 

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“Dunkirk” Has Wrapped And Harry Styles Fans Couldn’t Be Happier

Dunkirk has wrapped-6Harry Styles is officially done filming his upcoming film “Dunkirk” and fans are celebrating. Now that the movie has wrapped, Harry Styles will undoubtedly make his rounds on a press tour. Even though the singer might not have a huge role, he does have a huge fanbase. As such, you can guarantee the film’s producers will be taking advantage of it.

Dunkirk has wrapped-3

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Why The Hell Isn’t Harry Styles In The “Dunkirk” Trailer?

Why The Hell Isn't Harry Styles In The Dunkirk Trailer?Thursday, the moment all Harry Styles and One Direction fans have been waiting for finally arrived: the first trailer for Harry’s upcoming film “Dunkirk” was released. The short first look for the Christopher Nolan film was what most expected–a moody set of scenes from the war film. But many were disappointed to find that Harry Styles was nowhere to be found in the brief preview.

Curiously enough, much of the buzz surrounding the film, which also stars Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, has been generated because of Harry’s involvement.

Check out the official “Dunkirk” trailer below.

Could Harry just be a pawn to drum up attention for the film?

(Photo credit: HarryS_Source Twitter account)

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Harry Styles Gets His Sea Legs On The Set Of “Dunkirk”

Harry_Styles_Gets_His_Sea_Legs_On_The_Set_Of_Dunki-bsplineHarry Styles is headed off to war, War World II to be exact. The former One Direction singer was spotted filming for his upcoming role in “Dunkirk” on Wednesday at a harbor in Weymouth, England. The film, which is being directed by Christopher Nolan, tells the true story of a War World II rescue mission to evacuate troops surrounded by German armies.

On set, Harry has swapped out his traditional boyband looks and long locks for a mud-splattered uniform and short haircut.

Check out fan footage of Harry on the set of “Dunkirk” below.

(Photo credit: StylesMovieNews Twitter account)

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Harry Styles Keeps It Casual On The Set Of “Dunkirk” While Scratching His Butt

harry styles itch scratch butt ass dunkirk movie set video 2Harry Styles has been putting in a lot of work on the set of Christopher Nolan’s new war movie. “Dunkirk” has been filming in the Netherlands for almost two months, and fans have been staking out the set for a glimpse of the One Direction singer with his new look sporting World War II era military costumes. But some new videos are a little less flattering.

While many fans believe Harry might be dancing, he appears to be scratching his butt on the seat of a boat. UK fans captured Harry “wiggling his bum” after pouring some water down the back of his shirt. At one point, it looks like he tried to play it off as a dance for his cast mates.

Check out the videos below and decide for yourself.

(Photo credit: Gemma Styles Snapchat account)

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