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Do Yourself A Favor And Don’t Ask Dylan Sprouse What He’s Doing With His Life

Do Yourself A Favor And Don't Ask Dylan Sprouse What He's DoingAfter announcing  a starring role in upcoming thriller “Dismissed” last fall, Dylan Sprouse’s return to acting has been rather quiet. The actor is fully aware of that, and he’s tired of being asked about what he has up his sleeve. Dylan penned a long, revealing post on Instagram on Monday that began, “Am I not doing anything? It’s a weird thing to be asked ‘what are you doing now?’ Normally I wouldn’t think twice but it happened 4 times today.”

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Former Disney Star Dylan Sprouse Is Returning to Acting

dylan sprouseFormer Disney star Dylan Sprouse is returning to acting. He will star in the just announced thriller, “Dismissed.” The 23 year old took a break from acting after the “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” spin off series, “The Suite Life On Deck,” ended. But this week he announced his new project to his Twitter followers.

Dylan sprouse movie-1 Dylan Sprouse movieDylan will be playing an honor roll student who stops at nothing to get top grades and leads his teacher down a dark and increasingly dangerous path. In is personal life, Dylan recently finished on the honor roll himself, completing his degree from NYU with honors alongside brother Cole.

Are you excited to see Dylan Sprouse return to acting with a darker role?

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Cole Sprouse Dresses As ‘Link’ From Legend Of Zelda For Halloween Costume + Dylan Sprouse Attacks Fan Meeting ‘Lies’

cole-sprouse-link (3)dylandylan-2Cole Sprouse dresses ‘Link from Legend of Zelda for Halloween costume. Dylan Sprouse took to Reddit to discredit a fan attacking him and Cole about making fun of them at a meet and greet. A Reddit user commented on his

experience in: ‘Redditors who have won a contest like the ones announced on yogurt boxes where you are supposed to go and meet celebrities, etc. how did it go?’ He said Dylan & Cole were pretentious and talked down to him.

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